Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dont come between a girl & her diet cokes

I swear if one more person tells me how bad diet coke is for me, I will scream!!!

Seriously, this lady approached me and said “you know if you stop drinking diet coke you will live longer AND you could lose some weight because diet drinks make it hard for people to lose weight.”

I looked at her and was ready to just blow up on her. Instead I said “Thank you” and went on with my day… here is what I really wanted to say…

LISTEN UP LADY… I have lost 130 pounds and I have drank a diet coke almost every single day! Sure, I have some weight to still lose and I want to tone up a lot (oh and I need a skin removal surgery so I can go down a size in pants) BUT I still have lost 130 pounds… ALSO, you are NOT Jesus! You do NOT know how long I will live! I could give up diet cokes and go on to live 2 more days or I could drink them and live 80 more years… you just never know! ANOTHER THING, diet cokes are my one vice… I gave up cake, I gave up chocolates, I gave up fast foods, I gave up a lot but I draw the line at giving up my diet cokes. This is the ONLY life I have and I plan on enjoying it while I am here and for me, drinking a diet coke is enjoying it. Some go out and live it up on the town, some eat a bowl of ice cream a day (shout out to my little brother at work) and some live on fast food… we all have our one thing! Which brings me to my last point… Are you perfect? Do you eat 110% clean EVERY single day? Do you only drink water with every meal and between meals? Do you always say NO to dessert or alcohol? If you answered NO to any of those questions, then you have NO Place to tell me how bad diet coke is for me.

Okay I am getting off my soap box but I before I do, I want to remind you… when you point a finger at someone, remember three fingers are pointing back at you! Live your life the way that makes you happy and stop going around trying to “fix” everyone else’s life’s when they haven’t asked for your opinion.

I hope you all have a HAPPY and HEALTHY Thursday!
Fit by Jordan

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Contest - Check it out

I am trying to win a contest on Facebook and need your help!!! As you know I have lost 130 pounds and I am getting married in March... Well what a better way than to celebrate by having some sexy photos done for my future husband?! Shhh don't tell him, its his wedding gift!!! See my story below!!!

If you could be EVER so nice and help me out, I will enter you into a contest to win either a workout tank top OR a monogrammed sweat towel... I am picking 2 winners!!!

How do you enter the contest? Simple, go to and like their page... THEN you have to comment on her page, leave a review or private message her and say that Jordan Lassiter sent you!!!

If you private message her, make sure you send me a message saying you did so!! I find out Monday December 16th if I won or not.... so hurry go help me out!!!

My story why I want to win:
I have been a single mom for the past 4 years to a little boy. After he was born, I decided to start a journey to lose some weight. I ended up losing 130 pounds in 15 months!!! Shortly after hitting my goal, I injured myself and had to have a reconstructive knee surgery (it was either that or a knee replacement and I was only 26 at the time). I had to be on bed rest for a couple months and then had to learn how to walk again. During that time, I slipped into a great depression and ended up gaining 50 pounds back. Right before my knee surgery, I met a great guy who stuck by my side through all of my bed rest, rehab, and my depression. Fast forward a year and a half, we are now engaged and I have dug deep to find my motivation and have lost the 50 pounds I gained back!!! I am in the best shape of my life and the happiest I have ever been thanks to my son and my fiancé! We are getting married March 1st and I want to be Queen of the Day because this will be a great way to reward myself for all my hard work, dedication, and obstacle I overcome. Also, it would be a GREAT wedding present to my future hubby....and he deserves it for standing by me through my darkest moment and for helping pull me out of my depression!  Thanks
Fit by Jordan

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Love your body!!!

Someone asked me what my ideal weight is for myself.

Well, that got me to thinking… sit back and relax, I am about to start rambling!!!

When I was bigger, I always said that if I got to 170 on the scale and fit into size 12 or lower, I would be perfectly happy.

Here I am now, 167 on the scale and wearing a size 8/10… and I want more!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy the way I am now, but I am not perfectlyhappy! I see flaws in my body and I can pin point every single detail about my body that I need to change. I am so “hungry” for more of a loss. I want to see the 150’s so bad and I want to be in size 6 jeans… is that realistic for me? Maybe. Maybe not.

As I was thinking about the initial question I started thinking what if I took myself out of the picture and instead think about what I would I tell someone else about hitting their ideal weight.

