Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Caleb's Birth Story

With Dax's arrival getting closer and closer every day, it has really made me stop and remember Caleb's arrival. I know I have shared bits and pieces with you all but I don't think I ever shared the whole story with my blog... so today I want to take a minute and take a stroll down memory lane!
 Sunday September 20th, 2009... my due date! I was determined to have this baby on my due date, so I walked all day long. Actually I had been walking for weeks. I did the birthing ball. I ate pineapple. I bounced up and down the stairs. I had the massages done. I went for a pedicure. Everything I could do (except for have sex because I was single, boo). That afternoon my sister needed to hit up Wal-Mart for some dinner items. It was Cowboys game day and we had some football to watch that night and so we needed dinner to be prepared early. No one likes to miss the game because they are cooking. While at the store, I was having horrible contractions. The ones that make you stop where you are, hunch over and cry in pain. Both of my sisters had already had babies and they both had their water break... I was determined to have mine break too before heading to the hospital.
I called my mom on the way home and told her about the contractions and like any good mom, she wanted me to go to the ER right then... but like I said earlier, the Cowboy were playing that night and I did not want to miss the game. Heck my water hadn't even broke yet. I made her a promise, I would go to the ER after the game if my contractions kept up, so I sat there watching the game (they lost, boo) and timing my contractions. They were about 7-8 minutes apart. Mom came over, picked me up and took me to the ER.
The lady there was RUDE!!! Seriously one of the rudest nurses ever... I wanted to punch her in the gut. And no, it wasn't just because I was in labor, my mom thought she was rude too. I was (still) dilated to a 3 and 90% effaced so they sent me home after 6 hours of watching me. On the way home, I was ticked that my mom wanted me to go in. The nurse told me to NOT come back until my water broke or my induction date was here (I was to be induced Wednesday September 23). I went home, went to bed and swore that I was done trying for him to come... I gave up!!!
Monday September 21st, 2009... I woke up around 8am and my plan for the day was to go potty, get back in bed and watch tv all day long. The next few days I was going to be a couch potato!!! I walked to the bathroom and heard a click/pop sound immeditaly followed by a GUSH of fluid between my legs!!! OH MY GOSH MY WATER BROKE!!!!! My niece was standing at the end of the hallway with her friend (they were 4) and they witnessed the whole thing... those poor kids! My sister was outside mowing so I had to go to the window and bang on it until she noticed me. My mom quickly came over and took me back to the ER... you know that place we were just at a couple hours earlier?!
The mean nurse was STILL there!!! She told me that my water did NOT break and that I was overreacting. Luckily my doctor was on call and he went ahead and admitted me. I was a 4 and 100% effaced and when he went to break my water (because the nurse told him it didn't break) he found that it was already broke... take that mean nurse!
I chose to NOT get an epidural and told my Aunt to not let me have one until I said the magic words "I swear on my Gaga's grave!"... that happened around 7cm and when I said it, she was out the door faster than I have ever seen her move before. My Momma and my Aunt Dee were my rocks during my labor, since I was single... they were it for me! They cheered me on, kept me going and held my hands after it was done.
Fast forward a couple hours... 5:30pm and I was ready to push. The doctor had to leave at 5:30 but came in to check me and decided he would conference call into the dinner he was supposed to be at. So there we were pushing Caleb out into the world and Dr. Read was on a conference call. He kept saying things like "That is perfect" or "Oh yeah here we go" and I wasn't sure if he was talking to me or the phone... kind of funny now that I think about it. When my momma heard me pushing she was in the restroom in my room and she can running out with her pants down around her ankles trying to pull them up because she didn't want to miss a thing! Haha!!
I pushed for about 10-15 minutes and then my mom started to cry and say "I see his head" and I knew it was game time... one more big push and he was here!!!! Caleb Scott Lassiter 9 pounds 4 ounces and 22 inches long!!!
Sad part of it all, when my water broke I had a lot of meconium (he pooped inside of me) in it and so the NICU was there to whisk him away because his breathing sounded horrible. I was able to hold him for a total for 5 minutes. I wasn't able to hold him again until 24 hours later. It was the worst 24 hours of my life... While in the NICU we also learned he broke his shoulders coming out. Poor kid!
He lived in the NICU for 7 days and on the 7th day I was able to room in back at the hospital (I had to leave on day 3) with Caleb in my room. Then on day 8, we were able to take him home!!! But the fun wasn't over then... my mom was driving home and this guy stopped in front of us for no reason (he just wanted someone to hit him, his car was crap) and we got in a wreck. Luckily it wasn't bad enough for Caleb to go back to the hospital. I was so ready to just take him home!!!  
I cant wait to do it all over again with Dax!!! I am crazy but I actually am looking forward to the labor part to start... knowing I am pushing a baby out of me and into the world, WOW!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Last ever belly update... probably!

