Friday, October 25, 2013

Keeping Track

Here lately I have been asked a couple of times how I keep track of my foods. Do I have a journal? Do I have an account on (MFP)? Do I wing it?

Well to be very honest, I wing it! I hate (and I mean hate) logging my food and counting my calories with a passion. I have used MFP before but I always end up stopping after a few days/weeks. I have tried the whole journal thing but I don’t like writing down anything so I always end up letting Caleb just color in it.

How do I wing it and lose weight? That’s the next questions I get a lot… well, when you eat clean it makes winging it so much easier! About 95% of the time I eat only fresh meats, veggies and fruits. Eating that way allows me to not have to be so “strict”. Now, please know I am not training for anything right now, just living healthy. If I were training for something (let’s say a figure competition) I would have to totally journal or keep a log of some sort (depending on my trainer) for sure!  

Here is what I try to keep in mind when I do eat:
1.   Protein is key. Eat it at almost every single meal
2.   Fruit is your friend, in the morning and early afternoon time
3.   Veggies are okay any time and any amount IF you cook them correctly (not fried obviously)
4.   Carbs are okay if they are good carbs (whole wheat rice, sweet potatoes, oats, etc.) and treat them like a fruit and only eat in the morning and early afternoon
5.   WATER!!! Drink half my body weight in water a day!
6.   Protein before bed no matter what
7.   Eat every 3 hours even if I am not hungry

Really, that is it. If you are eating clean (nothing frozen, nothing pre-made, no fast food, no canned foods, etc.) and you aren’t training for a certain thing, then you don’t really have to log (unless you just want to).

My motto – if a caveman could have eaten it, it’s okay for me... And I am pretty sure that cavemen didn’t log their food on MFP (but I could be totes wrong)!!

Yall have a happy and healthy weekend staying active!!!

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