I would say that you know you have hit your ideal weight when the following happens:
1.      When you go shopping and don’t cry in the dressing room
2.      When you step on the scale and you aren’t scared of what the number will be
3.      When you don’t mind walking around naked in front of the one you love
4.      When you can have a cheat meal once (or twice) a week and still maintain your weight
5.      When working out isn’t a chore
6.      When you look at a picture and you are blown away by how good you look
7.      When someone you haven’t seen in forever compliments you and you believe it

I don’t think an ideal weight is something a chart can show you, it’s not a certain size of jeans, it’s not a number on the scale, it’s not something you see on TV or in a magazine… however an ideal weight is something that comes from inside of us. You can be 250 pounds or 150 pounds and if you can answer yes to most (or all) of those 7 things I listed above, then I fully think you have hit your ideal weight.

Does this mean I am giving up on my 150lbs/size 6 jeans dream?! No, not at all! I do want to lose more (around my stomach) and tone up more, however, I am going to stop and live for today and be happy that I am at my ideal weight. I have been so obsessive about the # on the scale and about the # on my tag in my jeans, and I am missing out on just being alive! After all, neither one of those #’s will be on my headstone when I die… if they are, I am coming back to haunt whoever put them there! Haha!

So my answer to the question I was asked… Yes, I am at my ideal weight. I love the size I am now. I feel super sexy. I love being able to buy clothes from any store. I love how I look in pictures. I love that the scale doesn’t scare me anymore. I love working out. I believe people when they give me a compliment, instead of telling them they are crazy and need to get their eyes checked. I love my body now!

Here is to loving our bodies and to never giving up on our ultimate dreams! But just remember to make your dream a big one because even if you never reach it, you will always be pushing yourself to your fullest potential…

Sorry, I rambled!!!

Have a healthy and happy Thursday!
Fit by Jordan

Monday, December 9, 2013

Messican Food

Last night my big sister text me and asked if I wanted to go to dinner with them. Now, I would usually have said no and stuck to my clean eating... however... I was iced in since Thursday! It was starting to melt (even though it re-froze last night) and James (my brother in law) is one of the few people I trust out in the ice, so I said yes!!!

We are a messican (Mexican) eating family! 9 times out of 10, when we go out to eat or have each other over, we are making messican food! No, we are not Mexican, we are just Texans who love Tex-Mex. So it was no surprise that last night we went to one of our favorite messican restaurants... Casa Ritas!

Yes, I broke my plateau and I have a track record of gaining after breaking a plateau so I knew going out to eat wasn't going to help... but it would help my sanity (and it did). I wanted to use this blog as a confession to all I ate. Kind of a way to keep me on track!

I started with some chips, only a few dipped in a couple of dips (beans, queso and guac.) and then I had a warm tortilla. I did have a couple glasses of sweet tea, because that is my favorite way to wash down some messican food!!! Hello, I am Texan!!! My oldest niece and I shared some fajitas (I had beef and she had the chicken). Since I had the tortilla earlier, I decided to only have 1 tortilla with my dinner. I was full when we left but very satisfied!

Oh hold the bus, after dinner we went to CVS and picked up a few things... well, I picked up a travel size of double stuffed Oreos (8 of them to be exact). I ate the whole package with a glass of milk when I got home. It was AMAZING!!!  

I am back on track today and woke up with NO guilt about last night. I haven't felt this way after a cheat in a long time.

Yes, I cheated...
No, I am not giving up...
Here is to NOT beating yourself up after an unplanned cheat!!!

I hope you all have a happy and healthy Monday!!
Fit by Jordan

Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Stomach

1st let me just tell you, I have been stuck in my house since Thursday night due to the horrible ice storm of 2013 in Fort Worth, Texas! I am going insane... I have not had any human interaction since my fiancé left for work Thursday night (my son went to his Dad's house Thursday afternoon). Both of my boys were supposed to be home today but the roads are still looking horrible so I am having to go another day without them. Heaven help me!!!

Now, on to today's topic... my stomach! Before you scroll down to see the picture, I want to warn you... its not that pretty!!! This stomach has housed a child (a perfect, sweet, amazing child), has been stretched 130 pounds, lost it, gained 50 back and lost it again. It has been through a lot the past couple years!

I have a dream to one day get up on stage at a body building competition... figure or bikini, not 110% sure what I want to do just yet. Taking photos of my stomach is my way of documenting my progress and giving myself that push in the right direction that I so badly need to end up where my dream is.

