Friday, February 27, 2015

Casey & Jordan - 1 year of marriage!!

This Sunday marks our 1 year anniversary and I am currently getting ready in a hotel room in Los Angeles California while my husband is snoring away in the (COMFY) bed. While I was getting ready I thought about how life has changed since we said I DO.

We have been together for 3 years and lived together for a year before tying the knot. I honestly thought that nothing really would change much after we signed a piece of paper and swore to love each other in front of our friends in family... mainly because we were already dedicated to one another.
I was right and I was wrong!! (I have decided to throw it back with some wedding pictures while I blog)
I was right that nothing changed because we still share household duties, we still combine our paychecks, I still am in charge of paying all of the bills bi-monthly (he would forget and we wouldn't have water or electricity), he still does the dishes and takes out the garbage while I cook and do most of the cleaning, we still go on dates at least once a month... the list could really go on and on.
I do not share in depth issues between Casey and I... and you all know, I share a lot. Casey's and my relationship is just that... it is OUR relationship. We do not need any extra hands in the cookie jar, we do not need people to take our sides when we fight (and we do fight), we decided that what happens between us will stay between us and God... and our marriage counselor if need be. I think this is the way a marriage should be.
With that being said, I wont get into all of the reasons why our relationship did in fact change after saying I DO last year... but I will tell you some of them.
The way he looks at me changed... like I am his source of life. Like without me he would fall apart. It is an amazing and scary look all in one. To know that someone LOVES me that much and trust me with his life. I look at him the same way and I hope he realizes it, but since this blog is from my point of view I will just speak for myself.
The way he loves me changed... It is a love that will never end. I can stick my hands in his potato salad (LMAO, that was our biggest fight this 1st year) and he still loves me. Before I was scared that if we fought or I did something to upset him he would leave, but now this love shows me that he will always be there for me... no matter what!
The way he talks to me has changed... let me be clear, he has NEVER talked bad to me... EVER! But if you know Casey at all you know that he is a quiet man and hardly speaks unless it is VERY important. Well, this past year we have grown so close that he has broken out of his shell more each month and our communication level has grown. He is learning to speak up, apologize, tell me he loves me out of the blue and just talk to me. I think this is the best part of our 1 year of marriage.
I love my husband so much and even though this past year has been one of ups and of downs, I am so thankful that he is the man that is standing beside me through it all. I couldn't have asked for a better partner in crime, a better best friend, a better lover, a better sidekick... a better Husband!
Casey Joe Flowers, I love you so much and I am looking forward to our 2nd year of marriage when we welcome our sweet baby boy into the world. You are an amazing Dad to Caleb already and I know that will carry on with Dax!! I love you and Happy Anniversary my Case!!!

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