Friday, February 27, 2015

Casey & Jordan - 1 year of marriage!!

This Sunday marks our 1 year anniversary and I am currently getting ready in a hotel room in Los Angeles California while my husband is snoring away in the (COMFY) bed. While I was getting ready I thought about how life has changed since we said I DO.

We have been together for 3 years and lived together for a year before tying the knot. I honestly thought that nothing really would change much after we signed a piece of paper and swore to love each other in front of our friends in family... mainly because we were already dedicated to one another.
I was right and I was wrong!! (I have decided to throw it back with some wedding pictures while I blog)
I was right that nothing changed because we still share household duties, we still combine our paychecks, I still am in charge of paying all of the bills bi-monthly (he would forget and we wouldn't have water or electricity), he still does the dishes and takes out the garbage while I cook and do most of the cleaning, we still go on dates at least once a month... the list could really go on and on.
I do not share in depth issues between Casey and I... and you all know, I share a lot. Casey's and my relationship is just that... it is OUR relationship. We do not need any extra hands in the cookie jar, we do not need people to take our sides when we fight (and we do fight), we decided that what happens between us will stay between us and God... and our marriage counselor if need be. I think this is the way a marriage should be.
With that being said, I wont get into all of the reasons why our relationship did in fact change after saying I DO last year... but I will tell you some of them.
The way he looks at me changed... like I am his source of life. Like without me he would fall apart. It is an amazing and scary look all in one. To know that someone LOVES me that much and trust me with his life. I look at him the same way and I hope he realizes it, but since this blog is from my point of view I will just speak for myself.
The way he loves me changed... It is a love that will never end. I can stick my hands in his potato salad (LMAO, that was our biggest fight this 1st year) and he still loves me. Before I was scared that if we fought or I did something to upset him he would leave, but now this love shows me that he will always be there for me... no matter what!
The way he talks to me has changed... let me be clear, he has NEVER talked bad to me... EVER! But if you know Casey at all you know that he is a quiet man and hardly speaks unless it is VERY important. Well, this past year we have grown so close that he has broken out of his shell more each month and our communication level has grown. He is learning to speak up, apologize, tell me he loves me out of the blue and just talk to me. I think this is the best part of our 1 year of marriage.
I love my husband so much and even though this past year has been one of ups and of downs, I am so thankful that he is the man that is standing beside me through it all. I couldn't have asked for a better partner in crime, a better best friend, a better lover, a better sidekick... a better Husband!
Casey Joe Flowers, I love you so much and I am looking forward to our 2nd year of marriage when we welcome our sweet baby boy into the world. You are an amazing Dad to Caleb already and I know that will carry on with Dax!! I love you and Happy Anniversary my Case!!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

3D Sonogram

As you know, last weekend we had our 3D sonogram and it was a bust. Last time we had our make up appointment and it went PERFECTLY!!
At the 1st appointment, my momma wasn't able to make the 4 hour drive to Fort Worth and Casey's parents were in Austin, so neither of the grandma's could make it. Well, last night at our make up appointment, both of the grandparents AND Gramps (who Dax is named after) were able to come!!!
The sonogram started off rough, he had his hand and arms covering his face the whole time. It gave me flash backs to Caleb's 3D sonogram. I just knew it was going to be a bust again...
I rolled over on my side and we ended up getting REALLY GOOD PICTURES!!! Here are a few of our favorites!!
(Casey said it looks like he is boxing)
 (Sweet sleeping baby boy)
 (Laughing at big brother) 
 (My favorite picture... it looks like he is pinching his cheek)
 (Hiding his face or like we like to say, he is praying... probably for his brother to stop talking)
 (Rubbing his eyes)
 (Scratching his head... or Casey said he looks like he is smelling his armpit)
  (More laughs for Caleb)
 (Sucking his thumb, he kept going back to sucking his thumb... probably going to have a thumb sucker on my hands)
Oh and if it looks like Dax is smiling, well we think he was... his older brother (Caleb) had the room in stiches the whole time. Here are a few of the things he was saying... if you know him at all, you know he thought the room was his stage and he was performing for us!
*Nana, I have a Batman costume but it makes me look fat
*When my parents go to sleep, I go to work at the Hellicarrier. I sneak back before Casey gets home though and then I leave again when he goes to bed. I have to work!
*Wow, Dax looks like the Red Skull
*Look at those chubby cheeks, he looks just like me Momma
*Turn up the TV so we can hear Dax cry (if only!)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rough Week... for the gym!

