Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mother's Day Swap Box!!!!

This past Valentine's Day I was a part of a swap box group and it was SO much fun that I decided to host a Mother's Day one... But before we get to that, I have to thank the LOVELY Kendra Huie for this awesome idea!!! Thanks friend!!!

What is a swap box you might ask? Well, all the details are below…

Step 1 – Register!

                You will need to contact me and give me your email address so that I am able to get in touch with you! I will be cutting the deadline off to contact me on April 10th, so make sure you contact me before then.

                Email me at fitbyjordan@hotmail.com, leave a comment on this post, comment on my Mother’s Day Swap Box post on Instagram (Jordashflowers), or on my Facebook page (www.facebook/fitbyjordan.com)

Step 2 – Tell your Momma friends!!!

                The fun part of this is having a lot of different women around the US, the more the merrier! When you share the news, make sure to use #MothersDaySwapBox so we can link up!
Step 3 – Questionnaire!

                On April 13th I will be emailing you a questionnaire to fill out and return to me. Make sure to fill this out as best as you can because this will be sent to your buddy and they will use this to shop for you! I will need your questionnaires back by the 17th so I can pair you up with the perfect Momma match.

Step 4 - Meet Your Buddy!!!

                On April 20th I will email you and your buddy with both of your questionnaires attached. Then you can start shopping!!

Step 5 – Document your Journey!!

                I love pictures!!! So make sure to take tons of pictures and use #MothersDaySwapBox so that we can enjoy your journey with you.  

Step 6 – Ship Your Box!!

                You will need to ship your box to your buddy no later than May 1st so that they can receive the box by Mother’s Day!! 


1.       Who can participate?

Anyone who is a Momma or a Momma to be, over the age of 21 and currently living in the US (to keep the shipping cost fair to each of the Mommas)

2.       Is there a cap/limit on the amount I should spend on my box?

Let’s try and keep it between $20-$30, don’t forget you also need to pay for shipping. Use your craftiness and you should be able to cut cost and still make an amazing box! 

3.       What do I put inside the box?

There are only 2 things I require, everything else is up to you…

1.       A mother’s day card – this can be store bought or homemade!

2.       Your favorite item – For me it will most likely be something related to fitness!!

4.       Is this a secret?

Yes and no… I encourage you to reach out to your buddy after you receive the email, this way you can connect and get to know your buddy a little better while you are making the box. You can post pictures of your journey making the box (using #MothersDaySwapBox) so everyone can witness the fun you are having, but I would suggest not showing everything in the box so that when they receive it, it will be a surprise.

I am SO excited to be hosting this and hope that a lot of Mommas join in on the fun!!! Make sure to get me your email address no later than April 10th if you want to participate!!!

Dates to Remember:

April 1st – April 10th Send me Emails if you want to participate
April 13th – I will send you an email with a questionnaire to be filled out and returned
April 17th – Deadline to return your questionnaire
April 20th – I will email you and your buddy each other’s questionnaires
May 1st – Deadline to send out your Mother’s Day Swap Box to your buddy, the earlier the better!
May 10th – MOTHERS DAY!!!


Monday, March 30, 2015

Hospital Door Hanger for Dax!