When do I plan on doing the competition you might be asking... Well, its going to be a couple years from now! I wanted to write this blog so that you guys and gals can help hold me accountable and remind me of my dream when you see that I am struggling. If all goes as planned over the next couple years, I plan on being pregnant this time next year and having a baby in 2015! After I have a baby, I plan on having a tummy tuck (probably in 2016). Then, I will compete!

Yes, I am a planner... BUT.... I think when you are dreaming big like I am, you have to plan or your dream will be pushed to the side and forgotten, only for you to wake up on day and think of what could have been. I will not let that happen!!!

Okay I guess I have rambled enough.. here is my stomach aka my work in progress!!!

Now, think really hard about what your dream is! Think of how you will achieve it and who you will tell so that they can help hold you accountable! Think... THINK!!! Remember to dream big or go home...

Fit by Jodan

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Happy Thursday everyone!

A lot has happened this past week and I haven’t had a chance to sit down and blog about it… so here we go!

Thanksgiving was GREAT! Seriously, I had a wonderful time hanging out with my man in the morning. I felt like such a grown-up because I woke up early and started cooking for the day! We were able to squeeze both of our families in (lunch with his side and dinner with my side) and my Cowboys won…. Which reminds me of one of my favorite parts of that day, my cousin McKenna was making fun of cheerleaders (which I was one in High School) so from that point on, I started cheering for the Cowboys. Like not just yelling at the TV (you know my normal behavior during a game) but actually “Ready, Okay!” cheering! It was fun and I believe it is why we came back from a horrible 1st half and ended up winning 31 to 24!!!

I finished Jamie Eason’s LiveFit program! I lost 14 pounds, dropped 2 pant sizes and built a lot of muscle… I am so proud of myself for sticking with it even though at times it was hard, I got sick, injured, distracted and much more. Since completing the 12 weeks, I decided to start it over. I am not where I want to be yet (I want more muscle and less fat) so for the month of December I am focusing on LiveFit. Then, January 1st Kelsey Byers is hosting a 12 week challenge and I plan on participating in… Can’t wait to see what she has in store for us!

Lastly, I had my wedding dress fitted last night! When I bought the dress back in April, it was about 2 sizes to small and wouldn’t zip. The lady, Elizabeth, tried to talk me out of buying the dress. She didn’t want me to end up not losing the weight and having to buy another dress. She didn’t know how determined I am when I set my mind to something… and I was (and still am) very determined to be in the BEST shape of my life the day I marry Casey. Well, fast forward to last night… I walked into the shop 47 pounds and 4 pant sizes smaller then I was in April. Elizabeth was blown away! She kept hugging me and telling me how proud she was of me. It was the best feeling ever… until the seamstress came over and pinned up my dress. We have to take 3 inches out of the dress (about 1.5 inches on each side)… This is a dress that wouldn’t even zip when I bought it and now we are taking 3 inches of it out!!!! Wow!!! I am proud of myself…

Well that brings us to today… Usually this time of the year I am all about eating, finding the best hot chocolate in town (shout out Starbucks) and sitting on my couch with a hot meal in hand (gaining weight). Not this year, this year I am not going to let the cold get in my way! I will make it to the gym every single day I have planned out. I will eat clean no matter what the temp is outside and I will stay out of Starbucks! I am on a mission people and I only have 86 days until I marry Mr. Flowers… mark my words, I will be in the BEST shape of my life on March 1st, 2014… I will!!!

I hope you all have a happy and healthy day!
Fit by Jordan

Saturday, November 23, 2013

FREE SHIPPING on cute workout tanks!!!

I am VERY excited to announce that I have teamed up with Simply Sophia Maria to offer my wonderful friends and followers FREE SHIPPING on all her workout tanks!!! Visit her shop and enter the code FITBYJORDAN to receive free shipping within the US!

This great deal will end 1 week from today (11/30/2013).


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Friday, November 22, 2013

Struggling but still alive

Happy Friday Yall!!!!

Ok, I aint going to lie… this 3rd Phase of LiveFit has been a challenge to me for sure! The end of the 1st week I was very sick, had to miss a couple days of work and barley moved off the couch. After I did start back at the gym, I couldn’t go full balls to the walls. I worked myself back up to the intense level and have been doing great this past week.


I pulled (or strained or whatever) a muscle in my shoulder! It happened earlier this week and I have been working through the pain since then. Last night it hit me though and I couldn’t take it anymore. I laid on the couch with a heating pad and some pain relievers (I may or may not have shed some tears). After a couple rounds of heat, I called it a night and let me tell ya, that was the 1st night all week that I had decent sleep. BUT I woke up this morning and the soreness is back… and today is shoulder day at the gym!