This week has been a rough one for working out... And here are a list of all my excuses along with fun pictures!
Yes, excuses are for the weak... blah blah blah... I am carrying a baby, isn't that enough superpower for one lady?!
Monday and Tuesday it was FREAKING cold as H-E-double hockey sticks outside. There is one thing you have to know about me... I HATE the cold!!! So walking 5 blocks to the gym on my lunch break in 20 degree weather, umm no thank you!
Yes I know it is an excuse but I don't care, it is one I am okay with using... especially while I am pregnant! I am already uncomfortable in my own skin, I don't want to be COLD too. Sorry, not sorry!
Wednesday I threw a baby shower at work and since I would be missing an hour or 2 of work (more like 2), I decided to not take a lunch...
THEN Caleb was sick throwing up with a fever, so an after work workout was out of the cards too. Momma duties called!!! This is the necklace he made for me to wear... isn't he a sweetheart?!
Today I could have gone to the gym BUT instead I broke into my sister in laws house and decorated it for her birthday!!! I wont see her tonight (we have a 3D sonogram) and her husband has to work late tonight so I wanted to make the day fun for her when she got off work.
I took my sweet a$$ time and made sure to pose all around her house!!! I mean, she wasn't there so I had to have some fun with it... right?!

Then there is tomorrow... Yes, tomorrow I plan on going to the gym! It will be my only day there this week but I figure it is better than nothing. Right?!
Last week I gained around 3-4 pounds and this week I haven't gained anything (yet)... Trying to really stay on top of my food intake. Will find out next Wednesday how much I have gained over the last 4 weeks. The doctor told me she wanted me to gain between 4-6 pounds... I still think it is crazy that the doctor is wanting me to be okay with gaining weight, it has always been the other way around... even when I was pregnant with Caleb!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Our Weekend!

This past weekend has been one I have been counting down to for over 6 weeks. I am not a huge Valentine person, I actually only celebrate it because I have a child (see picture below)... but this year I was counting down to the holiday because we were having our 3D/4D sonogram!!! We purchased the package where you get 2 of them, one done at early 20 weeks and one done around 30-35 weeks.
My appointment was at 10 am in the morning and Dax is like his Daddy, loves to sleep in and hardly moves that early in the morning. Mistake # 1. That morning I woke up not hungry and not really wanting to eat anything, so I skipped breakfast. Mistake #2. Then on the way to the sonogram, I wanted to stop at Sonic and get a large sweet tea to down before the sonogram... Dax is always moving after I drink sweet tea. Well Sonic was backed up and we waited for over 5 minutes in a stall with our button pushed. It was VERY annoying and we didn't want to be late, so we left. Mistake #3. When we went back for our sonogram, Dax laid there sleeping with his back facing us and wouldn't move for anything (just like his Daddy)!!! And we tried everything... I was SO bummed. Luckily they are letting us come back for free this Thursday at 7pm. I have homework to do, make sure I eat, drink my water daily, and eat something sweet and/or spicy 20-30 minutes before my appointment.
(This is the only thing Dax would show us... his little boy parts!)
I think this next one will be much better because Dax is always active at night time and with it being at 7pm, it will give me time to eat, drink and get some sugar in my system!! Praying Thursday will get here soon.
Other than the sonogram bust, we had a great weekend! We took Caleb to Putt Putt and played for 3-4 hours. Luckily Casey is a GREAT step Dad and rode all of the rides with Caleb since I am pregnant and can't (womp womp). They had a blast!!!
Then yesterday, my husband and his cousin took the kids to the museum so that me and Sarah (his cousin's wife and one of my best friends) could go shopping and get pedicures! We have some amazing husbands for sure!!!
It was a much needed alone girls day and the pedicure was just what the doctor ordered!!! The salon was closing soon so we missed out on manicures so I am going back today on my lunch break to get one. These prenatal vitamins (that I am FINALLY able to keep down) are making my nails grow SUPER fast!!!
Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kid Friendly Meal Idea

I wish I could take credit for this meal but I cant... I owe it to Caleb's Dad.
When we dated, I remember him making this for me one night but since then I had forgotten about it. Well, Caleb came home from his Dad's this past Sunday and asked me to make it for him... of course I had to text his Dad for a list of the ingredients!
Tater Tot Casserole
1 pound of ground turkey meat
1 bag of frozen tater tots (we used sweet potato tots)
1 can of cream of mushroom
1-2 cups of cheese (depending on your love for cheese)
*You can use mozzarella cheese to make it less fatting*
Cook the turkey meat
Add the cream of mushroom, 1/2 the cheese and 1/2 the bag of tater tots
Mix together
Put them in a casserole dish
Add the rest of the tots and cheese
Bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes
Serve & Enjoy!
Caleb LOVES this meal and asked me to make it for him every night this week. Haha! Don't worry, he had it last night and will have the left overs tonight and then we will move on to another meal. I am glad I found something he LOVES besides Sonic hamburgers and breakfast burritos, but I don't want him to get burnt out.
Heck, Casey even loved it... he did add some Franks Red Hot on top, he puts that Sh*t on everything! LOL

