Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Switch Witch

Halloween is tomorrow and that means our houses will be filled with so much unwanted candy!! Ok fine, we want it we just don't need it. My friend Kristi (shout out) told me about Switch Witch and it is how we will be handling all Caleb's candy... 

Here is the poem I found online:
Do you know the witch of Halloween night?
The Switch Witch is coming; she’s coming all right.
She flies by the moon and down with a swoop,
She’s in with a blast and out with a whoop.
It’s candy she wants, and candy she’ll get.
Stuffing it into her black little net.
She wants your treats for her sugary face,
Leaving a special toy in its place.
So pick out 5 pieces you want for yourself,
Eat 1 right now and stash 4 on a shelf.
Bundle the rest in a trick or treat bag,
Tie it all up with a zig and a zag.
Leave the bag on the table and jump into bed.
The Switch Witch is coming, just like I said.
Have a Happy and Healthy Halloween

We will be trading Caleb his candy for movie tickets to see Free Birds this weekend! 

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