I have been doing my belly updates every 5 weeks this pregnancy, so with me being 35 weeks this week... it is time to give another update! I got to thinking, I am being induced at 39 weeks so this is probably my last belly update EVER!!! Yep, ever... we are done having kids after Dax arrives. I say it is probably my last update because who knows what the next 4 weeks holds for us. Maybe I will squeeze another one in, maybe not... who knows!
Usually in my updates, I will do it in question format but this week I kind of just want to ramble... since it is my last one, so bare with me!
This pregnancy has been SO different than my pregnancy with Caleb and I am very thankful for that. I am thankful that I have had more ups than downs this time around. I am thankful I didn't go into pre-term labor and have to be put on bed rest. I am thankful my morning sickness stopped the 1st trimester and didn't last the whole 9 months. I am very thankful that I wasn't single and that I have a very supportive husband who loves to spoil me (wait, I am not spoiled... I am just really loved)! I am thankful I haven't gained as much weight. I am thankful for the job I have, insurance, time off, understanding bosses and co-workers... etc. These 2 pregnancies really were night and day and I am thankful I was able to experience both of them. They are both perfect in their own little way.
Speaking of being perfect... I have always admired the girls with the perfect little round bumps that are so adorable. I am a bigger girl to begin with and have extra skin that hangs from my weight loss. I have stretch marks (from before I was ever even pregnant). I just wasn't built to be one of those perfect bump kind of girls. Last night though, I was looking at my bump in the mirror and realized that my bump is perfect... it is 110% perfect because it is my baby boy's 1st home. It is perfectly protecting Dax, just like it perfectly protected Caleb. My husband looks at it and is in awe that my body is able to transform to create another life... a life that will carry on his last name.
As far as the pregnancy, I have been doing very well and nothing really to report. TMI - I have lost part of my mucus plug but my doctor said if need be my body will regenerate it. Next Wednesday we start our weekly appointments and we will also have a measurement sonogram. From the measurement sonogram, we will most likely be able to set an induction date. I am shooting for the week of June 15th... I really want Friday June 19th if possible. We shall see!
This week I started to orally take 1000 mg of Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) and will continue to take it until Dax arrives. This is supposed to help soften the cervix, so we shall see. Next week, after I hit 36 weeks (TMI ahead) I will start inserting it vaginally at night time also. We have also started to do the "deed" more often to help soften the cervix... I would like to think both of these things are working somewhat because I have been cramping a lot more lately (very mild contraction like cramps) and they are coming around every 25-30 minutes. My bet is that we wont make it to induction date and that we will have him around week 38... I could be totally wrong though, so don't place any bets.
(Dude, look at that big baby bump... and yes I am fully dressed I promise)
I am also running out of maternity clothes that fit me, so if I don't match or if I am wearing an outfit twice in one week... get over it. Just be thankful I am wearing clothes!!!
I am going to leave you with this adorable video of big brother Caleb singing to his little brother. I am in love with how much he already loves being a big brother. I pray this love continues when Dax is up at 3:30 am screaming bloody murder for me to feed him... Caleb is counting down by what events are left before Dax gets here, he is graduating Pre-K next Friday, then starting swim lessons, then taking a big brother class and THEN it should be Dax time...