I decided to ask my trainer what should I do (even though I already knew what she would say, just had to hear it from her) and she said for me to take it easy and take a week off from working my upper body and to get a massage. I like the massage part, the other part kind of scares the CRAP out of me!!!

Today for LiveFit I am supposed to work on shoulders and cardio, tomorrow is pure cardio, Sunday is rest, Monday is legs and then Tuesday I start back with some upper body… Well, I am going to tweak it just a bit and forgo shoulders today and pick it back up on Tuesday. That will give my shoulder 4 days of rest; I pray to God that is enough!!

Despite the sickness and now the pulled muscle, I am still kicking and fighting. I think it says a LOT that I haven’t given up even though there have been many opportunities for me too. I will finish this program and I will do it to the best of my ability, I mean why start something if you aren’t going to finish it?!

I hope you have a HAPPY and HEALTHY Friday!!!
Fit by Jordan

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sharing Success

I posted on my Facebook page ( yesterday that I wanted to pay it forward and share someone’s success story. I have been blessed by a couple different friends, fitness pages and etc. by them asking me if they could share my story and I felt it was only right if I paid it forward… after all isn’t that what life is all about?

I received a couple different stories, all were inspiring and touched my heart… however, today I am only choosing to share one (I plan on doing this again so don’t worry if you sent me in your story I have it tucked away for another day. Or if you want to send me your story for another time, please do so…

This story really touched my heart and I can relate SO much! She talks about her lowest of lows, her denial, and how she decided it was time to change!!! I hope you enjoy her story and check out her Facebook, Twitter, and Blog!!!

I'm Jess, 25.
I too am just starting. The advice that was given to me was, "The time is now!" The only person that was in my way and the only thing holding me back was, ME. You can either fake it until you make it (which for me, wasn't very long, I'd always quit) OR you can just do it (as cliché as that sounds). It takes a strong conviction and decision to say, "I am going to change my life today and everyday." I started with something that I liked, Zumba. It was party. Everyone seemed pretty happy! I sweat a lot and it hurt! Then I began to run, it hurt to and I began to like that. So I'm 55 lbs down from my highest weight to date and starting to find my motivation from within. It's a really good feeling :)

Weighing in at TWO HUNDRED and EIGHTY POUNDS (my lowest of lows and all time highest weight to date), I took my first step towards regaining what was mine, my life. No excuses, no failed attempts at starting "tomorrow," no more "starting my diet on Monday," and no one else to push me but myself. "The time is now," I say this over and over. I am 25 years old, I have a great job and pour myself into being an advocate for children and their families. I have an amazing family and the most supportive man that stands by my side (beside me, behind me) and he loves me for all that I am (dimples, fat rolls, jiggles and all.) I know that's not a very positive self image but at the time of writing this, that was exactly the mindset and attitude I kept. (Stay tuned, that negativity changes drastically).  A great friend of mine spoke to me openly, honestly and she said, "Jessi, you have no obligations, no one to cater to, no one in your own way but you. Take charge, and do it while you can. The time is right now!" Words I consistently live by now... The time is now!
Two Hundred and Eighty. Weighing 280 pounds I felt sluggish and immobile. I couldn't move! I am an active outdoor enthusiast, that enjoys hiking, rock climbing, playing sports and I could not even walk up a flight of stairs without being winded. I hid from people I once called a friend. I avoided social outings and my favorite times at sporting events, theaters, air planes and even the park. The seats cut into my hips, making it undeniably evident that I did not fit. My heart crushed and sank deeper into my chest every time I had to sit awkwardly, uncomfortably, embarrassed and ashamed.
What were my options? Blame others! Denial of my own behaviors, continue habitual routines, tell myself lies and irrational thoughts, self loathing, depression, anger, sadness, desperation, weakness, feelings of powerlessness, negativity, numbness, blinded, imprisoned, captured, stuck, afraid, giving into every temptation, limited, eat.
These feelings and behaviors were turning the wheel of a vicious cycle. The ride I chose to be on and convicted myself too. Until....
    280 was not the feelings I wanted feel any longer! 280 needed to be shaken awake. 280 needed to be stopped. 280 needed to be conquered and brought to her final judgment day. 280 needed to cry her final tear of hopelessness and total destruction. So...280 Took her first step!

