Thursday, March 26, 2015

What you do not see...

I ran across a blog the other day from Facebook (I wish I would have bookmarked it so I could share it with you, pregnancy brain) and I fell in love with the concept of the blog entry so much that I decided to "copy" the idea and do one of my own.
The idea of the blog entry was that Facebook pictures only show one side to the story, you never see the whole story (unless you are told or was there to witness it take place). You see a smiling couple and think, "wow they are so in love" but little did you know they had just had a fight and divorce was thrown around a couple of times... then Aunt Mae (Spiderman reference) came around with her camera taking pictures and they were forced to fake a happy smile because no one in the family knows about their troubles yet.
The blog went on and gave a couple of back stories to a few of her photos... and I wanted to do the same here!!! Some of funny and some aren't, but they are stories that you wouldn't know just looking at these pictures from Facebook.
What Facebook shows is a smiling family of 3... what you don't see is that we had just sat down Caleb to tell him that his baby sister who was living in my tummy has passed away and went to live with Jesus.
What Facebook shows is a happy expecting couple dressed up for an nice event... what you do not see is that I had a horrible melt down getting ready to go to this event. I sat in my closet crying because I felt fat (hello 1st trimester) and thought my dress made me look like Barney the dinosaur. I tried on everything I owned causing my closet to look like a tornado come through it. My husband who sat quietly in the living room, never once came in to tell me I looked beautiful which caused me to have my feelings hurt and I cried even more. Finally I decided to put back on this dress and just go to the "stupid party" which turned out to be a wonderful event and looking back at pictures, I loved the way the dress looked on me.  
 What Facebook shows is a sweet sleeping 5 year old... what you do not see is that he just had a horrible meltdown partly because he was sick and not feeling good and partly because Casey and I were about to leave to head to California. He was excited to stay with his Nana but he didn't want us to leave, he never does. He sat there and cried himself to sleep begging us to stay. Sweet baby boy.
What Facebook shows is a pregnant women who was proud of hiking... what you do not see is that I tried to hike the 1st hill that Casey really wanted to do and I couldn't stand the elevation and felt like I was going to pass out. I felt so defeated and felt guilty that we couldn't do something he really wanted to do because of me. I kept apologizing over and over even though he seemed okay taking the shorter hike.
What Facebook shows is a couple celebrating their one year anniversary... what you do not see is that I was irritated that I couldn't find anyone to take our picture and my straps to my dress had broke and I had to safety pin them back on. The bra was uncomfortable and I rather have been naked then wearing clothes at this point... lets face it, I bet Casey would have like that better too. Ha! Seriously though, it was raining outside (go figure) and I had just curled my hair. I was more worried about it turning into an afro then I was just enjoying the evening with my husband. The rain finally stopped and we actually had a great night stuffing our faces with Italian food. Oh and as soon as we got back in the car to go home, I took that dang bra off...
What Facebook shows is a sweet moment between Mom and Son... what you do not see is that I had to bribe him with a Batman toy just so he would take these pictures. He was not happy about the sun being sunny (makes sense to a 5 year old) and it was a little chilly in the shade. Finally after a bribe, he was good to go... for about 5 minutes!
What Facebook shows you is a happy couple waiting at the doctors office... what you do not see is that from the waist down, I am butt ass naked! Yep, I had to strip down for the doctor to do a routine check (hello 3rd trimester) and all I had was a paper sheet/blanket on my lap.
There ya go... some back stories to some of my pictures! Life may seem "perfect" to an outsider looking in at pictures, but just remember it never is. Everyone struggles, everyone fights, everyone self doubts, everyone cries, everyone deals with battles, and everyone at some point in their life has had to strip down at the doctors office... you are not alone!!!

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