Monday, May 18, 2015

Meal Prepping - Dax Marshall Style!!

In our little house in Fort Worth, I am the cook... I am also the housekeeper, laundry lady, toilet scrubber, bed maker, mail checker, and the list could go on and on... but mainly, I am the cook. It is a job that is very rarely shared in our house. Why? Well, Casey doesn't really know how to cook.
One night we were sitting in the living room and he said "I will make dinner tonight, how about tacos? What kind do you want?" I was puzzled... what does he mean what kind of tacos do I want? Like chicken or turkey? Intrigued, I asked him what he meant and he replied... "Yea, what kind? You know... Taco Bell, Taco Casa, Taco Bueno?"
I couldn't help but laugh! Since then, I have been teaching him (slowly) how to cook. His favorite is anything you cook in the crockpot because you just throw everything in there and let it do its magic.
With Dax coming, I asked Casey if he would like us to meal prep beforehand so we would have a freezer of food at his (and Caleb's) disposal when I didn't feel like cooking. He quickly agreed that it was a good idea. On top of this, one of our sweet cousins has offered to set us up a food train website so friends and family can bring over dinner and meet Dax. Hopefully with both of these, we (I mean I) wont have to cook for a couple of weeks.
I planned out 4 breakfast meals and 7 lunch/dinner meals to stock our freezer with. This paycheck we bought the ingredients to make half of the load and will buy the other recipes our next paycheck (if Dax isn't here by then).
Breakfast #1: Burritos (a family favorite) - we made 60!!!
Ingredients: scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, black beans, hash browns, grated cheese and tortillas.
Cook the eggs, sausage and beans, then fill the tortillas, roll tight and put in the freezer for about an hour before transferring them to a freezer bag (trust me, they will stay together better this way).
When you are ready to eat, pull them out and heat up for about a minute (give or take depending on your microwave).
Breakfast #2: English Muffins - we made 24 of these
Ingredients: eggs, English muffins, cheese and hash brown
We cracked 1 egg in each of the muffin tins, scrambled and baked for 20 minutes at 350. While that was cooking, I cut the English muffins in half. Then added the grated cheese (we forgot to buy sliced), hash browns (we had some leftover from the burritos) and the egg. I wrapped each one in its own foil and threw them in the bottom drawer of the freezer.
When you are ready to eat, remove the foil, heat in the microwave for 1-2 minutes.
Lunch/Dinner #1: Crockpot Chicken Tacos
Ingredients: 4 chicken breast, 2 cans of rotel, 1 package of taco seasoning, a couple bell peppers (I love these bags of mini sweet bell peppers from Wal-Mart).
Chop up your bell peppers (bigger pieces work better in the crockpot), and then dump them and everything else in a plastic zip lock freezer bag.
When ready to eat, dump contents in a crockpot for 4 hours on high. Shred chicken with a fork and eat like a taco or over rice.
Lunch/Dinner #2: Crockpot Turkey Chili
Ingredients: 1 pound of turkey meat (cooked), 1 can of chicken broth, 1 can of tomato paste, 1 can of green chilies, 1 can of rotel, 1 can of black beans (I ran out so I wrote on the bag for Casey to add them later), a couple bell peppers.
Brown your meat, chop up your bell peppers (bigger pieces work better in the crockpot), and then dump them and everything else in a plastic zip lock freezer bag.
When ready to eat, dump contents in a crockpot for 4 hours on high.
Lunch/Dinner #3: Creamy Burrito Casserole
*This one is more intense and takes more work before freezing*
Ingredients: 1 pound of turkey meat, 1 can of refried beans, 1 can of rotel, 1 package of taco seasoning, 1 4 oz. thing of sour cream, 1 can of cream of mushroom, 1 package of tortillas.
Brown your meat and then add the rotel, refried beans and taco seasoning. While that is cooking, mix together the sour cream and cream of mushroom. Then you will tear the tortillas up to make a layer in the casserole dish, spread the sour cream mixture on the tortillas, spread the meat mixture on the sour cream, and a layer of cheese... then repeat until you have filled the pan or run out of ingredients. We were able to make 2 of these dishes.
When ready to eat, heat at 350 for 30 minutes.
Lunch/Dinner #4: King Ranch Casserole
*This one is more intense and takes more work before freezing*
**I also got really tired at this point and my back was aching so I sat on the couch and coached Casey through making it by himself... I chalk it up to teaching him how to cook, haha**
Ingredients (ours differed from the actual recipe pictured above): 4 chicken breast, 1 tablespoon of chili powder, 1 teaspoon of cumin, 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder, 3 tablespoons of flour, 2 cups of chicken stock, 1 small can of green chilies, 1 can of rotel, 1 package of corn tortillas, 2 cups of shredded cheese.
Casey cooked the chicken on the George Foreman and then shredded it up and put it in a pan with everything listed above except the tortillas and cheese. He brought that to a simmer. While it was cooking, he tore up the corn tortillas and started to layer the casserole dishes, then added cheese on top. Then he started to layer the meat mixture on top of the tortillas and cheese and did this until he filled up both casserole dishes.
When ready to eat: heat at 375 for 30-40 minutes
Next paycheck meals are the following:
Breakfast: Pancakes and Egg Muffins
Lunch/Dinner: Baked Penne, Salsa Chicken and Beef Stroganoff