        The begin was the hardest. To start, to put one foot in front of the other was the challenge. To ask for help (something that I find so defeating, embarrassing and degrading) was my only option. I sought out a medically assisted weight loss program. Consulted with my physician and made informed decisions about what was best for me. I researched and decided upon a fasting program assisted by medial personal. This was a twenty week liquid diet accompanied by group counseling about food addiction. (I promote this option with the utmost emphasis on the importance of the medical assistance and the counseling portions). This wasn't easy by any means, it was tightly regimented with strict steps and rules. The design is to drastically help individuals with rapid weight loss but more importantly to turn the rules into routines and new habits one day at a time. It was isolating, not able to go out and do the same things as family and friends. To sit at the dinner table and drink water and shakes while my loved ones fed their faces in front of me. To constantly tell them (while reassuring myself), "I'm okay, you don't need to be sorry, this is my choice." It was embarrassing to have to share my story time and time again. To disclose why I couldn't go out to lunch, why I didn't want to be at a party, why I wasn't eating, why I was making shakes or "smoothies" as my coworkers called them (5 times a day).
I CHOSE THIS PROCESS: I wasn't punishing myself, restricting myself forever, or hurting myself in any way. Through the motions; denial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression came acceptance and above all... CLAIRITY. I used new found tools to get up every day, dress the part (in every capacity) show up (to the gym, to parties, to bbqs, to ball games and theater shows, to my weight loss support group) and through this process I have gained determination to persevere over 280. I gained the ability to choose, to think, to feel, to understand and give myself a break once and a while...because this is my life and the time is right now!

I am only human. I can only control myself. Sometimes I fall. BUT I WILL GET UP AGAIN!
I want to breed positivity, motivation, self discipline, dedication and success!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A little bit of everything

I have been sick since last Thursday and I am ready to get over all this crud! Yesterday my throat stopped hurting and I am now left with my lovely cough (that sounds like I am dying). While being sick this past weekend, I missed 3 LiveFit workouts and didn’t eat on my meal plan once. Do I feel guilty? Umm not at all! My body needed the rest and I was too tired to get off the couch to prep food, so I let Casey take care of us and feed us. He doesn’t know how to cook so we ended up eating out all weekend long, but I am totally okay with that because I am just blessed to have a man who steps up and takes care of me (and my son) when I am sick.

I am back to work today, starting to feel like my old self again and back to packing my own food. I have my gym bag with me and I am ready to walk to the YMCA and get a workout in. I plan on taking it slow and easing myself back into it… I would hate to overdo it and then have to miss another workout because of it.

Life happens!

Speaking of life… I came back to work to find that the season is upon us where our break room is FILLED with ooey gooey goodness!!! Everywhere you turn there is something else to eat, someone offering you a nibble of something sweet, someone delivering you a gift of calories, it seems like it is never ending…

I have a dress fitting in less than a month, I am getting married in 3 months, I have bridal photos in 2 months, I finish my Jamie Eason LiveFit program in a couple weeks and have progress photos… I have to stay away from the break room!!! I just have to, there is no other solution!

Remember, you can’t control others around you (the food will come into the office no matter if you like it or not), you can only control yourself. Guess what, you have the ability to say HELL NO… or just No (lol). You have the power to walk away and not surround yourself around the food. You and you alone can change your life. Trust me, if I could change it for you I would!

Let me just tell you, it’s hard and it sucks but it is SO worth it. Yeah, don’t get me wrong… those pastry puffs in the kitchen are calling my name, okay they are SCREAMING my name right now BUT I rather reach my goal then stuff my face with extra calories I do not need.

Think long and hard, what do you want more in the long run? I know Pastry Puffs isn’t my answer to that question…

I hope you all stay healthy and stay out of the break rooms!!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Eating clean on a budget

Eating clean on a budget

A friend messaged me and asked me to do a blog on eating clean on a budget… so here ya go!

“We are on a budget. I love all your pictures but how can you do it being broke? I mean you can get a burger for a dollar but a salad for six…. Please blog about food on a budget”

Let me 1st tell you, I was a single mom on a very tight budget. If I could do it, you can do it. Actually, still to this day (even though we have another income in the house) I am still a penny pincher and watch our money very closely at the grocery store. I spend about $40 a week on groceries for my house of 3 (2 adults and 1 child). I also spend $16 a week on my fruits and veggies through a co-op (

Here are 6 tips to saving at the grocery store:

1.       Check out Bountiful Baskets
-          Seriously, this alone will save you so much money (and time). Yes, you never know what you are going to get in your basket each week but it also makes eating kind of fun. You are able to try new things all while saving money.
-          Here is everything I received in one of my baskets: bag of grapes, 6 peaches, 8 bananas, 1 box of blue berries, 1 box of strawberries, 3 heads of broccoli, 1 big yellow onion, 2 cantaloupes, 1 honey dew melon, 2 egg plants, 1 stalk of lettuce and 1 stalk of kale.  (Go price that out at a grocery store and let me know if you can buy all that under $16).

