Friday, February 20, 2015

3D Sonogram

As you know, last weekend we had our 3D sonogram and it was a bust. Last time we had our make up appointment and it went PERFECTLY!!
At the 1st appointment, my momma wasn't able to make the 4 hour drive to Fort Worth and Casey's parents were in Austin, so neither of the grandma's could make it. Well, last night at our make up appointment, both of the grandparents AND Gramps (who Dax is named after) were able to come!!!
The sonogram started off rough, he had his hand and arms covering his face the whole time. It gave me flash backs to Caleb's 3D sonogram. I just knew it was going to be a bust again...
I rolled over on my side and we ended up getting REALLY GOOD PICTURES!!! Here are a few of our favorites!!
(Casey said it looks like he is boxing)
 (Sweet sleeping baby boy)
 (Laughing at big brother) 
 (My favorite picture... it looks like he is pinching his cheek)
 (Hiding his face or like we like to say, he is praying... probably for his brother to stop talking)
 (Rubbing his eyes)
 (Scratching his head... or Casey said he looks like he is smelling his armpit)
  (More laughs for Caleb)
 (Sucking his thumb, he kept going back to sucking his thumb... probably going to have a thumb sucker on my hands)
Oh and if it looks like Dax is smiling, well we think he was... his older brother (Caleb) had the room in stiches the whole time. Here are a few of the things he was saying... if you know him at all, you know he thought the room was his stage and he was performing for us!
*Nana, I have a Batman costume but it makes me look fat
*When my parents go to sleep, I go to work at the Hellicarrier. I sneak back before Casey gets home though and then I leave again when he goes to bed. I have to work!
*Wow, Dax looks like the Red Skull
*Look at those chubby cheeks, he looks just like me Momma
*Turn up the TV so we can hear Dax cry (if only!)

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