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Letter to my Husband

Dear Casey,

We both know how much I suck at asking for help and how it can sometimes affect our relationship because I want you to do something without me asking but you have no clue I want you to do it. So, I decided to jot down a few things that have come to mind that I know I will need you to do after Dax is born… without me asking for them every time I need it.

1.    Make sure to tell me you love me out of the blue all day long. Not just once a day, multiple times. My hormones will be through the roof and I will need reassurance that you still love me.

2.    Remind me I am doing a good job and that I am a good mom. Again… hormones!

3.    Tell me you think I am sexy, beautiful, and pretty… even when I haven’t changed my clothes in a couple of days and my hair has been in a ponytail for a week without being washed. I won’t feel pretty, and I probably won’t believe you when you tell me I am… but knowing that my sexy husband thinks I am pretty, will help tremendously!

4.     Kiss me randomly. This doesn’t mean to try and do the deed with me (doctor said no for at least 6 weeks, sorry bud) but just lean down and kiss me… on the forehead, on the hand, on the cheek, on the lips… it doesn’t matter, just do it.

5.    Let me cry. Remember those hormones? Well, I am going to cry… there isn’t anything you can do about it that will fix it for me. Just be there for me, hold me if you can, and let me cry.

6.    Plan time alone for me… After the first few weeks, when I am getting back to normal… plan some time for me to go have a pedicure, have my hair done, or heck even just take a nap alone.

7.    Plan some time alone for US! It doesn’t have to be a fancy date, just somewhere I can have some one on one alone adult time with the man I love. This means you need to plan the date, find a sitter and convince me into leaving the house. I need one on one time alone with you!

8.    Remember that our 5 year old likes to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. When he wakes up and you are awake, help with breakfast. When lunch time comes around (even if YOU aren’t hungry) remember to feed the 5 year old… the same goes for dinner. There are meals prepared in the freezer and stuff for sandwiches (if there isn’t, you have a wallet, car keys and know how to drive through a fast food place… make sure to take the 5 year old with you).

9.    If I am asleep, please let me sleep. If you need something and can’t find it, please just wing it. I promise I won’t get upset (or maybe I will, blame the hormones). I need sleep and trust me you want me to sleep… you and me both know I am a bear without it. So, unless one of the boys are bleeding or dying, please let me sleep.

