Thursday, May 21, 2015

Last ever belly update... probably!

I have been doing my belly updates every 5 weeks this pregnancy, so with me being 35 weeks this week... it is time to give another update! I got to thinking, I am being induced at 39 weeks so this is probably my last belly update EVER!!! Yep, ever... we are done having kids after Dax arrives. I say it is probably my last update because who knows what the next 4 weeks holds for us. Maybe I will squeeze another one in, maybe not... who knows!
Usually in my updates, I will do it in question format but this week I kind of just want to ramble... since it is my last one, so bare with me!
This pregnancy has been SO different than my pregnancy with Caleb and I am very thankful for that. I am thankful that I have had more ups than downs this time around. I am thankful I didn't go into pre-term labor and have to be put on bed rest. I am thankful my morning sickness stopped the 1st trimester and didn't last the whole 9 months. I am very thankful that I wasn't single and that I have a very supportive husband who loves to spoil me (wait, I am not spoiled... I am just really loved)! I am thankful I haven't gained as much weight. I am thankful for the job I have, insurance, time off, understanding bosses and co-workers... etc. These 2 pregnancies really were night and day and I am thankful I was able to experience both of them. They are both perfect in their own little way.
Speaking of being perfect... I have always admired the girls with the perfect little round bumps that are so adorable. I am a bigger girl to begin with and have extra skin that hangs from my weight loss. I have stretch marks (from before I was ever even pregnant). I just wasn't built to be one of those perfect bump kind of girls. Last night though, I was looking at my bump in the mirror and realized that my bump is perfect... it is 110% perfect because it is my baby boy's 1st home. It is perfectly protecting Dax, just like it perfectly protected Caleb. My husband looks at it and is in awe that my body is able to transform to create another life... a life that will carry on his last name.
As far as the pregnancy, I have been doing very well and nothing really to report. TMI - I have lost part of my mucus plug but my doctor said if need be my body will regenerate it. Next Wednesday we start our weekly appointments and we will also have a measurement sonogram. From the measurement sonogram, we will most likely be able to set an induction date. I am shooting for the week of June 15th... I really want Friday June 19th if possible. We shall see!
This week I started to orally take 1000 mg of Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) and will continue to take it until Dax arrives. This is supposed to help soften the cervix, so we shall see. Next week, after I hit 36 weeks (TMI ahead) I will start inserting it vaginally at night time also. We have also started to do the "deed" more often to help soften the cervix... I would like to think both of these things are working somewhat because I have been cramping a lot more lately (very mild contraction like cramps) and they are coming around every 25-30 minutes. My bet is that we wont make it to induction date and that we will have him around week 38... I could be totally wrong though, so don't place any bets.
(Dude, look at that big baby bump... and yes I am fully dressed I promise)
I am also running out of maternity clothes that fit me, so if I don't match or if I am wearing an outfit twice in one week... get over it. Just be thankful I am wearing clothes!!!
I am going to leave you with this adorable video of big brother Caleb singing to his little brother. I am in love with how much he already loves being a big brother. I pray this love continues when Dax is up at 3:30 am screaming bloody murder for me to feed him... Caleb is counting down by what events are left before Dax gets here, he is graduating Pre-K next Friday, then starting swim lessons, then taking a big brother class and THEN it should be Dax time...

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