2.       Find a grocery store that you can use that either offers GREAT deals or takes coupons. I am in love with Aldi and have found that I have been saving SO much more money shopping there then if I went to a grocery store that accepted coupons. Wal-Mart is also another place that is good to shop at, however I do not like the headache of going there so I only go if I can’t find something at Aldi. Yes, I love Aldi BUT they do not always have everything I am looking for.

3.       Make a list! Never ever ever go to the grocery store without a list. That is what will get you in trouble… you start seeing stuff that wouldn’t be on your list (if you would have made one) and you put it in your cart. A list helps save you money!

4.       Shop on the outside aisle at the grocery store. This will not only save you money but it will also help you lose weight. The less processed crap you buy the less processed crap you eat. Buy fresh foods (never frozen or already pre-packaged) from the outside aisles like fresh meats, dairy, fruits and veggies. The only thing I ever buy from the inside aisles is our seasonings, black beans, brown rice, and 1 special thing for Caleb each week (I let him pick one food item a week that I consider “crap” and then the rest of the week he has to eat what we eat or he doesn’t eat. He usually picks either a breakfast food or a snack for the ride home from school).

5.       You do not have to always buy the name brand. I buy everything I can off brand, unless I am going to a get together and then I will buy the name brand because sometimes it just taste better (ranch and mac and cheese being the 2 things I am most picky about. But it’s okay because I never eat those things any more). Seriously though, start looking for off brand things instead of name brand. This alone will help you save so much money. Trust me, you will never know the difference on about 98% of the products.

6.       Stop eating out! Cook at home and pack your meals for work. The way Casey and I do it, I cook our dinner (it usually has 4 servings) and I dish out 2 servings and pack the other 2 up for our lunches the next day. It may get boring doing it that way, but hey we are saving money and losing weight. If you do not like eating leftovers, the only thing I can tell ya is STOP BEING PICKY! My parent’s motto for use when we were growing up was “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”. We were a house of 9 and so leftovers were a big thing in our house.

I am sure that there are MANY more tips out there, if you have some please feel free to share them with me!

Happy shopping!!!

Jordan A. Lassiter
Appalachia South
Land Clerk – Administrative Assistant
XTO ENERGY a subsidiary of ExxonMobil

Monday, November 4, 2013

End of Phase 2 - Progress Pictures!

Today is my 1st day on Phase 3 of the LiveFit program ( and I am SO excited to get this Phase going!

Phase 2 was a hard one for me; I ended up struggling more than I thought I would. It was hard for me to adjust to putting cardio back into my routine; I fell in love with only lifting. Then week 6, I struggled (read about it here a lot BUT I kept pressing forward and finished strong with week 7.

Are you ready to see my progress photos? Because I am ready to show you!!!

Phase 2 (10/7 to 11/3)
Start Weight: 168.2
End Weight: 168.8
Total Loss: 0.6 gain (oh well)
Start Pant Size: 8’s and some 10’s
End Pant Size: same as start

I can tell in the gap between my thighs, my rib cage (my sports bra isn’t even touching my stomach), my shoulders and my left side of my tummy near my belly button… oh and my facial expression!

I can really tell under my arm pits and in my shoulders… also my bicep is starting to pick up more.
I can tell in my back near my shoulders, they dimple more now, I am getting more of a booty (thank God) and my back (under my sports bra) is shrinking.

Again, I can tell in my top part of my back (the dimples) and my shoulders are becoming more defined.
Let’s take a minute and look at my stomach… wow! So happy about that difference! Also, I can tell in my shoulder, if you look closely you can see a line defining it more.
Okay, I am ready to tackle Phase 3 and make it my Phase! In exactly 1 month I am getting my wedding dress altered and in exactly 2 months from today I am taking my bridal photos… so there is no room for messing up like I did in Phase 2. I do have to say, even though my stats didn’t change very much (the scale and pants size) I can tell a huge difference in my body. My muscles are starting to be more defined and the fat around each muscle group is slowly vanishing!!! Time to give it hell…

I hope you all have HAPPY and HEALTHY week!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Switch Witch

Halloween is tomorrow and that means our houses will be filled with so much unwanted candy!! Ok fine, we want it we just don't need it. My friend Kristi (shout out) told me about Switch Witch and it is how we will be handling all Caleb's candy... 

