Friday, February 6, 2015

The Reading Corner

There has been this one corner in Dax's nursery that has bothered me since day one. Why you might ask? Because it was the ONLY spot in his room that I have no idea how I was going to decorate it or what I would buy to put there.
We bought Dax an elephant chair (mainly for newborn photos) and Casey told me to just throw the chair in that corner and call it quits... such a man response.
It finally hit me the other day when I was playing on Pinterest... I wanted to take Casey's idea (putting the elephant chair in the corner) and build a reading corner for Caleb to read to his little brother!!
I found a couple different links on how to use rain gutters as book shelves. After some research I found that a 10 foot long rain gutter cost less than $4 at Home Depot! Holy heck, that is a good deal. I would be able to get 4 shelves out of this one piece (cutting each of them at 2.5 feet long).
I also wanted to hang a banner above the shelves, you know for a cute factor. I really did not want to spend any money on this so I started thinking how I could be crafty and use stuff at the house. I remembered we had a few deliveries at the house and Casey had not thrown away the cardboard boxes yet. I used these to cut out triangles that I then covered with fabric (used a hot glue gun). The letters I free-handed and stuck them on. To hang the banner, I just used some ribbon I had left over from a project and then added some tulle to each end to help make it POP some more.
Next up was cutting the gutters... I kind of wished I would have waited and let Casey do this because I am new to using the saws and they are very powerful. I ended up breaking 2 of the pieces at the end (bummer) but I was able to hide them nicely when I hung them up on the wall.
That brings us to the next step, hanging the gutters. I 1st drilled 3 holes in the back of each gutter, making it easy for the wood screws to go through. Then placed them on the wall where I wanted them and drilled baby drilled.
Last but not least, I put the chair back in the spot Casey originally said it should go and placed some books of Caleb's on the shelves!
Seriously, it turned out SO cute and it really brought the room together perfectly. I am in LOVE with this corner and can't wait for Caleb and Dax to start making memories...
Oh also, I hung up Dax's circle monogram thing (never sure what to call it)... LOOKS GREAT!!! I just need to fix the middle of the D when I get home, didn't realize it wasn't straight until looking at this pictures. OOPS!
I have to admit, I am kind of sad the nursery is almost done (just want to fix up the closet and storage in the drawers and find a couple of nick nacks to put on the shelves) but I also get so excited when I walk in there and feel a sense of completeness come over me. I am very proud of his room and ready for June to get here so I can have the final "piece"... our sweet Dax!!

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