Thursday, September 13, 2012

Momma Called the doctor and the doctor said...

So, the doctors verdict is in... My knee is perfectly fine for being only 5 months out of surgery (for the surgery I had). Happy to hear that but not very happy to hear him say I am pushing it to hard (HA)! He said to stay off the treadmill until my 1 year mark but that I can use the elliptical. He re-informed me that I am NOT allowed to squat, lunge, jump, or run. Yay me!

This being said, I really really REALLY REALLY need to get my meal plan in tact. I know what to do, I know what to eat, I know how to eat, I know when to eat, and I am a planner... so why is this so hard to stay on track and keep it up? Why am I struggling with this so much? I blame it on Casey. Haha just kidding... but seriously, it was SO much easier to lose the weight when I was single. Now I go out to eat a lot more (which after the cruise will stop), and Casey can eat a whole pizza and lose 10 pounds so its hard for me to be around that food and not eat it.

The battle continues! One day I swear I will get the hang of it... wonder if hypnosis would work? Haha.. really though...

Monday, September 10, 2012


Good morning y'all...

Man learning how to live with my messed up knee has been a roller coaster ride. The past couple of weeks I have fell a couple of times because my knee has just given out on me. I have been working out and really trying to rehab it and like a stubborn horse, it is resisting. I remember the good ole days where when I messed up with my food plan, all I had to do was go for a run and I was okay. Now if I mess up, there isnt much I can do about it. Dang my right knee...!

Losing weight is 80% your meal plan and 20% working out. With that being said, you cant live on a diet, cleanses are okay but you cant do those the rest of your life either... you have to change you lifestyle. Its hard, its painful, it cost money... I have been struggling so bad with changing my lifestyle for sure. I do really GREAT while I am at work, but the minute I get home or its the weekend, I just lose it. I have no one to blame but my ownself. I have plently of excuses I can give you BUT that is all they will be, excuses. Life gets in the way, things happen, plans change, but the best part of life is that each day you get a new start. If you messed up yesterday, start over the very next day. Why wait another week or until Monday?

My weight is something I am going to have to battle the REST of my days, but its a battle that I will fight. I may not win every little battle but I can promise you this, I am winning the war.

Oh on another note, I haven't been obsessed with the scale. I havent even weighed myself in about 3 weeks. I am just going off what my clothes are telling me. Right now they are saying that I probably wont be wearing my purple shorts on my cruise. That is okay, yes I am bummed, but with my knee in the shape it is and me trying to really get my diet in control, I am okay with that. I am not giving up on them just yet, I still have 2 weeks... I mean, they zip but just because they zip does NOT mean they fit.

Yall have a grand day!