Monday, February 16, 2015

Our Weekend!

This past weekend has been one I have been counting down to for over 6 weeks. I am not a huge Valentine person, I actually only celebrate it because I have a child (see picture below)... but this year I was counting down to the holiday because we were having our 3D/4D sonogram!!! We purchased the package where you get 2 of them, one done at early 20 weeks and one done around 30-35 weeks.
My appointment was at 10 am in the morning and Dax is like his Daddy, loves to sleep in and hardly moves that early in the morning. Mistake # 1. That morning I woke up not hungry and not really wanting to eat anything, so I skipped breakfast. Mistake #2. Then on the way to the sonogram, I wanted to stop at Sonic and get a large sweet tea to down before the sonogram... Dax is always moving after I drink sweet tea. Well Sonic was backed up and we waited for over 5 minutes in a stall with our button pushed. It was VERY annoying and we didn't want to be late, so we left. Mistake #3. When we went back for our sonogram, Dax laid there sleeping with his back facing us and wouldn't move for anything (just like his Daddy)!!! And we tried everything... I was SO bummed. Luckily they are letting us come back for free this Thursday at 7pm. I have homework to do, make sure I eat, drink my water daily, and eat something sweet and/or spicy 20-30 minutes before my appointment.
(This is the only thing Dax would show us... his little boy parts!)
I think this next one will be much better because Dax is always active at night time and with it being at 7pm, it will give me time to eat, drink and get some sugar in my system!! Praying Thursday will get here soon.
Other than the sonogram bust, we had a great weekend! We took Caleb to Putt Putt and played for 3-4 hours. Luckily Casey is a GREAT step Dad and rode all of the rides with Caleb since I am pregnant and can't (womp womp). They had a blast!!!
Then yesterday, my husband and his cousin took the kids to the museum so that me and Sarah (his cousin's wife and one of my best friends) could go shopping and get pedicures! We have some amazing husbands for sure!!!
It was a much needed alone girls day and the pedicure was just what the doctor ordered!!! The salon was closing soon so we missed out on manicures so I am going back today on my lunch break to get one. These prenatal vitamins (that I am FINALLY able to keep down) are making my nails grow SUPER fast!!!
Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!!!

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