Down in the south (not sure if other parts of the states do this or not) we have fancy wreaths hanging on our doors at the hospital after we deliver. They usually are color coordinated to the gender you are having and usually say the child's name. Some even have a extra little place for the date, time, length and weight. It comes in handy when you are walking down the hall trying to find the new mom's room, you see her wreath (or door hanger) and it is a dead give away which room is hers. Also it is a great bragging tool... look at me I just had a baby boy (or girl)!!!
Here is the one that I had hanging on my door for Caleb... and yes, I still to this day have this wreath!!
For Dax, I asked my sister to be so kind to make me a wreath. I searched and searched Pinterest for one I loved but couldn't find anything that really stuck out at me. After the hospital, these are usually hung in the room or on the bedroom door, so I wanted something unique just like the nursery... Finally I came across this idea BUT it was more money then I wanted to pay. I showed Casey and he said we could make it for cheap!!
So that what we did Saturday and Sunday. We went to Hobby Lobby, picked up some paint (I had some colors at home but needed another bottle of white and gray) and some stickers to do the name and info on the hanging piece. Then we went to Home Depot and bought some wood. We ended up buying 2 of these boards just in case we messed up... these boards were $5 and some change!!
Me being the artist in the relationship, I free handed the elephant and the hanging square and then Casey used OUR new power tools and cut it out for me!
They turned out GREAT!!! I painted both of them white for the base color, had to do 2 coats. Waiting for things to dry is my biggest pet peeve ever. When I do a project, I want to sit down and do it all at once...
The inspiration piece had chevron BUT I am not a huge fan of chevron (I think it is overused but still very cute) and wanted something different and unique so I checkered the elephant!
I then added stickers to spell out the date, time, weight, length and then on the elephant I spelled out Dax Marshall Flowers! For the finishing touches I attached yellow ribbon to the elephants and the hanging piece, a yellow ribbon bow tail, and some burlap rope to hang it. I attached these with super glue and hot glue (you know to make sure they wouldn't come apart). The last thing I did was mod podge everything (a sealer to make it smoothly, glossy and so it wont get scratched up).
I am in LOVE with how this turned out... and for right around $10!!!
We have some extra wood leftover so I am in the process of making a couple more for some friends. I cant wait for Casey to cut them out today so I can get them painted this week... and each one is a different animal or item, so I am really excited to see how they turn out!!! Stay tuned!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

What you do not see...

I ran across a blog the other day from Facebook (I wish I would have bookmarked it so I could share it with you, pregnancy brain) and I fell in love with the concept of the blog entry so much that I decided to "copy" the idea and do one of my own.
The idea of the blog entry was that Facebook pictures only show one side to the story, you never see the whole story (unless you are told or was there to witness it take place). You see a smiling couple and think, "wow they are so in love" but little did you know they had just had a fight and divorce was thrown around a couple of times... then Aunt Mae (Spiderman reference) came around with her camera taking pictures and they were forced to fake a happy smile because no one in the family knows about their troubles yet.
The blog went on and gave a couple of back stories to a few of her photos... and I wanted to do the same here!!! Some of funny and some aren't, but they are stories that you wouldn't know just looking at these pictures from Facebook.
What Facebook shows is a smiling family of 3... what you don't see is that we had just sat down Caleb to tell him that his baby sister who was living in my tummy has passed away and went to live with Jesus.
What Facebook shows is a happy expecting couple dressed up for an nice event... what you do not see is that I had a horrible melt down getting ready to go to this event. I sat in my closet crying because I felt fat (hello 1st trimester) and thought my dress made me look like Barney the dinosaur. I tried on everything I owned causing my closet to look like a tornado come through it. My husband who sat quietly in the living room, never once came in to tell me I looked beautiful which caused me to have my feelings hurt and I cried even more. Finally I decided to put back on this dress and just go to the "stupid party" which turned out to be a wonderful event and looking back at pictures, I loved the way the dress looked on me.  
 What Facebook shows is a sweet sleeping 5 year old... what you do not see is that he just had a horrible meltdown partly because he was sick and not feeling good and partly because Casey and I were about to leave to head to California. He was excited to stay with his Nana but he didn't want us to leave, he never does. He sat there and cried himself to sleep begging us to stay. Sweet baby boy.
What Facebook shows is a pregnant women who was proud of hiking... what you do not see is that I tried to hike the 1st hill that Casey really wanted to do and I couldn't stand the elevation and felt like I was going to pass out. I felt so defeated and felt guilty that we couldn't do something he really wanted to do because of me. I kept apologizing over and over even though he seemed okay taking the shorter hike.
What Facebook shows is a couple celebrating their one year anniversary... what you do not see is that I was irritated that I couldn't find anyone to take our picture and my straps to my dress had broke and I had to safety pin them back on. The bra was uncomfortable and I rather have been naked then wearing clothes at this point... lets face it, I bet Casey would have like that better too. Ha! Seriously though, it was raining outside (go figure) and I had just curled my hair. I was more worried about it turning into an afro then I was just enjoying the evening with my husband. The rain finally stopped and we actually had a great night stuffing our faces with Italian food. Oh and as soon as we got back in the car to go home, I took that dang bra off...
What Facebook shows is a sweet moment between Mom and Son... what you do not see is that I had to bribe him with a Batman toy just so he would take these pictures. He was not happy about the sun being sunny (makes sense to a 5 year old) and it was a little chilly in the shade. Finally after a bribe, he was good to go... for about 5 minutes!
What Facebook shows you is a happy couple waiting at the doctors office... what you do not see is that from the waist down, I am butt ass naked! Yep, I had to strip down for the doctor to do a routine check (hello 3rd trimester) and all I had was a paper sheet/blanket on my lap.
There ya go... some back stories to some of my pictures! Life may seem "perfect" to an outsider looking in at pictures, but just remember it never is. Everyone struggles, everyone fights, everyone self doubts, everyone cries, everyone deals with battles, and everyone at some point in their life has had to strip down at the doctors office... you are not alone!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

