Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Our Trip to Cali!!!

Don't you love the 1st couple days after a vacation ends when reality kicks you in the face and says WAKE UP!!!....
Yeah, me neither!
I am happy to be home with Caleb, boy did I miss that kid, but I wish that I could just be on vacation 24/7 and being able to nap whenever I want to!
We had a BLAST in California! I think my favorite part was just being alone with my husband for 5 days. No work, no interruptions, no kids, no nothing... just me and him! It was SUPER nice especially since we work opposite schedules and usually only see each other on weekends.
Other than being alone, here are a few pictures from some of our favorite parts of the trip! We ended up doing and seeing A LOT while we were there. We were exhausted and decided that if we ever have another child and we go on a baby moon (which we are NOT planning on doing, Dax is our last), we will just lay our butts on a beach and not do a dang thing...
(Our Anniversary Dinner to C & O)
(Mr. Muscles who tried to pick me up, literally, and Casey decided to pose with him instead)
(Live taping of Jimmy Kimmel)
(Casey making fun of my belly posing in front of the red carpet stairs... these are the stairs the stars walk for award shows like the Oscars!)
(John Wayne was way too cool to do his handprint, instead he did his fist print!)
(The COOLEST tree ever!!! This was by the Beverly Hills sign and everyone had carved their names into the tree, sadly we didn't have anything to carve with)
(Beverly Hills and Baby Bumps)
(Casey and Batman at the WB tour... a must do for sure)
(Us on the Friends set... OH FREAKING COOL)
(Our little mini hike to see the Hollywood Sign, sadly the elevation was too much for me so we didn't get to hike all the way like Casey wanted to)
(Venice Beach)
(Venice Beach)
(Casey's 1st pedicure... he kept laughing when the lady would scrub his feet)
(Santa Monica Pier was awesome and if I wasn't pregnant, I would have rode every single ride)
(Bubba Gump Restaurant)

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