Here is the poem I found online:
Do you know the witch of Halloween night?
The Switch Witch is coming; she’s coming all right.
She flies by the moon and down with a swoop,
She’s in with a blast and out with a whoop.
It’s candy she wants, and candy she’ll get.
Stuffing it into her black little net.
She wants your treats for her sugary face,
Leaving a special toy in its place.
So pick out 5 pieces you want for yourself,
Eat 1 right now and stash 4 on a shelf.
Bundle the rest in a trick or treat bag,
Tie it all up with a zig and a zag.
Leave the bag on the table and jump into bed.
The Switch Witch is coming, just like I said.
Have a Happy and Healthy Halloween

We will be trading Caleb his candy for movie tickets to see Free Birds this weekend! 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Keeping Track

Here lately I have been asked a couple of times how I keep track of my foods. Do I have a journal? Do I have an account on (MFP)? Do I wing it?

Well to be very honest, I wing it! I hate (and I mean hate) logging my food and counting my calories with a passion. I have used MFP before but I always end up stopping after a few days/weeks. I have tried the whole journal thing but I don’t like writing down anything so I always end up letting Caleb just color in it.

How do I wing it and lose weight? That’s the next questions I get a lot… well, when you eat clean it makes winging it so much easier! About 95% of the time I eat only fresh meats, veggies and fruits. Eating that way allows me to not have to be so “strict”. Now, please know I am not training for anything right now, just living healthy. If I were training for something (let’s say a figure competition) I would have to totally journal or keep a log of some sort (depending on my trainer) for sure!  

Here is what I try to keep in mind when I do eat:
1.   Protein is key. Eat it at almost every single meal
2.   Fruit is your friend, in the morning and early afternoon time
3.   Veggies are okay any time and any amount IF you cook them correctly (not fried obviously)
4.   Carbs are okay if they are good carbs (whole wheat rice, sweet potatoes, oats, etc.) and treat them like a fruit and only eat in the morning and early afternoon
5.   WATER!!! Drink half my body weight in water a day!
6.   Protein before bed no matter what
7.   Eat every 3 hours even if I am not hungry

Really, that is it. If you are eating clean (nothing frozen, nothing pre-made, no fast food, no canned foods, etc.) and you aren’t training for a certain thing, then you don’t really have to log (unless you just want to).

My motto – if a caveman could have eaten it, it’s okay for me... And I am pretty sure that cavemen didn’t log their food on MFP (but I could be totes wrong)!!

Yall have a happy and healthy weekend staying active!!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

I need your opinion...

Last week was a REALLY rough week for me, eating wise, working out wise, staying motivated, etc. Now I am sitting here thinking if I should repeat week 2 of Phase 2 over again since it ended up so badly… what do you think?

Last week started off great, like the past 5 weeks have been going. Then Monday afternoon my schedule got messed up a little with my parents coming in town and staying at my house. I did workout but didn’t do as much cardio as I should have done.

Tuesday I took off work so that I could attend my great grandmother’s funeral. Before the funeral I made it to the gym and completed my entire workout, I loved the empty gym! Then we went to the funeral and it just happened to be at the same cemetery my Gaga was buried and it brought up some emotions that I hate dealing with… so instead of dealing with them, I turned to food. I mean like right after we went to a local Mexican joint and I ate more carbs then you can imagine!

Wednesday I did my work out over lunch and skipped about half the cardio because I was in a hurry so that I could leave work a few minutes early. That night my family came over (brothers, sisters, spouses, kids, the whole nine yards) and had dinner at my casa… a dinner my Momma made (she was happy to cook for so many people again and went overboard, like always). And… I ate it, plus some!

Thursday I trained with Lo, which was a killer workout but it also meant I skipped my cardio because later that night was my dear friend’s wedding! I had 2 huge sugar cookies for my appetizer along with some vodka sweet tea (oh my gosh yummy) and then we went to Fuzzy’s and ate some more… bad!

Friday was HORRIBLE and where it all went down hill… yes, it was going downhill since Monday afternoon so I guess this is where it crashed and burned!!! I woke up 2 hours late (hello vodka sweet tea), had to skip lunch (and my work out with Lo) to make up time, enjoyed Happy Hour with my girlfriends after work (instead of going to the gym like I should have). On the way home, I stopped at Sonic (duh) and bought not only a diet coke but also a Sonic Blast (mini but still). Then I went home and ate dinner… I felt so miserable but couldn’t seem to pull myself out of it.

