Friday, February 21, 2014

Taking a break from blogging

Good morning!

I have been a little quite on my blog this past week and I blame my wedding 110%!!! Here is a little bit of what has been going on since I last blogged.

We ended our 15 day reboot
My sister and brother in law borrowed my juicer and started their reboot!! (YAY, so proud of them)
I had my final fitting and they removed 2 more inches out of the dress. That’s a total of 5 inches out of a dress that was 2 sizes to small for me when I bought it last April.
My mom is in town!!!
I had my bridal shower at work and had sugar for the 1st time in almost a month (yum!)
I am back to clean eating

That’s pretty much sums it up… oh and add in a bunch of chores for the DIY wedding!!!

I am not going to be blogging much for the next 2 weeks. I have to really focus on my wedding, my friends and family and then we will be in the Dominican Republic!!!

I hope you all have a happy and healthy next 2 weeks and I promise I will be back soon!


Friday, February 14, 2014

Time to weigh in...

Y’all ready for the BIG news?!

Today was weigh in and let me just say… WOW!!!!

We still have today, Saturday and Sunday to juice but the results are amazing!!!

Okay, here you go…

Casey started out at 231.0 pounds, he is now 216.8 pounds!!!! He has lost 14.2 pounds and his size 34’s are fitting him much better now!!!
He has started dipping again, but he did without for almost 3 days. That is big for him! Maybe one day he will give it up fully, but he says he is just not ready right now.
He is looking forward to his bachelor party on Saturday night and ready to go back to eating solid foods. He hasn’t cheated once!
He is on board with me to go back to healthy/clean eating on Monday and making our snacks juices. So we will have 2 juices a day.

Okay, my turn…!!!!!!!

I made a goal for myself earlier this week… I wanted to be 164.8 or lower. 164.8 is the lowest I have EVER been as an adult. EVER! And it didn’t last long, after hitting 164.8, I ended up eating a HUGE bowl of frito chilli pie and then put back on about 10 pounds. This time is different. I have grown a lot and I am on a mission!!!

This morning I weighed in at 164.4!!!!! My new low record… and that isn’t going to be the last new low record, I am going to break it each week until I reach my goal of being in the 150’s.

Yall, I have never felt better in my entire life. This juicing reboot is serious business BUT I am glad I stuck with it (for about 90% of the time). I feel great, I look great (not to toot my own horn but toot toot) and I have so much energy!!! Seriously, if you are interested in juicing you need to watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead… it will change your life!!!

Oh AND I am wearing my goal pants today!!! I feel so sassy in them too. I didn’t leave the hanger in the kitchen empty, nope I pulled out my goal shorts and hung them up. Summer is just a few months away and I am ready to rock those shorts.

Welp, that is all I got today! I hope you all have a happy and healthy Friday!!!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tips for Clean Eating!

A lot of people have been asking me to write a blog full of tips for starting out on clean eating... where here you go! I am not a professional at this, these tips are just what have helped me lose 130 pounds! If you haev questions please dont hesitate to ask me...

The # 1 thing I am going to teach you is to really really really watch your sodium intake every day. Do not let it go over 1200 -1500 mg of sodium a day. You will drop weight if you just watch that alone. Sodium is salt and it makes your bloat and retain water. If you have trouble drinking all your water, than you are probably not drinking enough to flush what you are eating. A good way to stay away from sodium is trying to stay away from pre-packaged foods. Think like this... if it doesn’t go bad in 1 week (7 days), then you do not need to eat it… unless of course it’s like whole wheat rice or something like that.

But the #1 rule... cut out the sodium!!!

#2 - GET YOUR WATER IN!!! You should be drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water. If you weigh 120 pounds, you need to at least drink 60 ounces a day. If you like to drink soda or something, that is fine but make it a game to yourself. If and only if you drink ALL your water, you can have a soda. Try to sweeten your drinks with stevia instead of sugar.

#3 - I love protein!!! I have about 150 mg of protein a day. The thing is, knowing when to have your protein. You need protein at every meal... period! I also drink 1 protein shake before bed (with just water). When you go to sleep with protein in your body, it helps build the muscles which in return break down the fat.

#4 - Eat your fruits early in the day. Bananas have a lot of sugar (most fruits do) but they are natural fruits and your body can process the sugars a lot faster than let’s say the sugar in a candy bar. You need to eat the fruits early in the day to give your body time to break them down before you go to sleep and just lay there because then it will turn to fat instead of to energy.