10.Sonic Diet Cokes. I really do not need to go into detail about this one because if you have learned anything about me in the past 3 years it should be that I function better, I am a lot nicer, and I love life more when I am drinking a Sonic Diet Coke… just please make sure it is a DC and not a regular coke, the Sonic by our house sometimes sucks and I would hate to have to break down crying (see #5) because they messed up my order.

I love you and I am so thankful that I have you as my partner in crime. Thank you (in advance) for loving me through all of the meltdowns, hormones, tears, etc… you are an amazing man!!
Love you,
Your Little Duck


Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Well, the blanket is FINALLY finished!!!
If you don't know the back story to the blanket, you can read the blog entry here!
Before I show you all the blanket I wanted to share some of my thoughts about the whole process. I have to admit, I loved going home each day to check my mail and find fabric packages from friends and family. It was one of the highlights of my day. I even banned Casey and Caleb from checking the mail because I enjoyed it so much. Y'all, its the little things in life! There were days I wouldn't receive anything and then there were days I would have 3 or 4 packages. It was like Christmas morning for me. Haha!
I loved reading each card, letter, note, etc. explaining why they chose the fabric they did. It was so heartwarming to have those kind loving words flow off the page. To know that a loved one sat down and took the time to write me a love note after taking time out of their busy life to go to the store and pick out a fabric that reminded them of me. I am not one who likes to inconvenience people and so I was a bit hesitant to do the blanket at first but I am so happy I followed through with it. It really showed me that when people love you, they will make you a priority no matter what.
Then the icing on the cake... it started with my newest friend from Georgia... I opened the mail one day and there was a package from GA. I was confused. I only sent the "invite" out to my friends and family... but here is a package of fabric from GA. As I read the card, tears filled my eyes. My newest friend wanted to be a part of the blanket even though 1. I didn't send her an "invite" and 2. We have never met. It was so surreal... Then it happened again, and again, and again... Fabric started coming in from people I have met through my fitness journey, Instagram, Facebook, blogging, etc. So many people wanted to be a part of this blanket for my unborn child. My heart melted!!!
Then it was time to start putting the blanket together. To be honest, I didn't know what the final product would end up looking like. I kind of just winged it and prayed a lot over each piece of fabric as I started to sew. It started to take shape and even though I still couldn't see the final product (which is not like me at all) I trusted God and knew that it would come together perfectly. I mean, it had to because it was being made out of love from fabric that loved ones sent me. The back of the blanket was kind of a chore for me because I didn't have enough fabric to repeat the pattern on back so I decided to go with a green piece someone sent me, but didn't have enough so I mixed it with an elephant print that was the same softness. After finishing, another (internet) friend blessed me with 2 more pieces of fabric so I decided to make ties out of them and sew them onto the front of the blanket (look closely and you can see them).
The blanket is DONE.... well just missing one thing, Mr. Dax Marshall Flowers!!!
The Front
The Back
We have prayed over this blanket, over each piece of fabric, over the process of making it, over the sewing machine while I was sewing, over the final blanket... and we are so excited in a few weeks to literally wrap our bundle of joy in prayer.
We will be taking this blanket to the hospital with us and it will be Dax's 1st blanket. I plan on using the blanket for his newborn photos also. Casey laid on the couch this past weekend holding it and said "just imagine me holding this blanket with my son in it..." Talk about melting my heart!!!
If you are a friend on Facebook you know that last night after I put the finishing touches on the blanket, I wept. Dax is our last baby, we have decided that 2 boys is more than enough for our family. Finishing the blanket was so surreal because it means that my days of being pregnant are coming to an end... forever. As bittersweet as that is, it is also very exciting!!!
I want to say THANK YOU one last time to each of you who took time out of your busy life's to bless us with fabric. You will never know how much it means to us! We love you all...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