Saturday was the pity party (sorry you missed it, it was GREAT fun… not)! Seriously, it was COLD (I get cold with any temp below 70) and all I wanted to do (after watching my nieces volleyball game) was lay on the couch and watch tv (and eat) all day long. I did NOTHING all day! NOTHING! That night Casey made me get up and go with him to buy him a new belt and he made me try on some Miss Me Jeans, which fit but instead of using that as a pick me up, I went back home (with Whataburger) and ate and sat on the couch!!!

Sunday was a wake up moment and I started to dig myself out of the rut… we all went as a family to the last day of the State Fair of Texas to cheer on my nieces cheerleading team (they won 1st place baby)! I ended up walking a lot but I also ate the fried food so I am going to say I broke even (probably not but oh well a girl can dream). Then Sunday night instead of ordering food from a drive through or delivery, I went home and cooked… It wasn’t 100% clean eating but it was a heck of a lot cleaner then eating out.

Now here we are… its Monday again and I am really trying to push past this crap! I have been drinking my water (almost ¾ of the way done) and have stayed on track with my eating. I just left the gym and while I was there I really felt like I should re-do week 2 of Phase 2 since I slacked so badly. I want this 12 week trainer program to be the best ever and so that is why I think I should repeat… but wanted your thoughts before making that decision!

So… what do you think? Should I repeat week 2 of Phase 2, Yes or No?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Pumpkin Protein Bars - Recipe!!!

The other day I told you I would give you the recipe for my Pumpkin Protein Bars I made… well today is your lucky day!

I found Jamie Eason’s recipe on ( and I went off that the best I could, however I did have to make a few tweaks…

  • ½ C Xylitol Brown Sugar Blend (Ideal) – I could not find this so I used Splenda Brown Sugar
  • 1 - 4 oz. jar baby food applesauce  - I used some un sweet all natural applesauce I already had at home
  • 2 tsp. ground cinnamon
  • 1 ½ tsp. ground ginger – I didn’t have any of this so I didn’t use any
  • ½ tsp. ground clove – Same as the ginger, just left it out of my recipe.
  • 1 tsp. baking powder
  • 1 tsp. baking soda
  • ½ tsp. salt – I do not have any salt in my house so this didn’t make it in either
  • 2 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 4 large egg whites
  • 1 - 15 oz. can of raw pumpkin
  • 2 C oat flour – I made my own out of Oats (see previous blog)
  • 2 scoops vanilla whey protein  - I was out of vanilla so I used chocolate… oh my gosh YUMMY!!!
  • ½ cup almond milk – I used skim milk
  • ½ C chopped walnuts (optional) – I chose to add these, and I am glad I did!
I followed the rest of Jamie’s directions just like she gives ya on her site (mentioned above).
  • Preheat the oven to 350.
  • Spray a 9 X 13 Pyrex dish with non-stick spray.
  • Combine first 11 ingredients and mix well.
  • Add the final 3 ingredients (4, if adding walnuts), and mix until incorporated. Spread batter into the Pyrex dish and bake for 30 min.
  • Makes 24 squares.
Let me know if you make any and if you like them or not!! Oh and they were a HUGE hit with Caleb and Casey too!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Recipe Alert - Breakfast "Quiche"

I have been TIRED of making scrambled eggs every morning so this weekend I had a brilliant idea to make an egg casserole for the week instead. Let me just tell you, it has made my life SO much easier this week… and its only Wednesday!!!

Here is what I did:

12 Eggs
*You can use the egg whites or the whole egg, I opted for the whole egg since I wasn’t the only one who was going to be eating this*
*The more the merrier*
Whole Grain Bread
*Whole Wheat, 9 grain, Oat Bread, really any kind of healthy bread*
9 X 14 baking dish
*Really any size you want will do*

Chop all the veggies up (I used spinach leafs, bell peppers, onions and tomatoes) and mix them in with the 12 eggs

Lay the bread down in the baking dish (I was able to use 6 slices – this equals 6 servings)

Pour the egg & veggie mixture on top of the bread

Bake for 30-35 minutes at 350

Serving size is 1 slice of bread!

My family has loved these this week. It’s easy for me to just pop them in the microwave and reheat, then the boys will add cheese and sour cream on top of theirs… Casey even adds his favorite hot sauce.