#5 - You need to be eating 5-7 times a day. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and then protein shake before bed. Remember, every time you eat you need some protein.

#6 – You dinner need to be half protein and half veggies, that is it. Fresh veggies are better because canned veggies (remember those don’t go bad in a week so they are considered "bad") have a LOT of sodium.

#7 – I am a huge supporter of working out. I know my body and I know that I have to work out in order to not gain or to lose. I encourage everyone to get in at least 30 minutes of cardio in a day and if you can, start learning to lift weights. I have fallen in love with lifting weights. Weights have really changed the shape of my body and I have never felt sexier.

Also, check out the site it is amazing and has so many recipies with meal plans you can buy for $15 every 3 months!!! I love that site! You buy everything Sunday and then prepare it all the same day. It takes about an hour or so and then you just put it in the fridge and when you get home each day you just pop it in the oven to heat it up. There are some things on there I do not like, for example I never use cheese when it calls for cheese. I use whole wheat everything. I only use fresh veggies and fruits, never canned.

I know it’s a lot, but look it all over and let me know if you need help. You can message me anytime you want and I will help hold you accountable. I can help answer any questions you have or just help you get out of a blah mood. I am here to help in any way I can!


Monday, February 10, 2014

Time to spill the beans... BACHELORETTE STYLE!!!

Yall, I had the BEST time on Saturday night... celebrating my upcoming wedding with my girlfriends!!! Here is how the day went, it was a bit hectic!!!

I promised myself I was going to work out, that didnt happen (bummer man). We woke up and went to marriage counseling (learned about what the bible says about sex... eek). It was our last session before we say I DO!!! Actually Casey and I both decided that after the wedding we arent going to stop going. No, we dont have horrible issues but being able to have a healthy check in once a month with a counselor who loves us is VERY good for our relationship.

Then we had to drive all over Texas!!! Picked up my son, went to my Papa's birthday lunch (what a great lunch it was too, and neither of us were tempted to eat because we planned ahead and brought all our juices with us that day). Then dropped my son back off at his Dad's house and finally went home so I could get all dolled up!

I curled my hair, put on my makeupa, slipped into a size 8/10 dress and then put on my SASSY yellow heels! It was time to par-tay!!!! I already broke one of my promises to myself today (not working out) so I was on a mission to stay on track and I have to say, I did GREAT!!!

Here is what I ate and drank:
2 Nachos (big chips with cheese... and I only ate these because I was getting really tipsy and needed something in my system while we waited for the food... I blame Mary haha)
Serving of chicken with veggies and some guac (didnt touch the tortillas, cheese, sour cream or anything else)
A couple bites of cake (yum) and 1 giant marshmellow
I only drank rum & diet cokes and had a few shots of teliqua (I blame Mary... pictured below)

All in all, I am pretty darn proud of myself. I was so busy mingling and being the center of attention (LOVE) that I wasnt focused on food. I weighed this morning to see the damage and I am only up 1.8 pounds which will come off in no time I am sure.

My goals this week are to stay on track with the juicing 110% and to be down to my smallest weight ever as an adult... 164.8 (or lower)!!!

Here are some photos from my bachelorette party... enjoy!!!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Casey's journey

Let me just start by saying I had an AMAZING night at my bachelorette party last night... But I will blog about that and how I did with eating and drinking later this week. 

Right now I wanna take a minute and brag on this sexy man that I am crazy about... No it's not Ryan Gosling, think even hotter... My future husband (20 days and counting)!!!!

2 weeks ago Casey decided he was going to hang up a goal shirt in our kitchen (next to my goal jeans). He took pictures and started focusing on his eating habits. 

The 1st week he was clean eating. The 2nd week he has been juicing with me. He is a bicycle cop for our company so that is counted as his workout, other than that he will lift every so often. So, eating is what he concentrates on to help aid his weight loss. 80/20!! 

He says he is feeling great and is in love with juicing. He has had a couple stomach aches but we both think his body was trying to get sick and fight off a virus... He is going strong! He really is my rock through all this!

Well, here are his progress photos so far... I am very proud of him and can't wait to see that shirt on him while we are out in public! 

He just amazes me and he is living proof that if you just focus on your eating you can achieve your goals!!! Way to go Casey Joe, I love you!!! 