10 Reasons I am DONE being Pregnant

I watched the movie "What to Except When Expecting" this past weekend and it really hit home. It was not my first time to watch it, but it was my first time to watch it being pregnant.
The miscarriage story line really tore me up and I bawled like a baby... even though I knew it was going to happen. My broken heart that has been healing, broke again a little bit. But it also reminded me that God has a plan and without my miscarriage happening, we wouldn't be pregnant with Dax right now.
BUT... the story I really related to was the lady who basically hated being pregnant. She kept searching for her pregnancy glow and could never find it. However her mother-in-law was pregnant at the same time and was the poster child for a perfect pregnancy.
Every time she spoke, I would agree with her and Casey would just laugh because he has heard me say those things before. There is a part where she tells her husband she wants to just punch him in the face, but she loves him.... man I would be rich if I had a $1 for every time I said something along those lines to Case.
There are a couple parts in the movie where she list different things in pregnancy that are currently happening to her and it got me to thinking... pregnancy isn't always fun! You don't always glow, sometimes the glow is holding the baby in your arms when it is all said and done. Pregnancy isn't always a beautiful experience, some women actually hate it (but love the outcome). We all understand that there are women who cant get pregnant and trust me, we wish that we could snap our fingers and make you pregnant, but we can't. Us pretending to love being pregnant isn't going to help anyone around us... and trust me, it will just make us that much more emotional and hormonal.
My name is Jordan and I am NOT a fan of being pregnant... but I love the outcome!!!
Here are my 10 reasons I am DONE being pregnant:
1. Dax loves to kick my ribs out of place... I go see a chiropractor and have relief for about 1-2 days and then KICK KICK KICK and they are popped back out. I swear he thinks it is a game!
2. I want to bend down and pick something off the floor without feeling like I am going to pass out from not being able to breathe. Heck last night taking the laundry out of the dryer was a chore, thank goodness Caleb is a big boy and able to help out.
3. I miss my clothes. Shallow, yes... but it is the truth! I am tired of maternity panties and really wish I could fit back into my Victoria Secret bra again. Oh and I miss all of my spring/summer dresses and my shorts!!!!
4. Getting off the floor is a workout for me. Seriously, this is worse than bending over to pick crap up off the floor. Picking myself off the floor/bed/couch... it is a sight for sure!
5. TMI - I miss "one on one" time with my husband. It isn't very comfortable and isn't very "pretty" at 8 1/2 months along... trust me! And that is when I am in the mood, which I am never in the mood because sleep sounds so much better.
6. Sleeping... don't get me started. I wish I could sleep a full nights sleep again. I wish I could sleep without having to get up to pee. I wish I could sleep without the house being set on 65. I wish I could just sleep!!
7. Charlie Horses!!! Okay, #4 goes out the window when I have a Charlie horse. Seriously, I stand up faster than a ninja when I have a Charlie horse. I eat my bananas daily but sometimes that doesn't even matter.
8. Peeing my pants when I sneeze, laugh, cough, look at something the wrong way... hell I am always peeing my pants... so much I bought some panty liners.
9. Hello bad gas... go ahead and just blame Dax, because that is what I do. The other day I tooted in my office and it smelled so bad, as I reached for the spray, my boss walked in. I don't remember much of what he said because I was too busy praying he didn't smell the bomb that just went off.
10. Last but not least, I am SICK of people asking me how much longer, asking if I am having twins, asking if I am about to pop, asking if I got my due date wrong, telling me I wont go full term... etc. Seriously people! I have around 5 more weeks, I am having one baby, my due date is correct and you are right, I wont go full term because I am planning an induction in my 39th week. Stop being rude!
*Sorry if my blog today upsets anyone, that is not my intentions at all. This photo says it all though...*

Friday, May 8, 2015

Mother's Day Vlog - Caleb

I was going to write a blog about Mother's Day but Caleb LOVES being on camera so we decided to do a Mother's Day VLOG instead.
He is so stinking cute, he started off shy (like always) but warmed up quickly!!!
P.S. I love that he only thinks I weigh 4 pounds!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful Momma's out there!!!