3rd and FINAL trimester!!!!

Today marks 27 weeks which means... drum roll please... we have reached our 3rd and FINAL trimester!!! I am as giddy as a school girl right now!!!
When I talked to Casey this morning, I reminded him of this and I could hear the smile in his voice. I asked him if he was nervous and he said "no, I am just really excited to start my life with Dax!" It was so sweet, I am not sure what I am more excited for... to meet Dax or to see Casey's face the minute he becomes a Dad (to a newborn/biological child... he is already Caleb's {Step} Dad)!!!
We have decided to induce around 39 weeks, so that means in 12 weeks we will have a baby!!! We decided to induce because Caleb goes to his Dad's for July and we both really want Caleb to meet his brother and be home for a couple days with us before he leaves. I can only imagine how it feels to bring home a new brother and then have to leave. Obviously, we have consulted with our doctor and 39 weeks is perfect to induce. Who knows, he might come on his own before then! Plus, Caleb was 9 pounds 4 ounces and 22 inches long and he had pooped inside me and aspirated it on the way out, causing him to go into the NICU for a week after being born. I want to try and NOT have that happen with Dax. I will be happy with a 7 pound baby who waits to poop until he is out of my womb!
Things we are looking forward to the next 12 weeks:
4 weeks appointments going to 2 weeks and then to weekly
Our next appointment tomorrow (glucose)
3D/4D Sonogram on April 11th
Dino Days with Caleb
Mother's Day
Staying at Great Wolf Lodge
Date nights while Caleb is at his Dad's house (Hello Simply Fondue)
Hospital Tour
AND only 62 more days of work before maternity leave!!!
Even though the 3rd trimester means I will be gaining some more weight and my belly will be growing more (yuck, I hate getting bigger) I am so excited that it is finally here.... even if it means people will start asking when my twins are due! Seriously if you don't know if someone is having twins, don't ask... it is just plain rude and hurts the pregnant ladies feelings! Also don't tell me I look like I am about to pop. I understand I am huge but I still have 12 weeks so SHUT UP. And yes, I am sure I still have 12 weeks, I have been carrying this kid for 27 weeks already I don't think I lost track of the weeks. Thanks though!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Body after Baby

I recently found a new blog I am addicted too and wanted to share with all of my readers!
This blog is mainly for moms of young children, but I think any parent can relate to it at some point. The reason I picked this particular blog entry to share is because so many women now days are focused on what they will look like AFTER baby... and well, I am one of them! I am ready to get back into shape and get back into my bikini.
I go could on and on about this blog but I will let you find out for yourself... it is awesome!!!
Click the link above... you will NOT be sorry you did!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Chef Caleb