As always, have a happy and healthy Sunday! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Only 2/3rds of the way to go!!!

Casey and I have officially finished 1/3 of our Reboot so we wanted to update you on our weights!!!

You ready?!

Casey started this Reboot weighing 231 pounds! He now weighs 220 pounds... Yep, he has lost 11 pounds in the last 5 days!!! The smallest he has been since we have been together is 215 and he is on a mission to get back to that weight. A few reasons why... 1. He felt great being 215. 2. He was 215 when he was fitted for his suit he is wearing to the wedding. And 3. He wants to be in the best shape of his life the day he marries me! He is going to destroy 215 by the end of the next 10 days.

Okay, my turn!!!

We started the Reboot on a Sunday... the Saturday before I was 170.0 but then had pizza and ice cream and was about to start my period so on Sunday morning, I was 175.0! Yep, I retain water REALLY bad after eating a cheat meal and when I am about to start my period. Mix the 2 together and its even worse... So you use whatever weight you want as my start weight, I am using the 170.0. This morning I am 167.2!!! That is the smallest I have been since after my surgery (by a couple ounces) and the smallest I have ever been since Casey and I have started dating.

Before my surgery, the smallest I ever was, was 164.8 and my plan on this Reboot is to CRUSH that and to get into the 150's by the wedding!! I can and I will do it.

Now something off topic... tomorrow is my bachelorette party and I want to make some plans and have you guys help hold me accountable! I am going to enjoy myself and have fun (and eat and drink) but I am going to stay on my plan.
1. I will be juicing on the Reboot plan all day long up to dinner time.
2. I will workout Saturday
3. I will be having chicken fajitas with veggies and 1 piece of dessert.
4. I will drink diet coke and rum instead of pina coldas and dark beer.
5. Sunday I will get back on the Reboot 110% and workout

Well that is it!!! I hope you all have a happy and healthy Friday... I am going to check in with you guys again on Sunday to let you know how the party went and I cant wait to tell you all that I stuck to my plan!!!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tips From My Coach

Today was my phone meeting with my coach from Healthy Roads and I am pumped, like I am every time I hang up with him. I think one of the reasons I love talking to him is because he has never met me and he can call me out and not be afraid of it hurting my feelings. Having accountability partners are a must when on a journey to lose weight and become healthy…but just make sure they are helpful and telling you to the truth even if you don’t want to hear it! If they are just sugar coating stuff, that isn’t going to help you any!!! Hello, sugar is why you had to start the journey in the 1st place… Haha!

Here are a few reminders he talked about:
1.       Self-Care Break – take a 5 minute break a day and just breathe and think of ways you can make yourself a better you. If it is becoming less stress by turning on some relaxation music and taking a few deep breaths or if it is getting up and walking around the block so you can clear you head. Take 5 minutes, you deserve it.
·         This reminded me of a quote I have hanging on my computer that I always forget to read… “Sometimes you have to do what’s best for you and your life, not what’s best for everybody else.” THAT IS SO TRUE!!! How can you take care of everyone around you if you aren’t taking care of yourself?

2.       When you are doing something positive (eating clean and working out) why talk negative about it? When it is not a negative task, don’t talk negative about it because you will make it a negative task. Example is if you are eating clean and you say “Oh this is such a chore, I can never eat out and I miss going out with my friends”… instead of making it a chore and missing out, find ways you can fit your clean eating in with your life. Take your meals to the restaurant with you, ask your friends to come to your house for dinner, have a picnic, make it easy on yourself!!!

3.       PLAN!!! Have a plan for every event you have to attend and plan an accountability partner that will be there with you. This was brought up when we were talking about my bachelorette party (this weekend, woot woot). I am going to enjoy myself and have dinner and drinks with my girlfriends but I am not going to overdo it. I am going to make sure to stay on track all day long and get my workout in that morning. While at dinner I am going to make sure I have water near me 24/7. I am planning ahead of time what I am going  to eat and I am going to stick to a cleaner liquor and not have as much dark beer and sugary drinks (pina coldas). I am going to continue to remind myself that my bachelorette party is to celebrate the fact that I am getting married not a reason to have a drunk fest and get hammered!

Welp, that is all I got today! I hope yall benefit from these tips as much as I have. Have a happy and healthy Wednesday!!!!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 3 - Recap & Thoughts

Today is day 3 of this reboot so I wanted to give you a little recap of everything going on.