Monday, February 9, 2015

My "Baby Shower"

I have had a lot of people ask me when my baby shower is or where I am registered or what do I need for Dax...?! Well... We are not having a baby shower. We are not registered. I do not need anything for Dax. When I reply with this, I get these odd stares usually followed with "you have to HAVE a baby shower!!!"
Here is the deal, when I was pregnant with Caleb I was a single mom living with my sister and her family. I was scared about how I was going to make ends meet and how I was going to buy everything a brand new baby needed.
(One of my 1st times to hold Caleb while he was in the NICU)
Luckily, I was blessed with a work baby shower and a family and friends baby shower where I received almost everything!!!
(Work Baby Shower - Me & my Hostesses)
(Family and Friends Baby Shower - Me & my Hostesses)
When I got pregnant with Dax, I talked to my husband and told him that I really wanted to provide for this baby now that I am at a spot in my life that I am able to do that. He understood 110% and said lets do it. I printed off a registry list and we started finding great deals on Facebook resale pages and a 2nd hand stores. We also started buying a case of diapers each paycheck. And we accepted hand me downs from friends (such a blessing).
(Caleb's "nursery" aka a corner in my room at my sisters house)
We are now 21 weeks in to the pregnancy and the only thing we really need are more diapers, which we are going to continue to purchase each paycheck.
Now that we have almost everything, there is really no need to be showered with gifts. We decided instead, we will have a 'Sip & See' after Dax is born so everyone can come and meet him.
Instead of a shower, I came up with this idea of making Dax a blanket. I sent out the "invite" below to my friends and family asking them for fabric. Once I start receiving it, I am going to start working on making him a blanket that I will take to the hospital and then also use at his newborn photos!!
I cant wait to see all the fun fabrics start to arrive and then to see the finished blanket... eek! 19 weeks and counting until I can wrap my sweet boy up in the blanket and love on him!!!

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Reading Corner

There has been this one corner in Dax's nursery that has bothered me since day one. Why you might ask? Because it was the ONLY spot in his room that I have no idea how I was going to decorate it or what I would buy to put there.
We bought Dax an elephant chair (mainly for newborn photos) and Casey told me to just throw the chair in that corner and call it quits... such a man response.
It finally hit me the other day when I was playing on Pinterest... I wanted to take Casey's idea (putting the elephant chair in the corner) and build a reading corner for Caleb to read to his little brother!!
I found a couple different links on how to use rain gutters as book shelves. After some research I found that a 10 foot long rain gutter cost less than $4 at Home Depot! Holy heck, that is a good deal. I would be able to get 4 shelves out of this one piece (cutting each of them at 2.5 feet long).
I also wanted to hang a banner above the shelves, you know for a cute factor. I really did not want to spend any money on this so I started thinking how I could be crafty and use stuff at the house. I remembered we had a few deliveries at the house and Casey had not thrown away the cardboard boxes yet. I used these to cut out triangles that I then covered with fabric (used a hot glue gun). The letters I free-handed and stuck them on. To hang the banner, I just used some ribbon I had left over from a project and then added some tulle to each end to help make it POP some more.
Next up was cutting the gutters... I kind of wished I would have waited and let Casey do this because I am new to using the saws and they are very powerful. I ended up breaking 2 of the pieces at the end (bummer) but I was able to hide them nicely when I hung them up on the wall.
That brings us to the next step, hanging the gutters. I 1st drilled 3 holes in the back of each gutter, making it easy for the wood screws to go through. Then placed them on the wall where I wanted them and drilled baby drilled.
Last but not least, I put the chair back in the spot Casey originally said it should go and placed some books of Caleb's on the shelves!
Seriously, it turned out SO cute and it really brought the room together perfectly. I am in LOVE with this corner and can't wait for Caleb and Dax to start making memories...
Oh also, I hung up Dax's circle monogram thing (never sure what to call it)... LOOKS GREAT!!! I just need to fix the middle of the D when I get home, didn't realize it wasn't straight until looking at this pictures. OOPS!
I have to admit, I am kind of sad the nursery is almost done (just want to fix up the closet and storage in the drawers and find a couple of nick nacks to put on the shelves) but I also get so excited when I walk in there and feel a sense of completeness come over me. I am very proud of his room and ready for June to get here so I can have the final "piece"... our sweet Dax!!