In the past year, Casey has pointed out that I need to start letting Caleb do more things on his own. And now that we are weeks away from having another son, I am realizing he is right. I have always "babied" Caleb and have done EVERYTHING for him, even when he can do it himself. However, earlier this year I decided to start letting him have some independence so he can learn, grow and be of some help to us in the coming months.
We have a step stool in the kitchen that he uses to get cups down when he is thirsty for water. We now have a snack bowl on the counter that he can reach to get a snack after school, instead of me keeping them put away and having to get them for him. He is now in charge of washing his own body (we still double check), getting out of the bath and getting ready for bed. He also now knows how to control the TV, change the DVDs and PS4 games, turn on and off his radio, and work most of the electronics in the house. He lays out his school clothes and gets himself dressed each morning. And really the list goes on an on... oh and we started showing him how to do laundry!
He has REALLY taking a liking to being able to help in the kitchen. He loves to be in charge of pouring everything in a bowl and mixing it together. He isn't a huge fan of the clean up, but I am teaching him that if he wants to help cook he has to help clean up too or at least help pick up the trash we use while we are cooking.
Here are a couple photos of him helping me cook the other night... gotta love the one of him licking his thumb! Sometimes I think that is the only reason he wants to help me cook, he loves to eat!!!
Jr. Master Chef... here we come!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Just Venting...

This blog entry is a total vent post... if you do not like whiny, stop reading here.

Seriously, I warned you...

I am DONE being pregnant. Like D-O-N-E! Yes, I am thankful I am pregnant and thankful Dax is thriving and growing... but that doesn't make me love being pregnant anymore than I do (which isn't a lot). I am sorry there are women out there who cant get pregnant and would trade me spots in a heartbeat... trust me if I could snap my fingers and make you pregnant, I would... but that doesn't makes me love being pregnant anymore than I do (did I mention it isn't a lot?).

With Caleb, I hated it because I was sick 24/7. Seriously, I threw up every day all day long and still managed to gain 65-70 pounds! OUCH! Then the little guy decided to come at 6 months and we stopped my labor and I went on bed rest. Then at 36 weeks when the medication stopped, he didn't come until 40 weeks 1 day. I was huge, sick, and it was summer in Texas. I basically was a beached whale in my mom's pool 24/7. I hated being pregnant.

I really thought this time was going to be different. You know, I wasn't single (actually quiet the opposite, I have this amazing  man who loves me and will do anything for me), I am in way better shape, I have a more stable job, my doctor is better and my morning sickness went away (thank God) after my 1st trimester. Boy was I wrong. Replace throwing up with hormones and not being able to sleep... you have a FUN Jordan on your hands then. It is so bad that I get on my own dang nerves! That is pretty darn bad if you ask me.

If you have been in my line of fire this pregnancy... SORRY! This is your warning to stay out of my line of fire. I promise I will be nice again in about 13-14 weeks.

Seriously... I am extra bitchy this time around (more so the past couple of weeks) I feel like I snap at anyone and everyone who gets on my nerves. You don't get a warning, nope I just fire and pray you get the hint to stop getting on my nerves. Oh and I am very emotional. Everything makes me cry... and when I start crying, I want to cry because I am crying. WHAT?! If after I fire, you don't stop getting on my nerves, might as well hand me a box of Kleenex because I will start crying. Maybe I am crying because you didn't get the hint, maybe I am crying because I was mean to you without warning, or maybe I am crying because I haven't had any sleep and I am so tired that all I want to do is sleep instead of sit here trying to figure out why I am crying!!!