Day 1 – Easy and I felt great
Day 2 – I worked out and felt great then it hit me and I starting to feel like S**t and didn’t want to do a damn thing but eat! I went to bed right when I got home and slept for 3 hours, woke up fed my son dinner (he played and watched a movie while I slept) and then went back to bed after having my dinner and slept 12 more hours.
Day 3 – Woke up 3 hours late for work (ugh) but I felt better than day 2 when I did wake up. I am feeling a bit stronger today and have plans to do my yoga tonight at home (missed it over lunch due to my over sleeping).
Day 4 – tomorrow I have boot camp in the morning so I pray I have my energy back for that

Like I said last night in my video, I am still hanging on by a thread but I am still here! I am going to continue to pray about this reboot and see how I feel but right now my plan is to finish out the 5 days (it ends on Thursday) and then go back to my clean eating. Casey has made it clear he wants to finish out all 15 days and I will support him through it but I am just not sure it is for me. Like I said, I will make up my mind 110% on Thursday. Looking at the picture above makes me want to push through it and finish it strong, I mean its only 15 days which is hardly anything. But then there is a part of me that knows I can do it with clean eating and that part says to just quit. Its about pushing out of my comfort zone... but its so comfortable there (hence the name)!!! 

TMI – Aunt Flow did come and visit me yesterday, so that is probably not helping my hunger, bitchiness and sleeping problems… She always has a GREAT time of showing up, doesn’t she?!

Well, I hope you all have a happy and healthy week and when you can, please say a prayer for me… or for it to be Friday already!!! Haha!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Reboot - Juice baby juice

Casey and I decided to start a reboot juicing detox! This wasnt something that happened over night by any means. We received a juicer from our bridal shower and we were on the fence about keeping it. It came with a DVD (Fat Sick and Nearly Dead) and so we decided to watch the movie before making up our minds on what to do with the juicer.

After watching the movie, we were both hooked! We started to juice the Bountiful Basket we both that day and play around with everything. It was very fun and tasty! That night Casey and I were discussing doing a reboot and just cleaning out our bodies of all the toxins and chemicals... plus I have a few issues with my body (I will blog about these later) and we both did some research and found that this detox will help with those problems. At this point, I am willing to try anything! Please note that we are NOT doing this as a weight loss thing. Yes, I know we will probably lose weight (which is a plus) but we aren't focusing on that. We are really just wanting to clean out all the gunk we have put inside.

We found the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead website and started to look at some of the reboots he has listed on there for free. We decided to start off slow and do a 15 day reboot... here is how he has broken it down (SO easy)...

Days 1-5
We start introducing juicing into our lives while still eating clean foods (salads, fruits and veggies)

Days 6-10
We go 100% juicing all day long

The plan is broken out by 5 days at a time and you are provided a menu for each set of 5 days, along with a grocery list and recipes. It is VERY simple to follow and was basically idiot proof for us to use at the store! Speaking of the store, I bet you are wondering how much we spent? Well, we went to Aldi's and bought the majority of the items there. We had some of the spices already at home so we saved there and then went to Kroger for the rest, next time we are going to Wal-Mart instead of Krogers because we could have saved some money but that is what was close and easy for us at the time.

We ended up spending $100 for 5 days for 2 people which averages out to $10 a day per person... pretty sure we have both been guilty of spending WAY more than $10 just on lunch in Downtown Fort Worth. Our next set of 5 days starts Friday so I am going to go shopping on Thursday after work. Hoping to save a bit more with going to Wal-Mart... we shall see!

Yes, the picture shows bread and cinnamon rolls... what it doesn't show is cheese, muffins and batteries too! These things are NOT for us and was not counted in the total of the $100. This stuff is for Caleb. He gets 1 special sugary treat and he always picks a breakfast item. He is also on a sandwich kick right now (easy for us) so that is what the bread and cheese is for. The muffin are semi healthy and are his afternoon snack... You might wonder if he is going to be a part of the juicing fun?! Well, YES!!! We plan on giving him a small drink of our juices as we do them. If he likes them great, if he doesn't then oh well. It inst about forcing this on him, but about introducing a new way to eat... why not start him young!!

Alright, well that is about all I have for now... if you want to follow my journey (I will be doing a video blog each day) then check out my Facebook Fitness page ( and follow along!

I hope you all have a happy and healthy weekend!!! Oh and GO SEAHAWKS!!!