Sleep sucks. I hardly get any of it... between this kid kicking and my husband snoring, I am sleep deprived. The only way I can sleep is with the house set on 65 and my husband not in the room. Once he comes to bed, tossing and turning starts. He says I yell and argue in my sleep... sounds like pregnant Jordan, so I believe him! I did figure out that I can get a couple hours of sleep if I lay on my back, but then I lay there thinking of articles I read that show sleeping on your back during pregnancy is bad. Then I start begging Dax to kick... and when he starts, I suddenly regret it because I just want to sleep!

Another reason I am over being pregnant is because I am done buying maternity clothes!! They are so expensive!!! I am so tall (5'10) and I am carrying Dax low... In order to find tops to cover my bump, I have to buy XL but the problem with that is I do not have the boob-age to fill them out and need a Large... but the large doesn't cover my bump properly. Oh it is a losing game! Don't even get me started on bottoms (stupid long jeans not being long). I am a secret belly fit kind of girl, I do not like the belly band thing that goes under my bump... no thank you! I need/want full coverage. Why make them dark colors because light color tops cant be worn without a tank and what pregnant girl wants to wear 2 shirts?! And where are the sleep shorts with the full coverage band?!

Can we also talk about diet coke please?! I miss it horribly!!! Dax hates them, just like his Dad (man he is like Casey already in so many ways) and when I drink it (which I do sometimes) it is total torture... I just want to drink a diet coke and smile like I use to. I am so ready for June!

Did I mention that my acid reflux has caused me to have swallowing problems?! Because, yeah, it totally did!!! When I eat, no matter how small, how slow or anything, I suddenly feel like something is stuck in my throat. I end up coughing, feeling like I need to cough it up and then I get in a coughing fit that will only stop with mints or cough drops (which I run out of often). It is HORRIBLE!!! Did I mention that the coughing is so bad that it makes me pee in my pants. Oh yea, I have peed in my pants plenty this pregnancy. It freaking sucks!!!

Oh a up side... my hair is thriving more than it ever has. I have nails like a regular girl now. And.... well that is about it.







Wednesday, March 11, 2015

25 Weeks - Pregnancy Update

As you all know, my life has been changing with my pregnancy and with that, my blog has been changing. I felt guilty about not blogging about fitness stuff but right now in my life it is not
#1... and I don't want that to stop me from blogging. When I do have a fitness thought or meal idea to share, I promise I will share it. For now though, I will continue to hit the gym and do light weight and light cardio when I can and when the weather is good enough for me to walk, and I will continue to eat the foods Dax allows me too in small portions.
So... with that being said, I am sorry I am not sorry that my blog has shifted. This is my escape from reality and I hope you enjoy it each time I post but if no one reads it, it is okay too.
Now onto my 25 week pregnancy update!!!

How Far Along? 25 Weeks & 1 day!!!

(dress is from Target)
Size of Baby: Acorn Squash (which sounds so disgusting to me). My app says he is about 13 1/2 inches long and weighs about 1 1/2 pounds!
Weight Gain: Honestly, I don't really know. Last time I was at the doctors I think it was around 11 pounds. Trying to stay off the scale this time around and just eat in moderation. My doctor said "as long as you don't eat a carton of ice cream a night, I am fine with your weight gain"... man I love her!
Maternity Clothes: You bet your bottom! I actually just signed up for Stitch Fix, here is a link if you are interested. I am excited to see what they send me. I am so not coordinated when it comes to fashion, so it will be nice to see some fun new ideas... https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/4877110
Stretch marks: Not that I have noticed, but I did notice a varicose vain on my right calf. Ugh!
Symptoms: Acid reflux, swallowing problems, Braxton Hicks contractions have started (fun) and I am back to having NO energy and just wanting to nap every single day. Caleb does NOT like this, he hates when I nap so I made him a deal and I nap on the couch so I can "watch" him play... how can you say no to this cute face?!
(He said "Hey lets take a selfie")
Cravings: Sweet Tea and Halo Oranges! I go through a bag of Halo Oranges a week. They are so easy to peel and even easier to eat!!
Gender: Little Boy - Dax Marshall Flowers aka Marshmallow or D$
Nursery: It is done, except for some frames and canvases I want to get for newborn photos! I am keeping my eyes open for shelf d├ęcor, but we really do not need anything else.
Movement: He is very active... at night time! Yay me! This means I toss and turn all night long and hardly get any sleep. He is a night owl like his Daddy!! It was cute, the other day Caleb laid his head on my stomach and Dax started kicking. He took his head off, Dax stopped. He put his head back on, Dax started kicking again... oh gosh they are already fighting for my attention.
Sleep: I love naps! Sleeping at night time, not so much. I did buy a Snoogle yesterday, so hopefully that will help!
(Don't mind my messy bed, but I have a SNOOGLE!!!)
Workouts: To  be honest, I haven't gone in about 2-3 weeks because we have had some bad weather and I do not walk to the gym in the cold. Ready for Spring and Summer!!!
What I Miss: Sleeping!!!
Belly Button in or out? In
Mood: Ehh... it depends on the day! I have been VERY emotional lately and cry at the drop of the hat... at anything!
Wedding rings on or off? They are still on, getting tight... Casey is supposed to be buying me a size 6 1/2 to wear.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Raw chicken.. yuck!
Best Moment This Week: If I say it was taking a nap yesterday, is that bad?! But seriously, that nap was amazing and I want to take another one NOW!!!
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks have started... oh joy joy!
Looking Forward To: Glucose Test on the 25th and then our appointments start going every 2 weeks instead of 4. 2 more weeks and we start our 3rd trimester... doesn't it feel like forever and a day since I announced I was pregnant?! Also, before our next update (30 weeks) we will be having another 3D/4D sonogram (April 11th)... I am really looking forward to seeing Dax again!!! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dax's Nursery - A Video Tour!!!

Okay, bear with me... this is my 1st video blog and I can already see flaws! Like I should have turned the camera the other way while filming, sorry!!
And... I filmed this in 2 parts and not sure how to merge the 2 videos together... working on learning that too!!!
Hope you enjoyed the video tour of the nursery!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Our Trip to Cali!!!

Don't you love the 1st couple days after a vacation ends when reality kicks you in the face and says WAKE UP!!!....
Yeah, me neither!
I am happy to be home with Caleb, boy did I miss that kid, but I wish that I could just be on vacation 24/7 and being able to nap whenever I want to!
We had a BLAST in California! I think my favorite part was just being alone with my husband for 5 days. No work, no interruptions, no kids, no nothing... just me and him! It was SUPER nice especially since we work opposite schedules and usually only see each other on weekends.
Other than being alone, here are a few pictures from some of our favorite parts of the trip! We ended up doing and seeing A LOT while we were there. We were exhausted and decided that if we ever have another child and we go on a baby moon (which we are NOT planning on doing, Dax is our last), we will just lay our butts on a beach and not do a dang thing...
(Our Anniversary Dinner to C & O)
(Mr. Muscles who tried to pick me up, literally, and Casey decided to pose with him instead)
(Live taping of Jimmy Kimmel)
(Casey making fun of my belly posing in front of the red carpet stairs... these are the stairs the stars walk for award shows like the Oscars!)
(John Wayne was way too cool to do his handprint, instead he did his fist print!)
(The COOLEST tree ever!!! This was by the Beverly Hills sign and everyone had carved their names into the tree, sadly we didn't have anything to carve with)
(Beverly Hills and Baby Bumps)
(Casey and Batman at the WB tour... a must do for sure)
(Us on the Friends set... OH FREAKING COOL)
(Our little mini hike to see the Hollywood Sign, sadly the elevation was too much for me so we didn't get to hike all the way like Casey wanted to)
(Venice Beach)
(Venice Beach)
(Casey's 1st pedicure... he kept laughing when the lady would scrub his feet)
(Santa Monica Pier was awesome and if I wasn't pregnant, I would have rode every single ride)
(Bubba Gump Restaurant)