Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mother's Day Swap Box!!!!

This past Valentine's Day I was a part of a swap box group and it was SO much fun that I decided to host a Mother's Day one... But before we get to that, I have to thank the LOVELY Kendra Huie for this awesome idea!!! Thanks friend!!!

What is a swap box you might ask? Well, all the details are below…

Step 1 – Register!

                You will need to contact me and give me your email address so that I am able to get in touch with you! I will be cutting the deadline off to contact me on April 10th, so make sure you contact me before then.

                Email me at fitbyjordan@hotmail.com, leave a comment on this post, comment on my Mother’s Day Swap Box post on Instagram (Jordashflowers), or on my Facebook page (www.facebook/fitbyjordan.com)

Step 2 – Tell your Momma friends!!!

                The fun part of this is having a lot of different women around the US, the more the merrier! When you share the news, make sure to use #MothersDaySwapBox so we can link up!
Step 3 – Questionnaire!

                On April 13th I will be emailing you a questionnaire to fill out and return to me. Make sure to fill this out as best as you can because this will be sent to your buddy and they will use this to shop for you! I will need your questionnaires back by the 17th so I can pair you up with the perfect Momma match.

Step 4 - Meet Your Buddy!!!

                On April 20th I will email you and your buddy with both of your questionnaires attached. Then you can start shopping!!

Step 5 – Document your Journey!!

                I love pictures!!! So make sure to take tons of pictures and use #MothersDaySwapBox so that we can enjoy your journey with you.  

Step 6 – Ship Your Box!!

                You will need to ship your box to your buddy no later than May 1st so that they can receive the box by Mother’s Day!! 


1.       Who can participate?

Anyone who is a Momma or a Momma to be, over the age of 21 and currently living in the US (to keep the shipping cost fair to each of the Mommas)

2.       Is there a cap/limit on the amount I should spend on my box?

Let’s try and keep it between $20-$30, don’t forget you also need to pay for shipping. Use your craftiness and you should be able to cut cost and still make an amazing box! 

3.       What do I put inside the box?

There are only 2 things I require, everything else is up to you…

1.       A mother’s day card – this can be store bought or homemade!

2.       Your favorite item – For me it will most likely be something related to fitness!!

4.       Is this a secret?

Yes and no… I encourage you to reach out to your buddy after you receive the email, this way you can connect and get to know your buddy a little better while you are making the box. You can post pictures of your journey making the box (using #MothersDaySwapBox) so everyone can witness the fun you are having, but I would suggest not showing everything in the box so that when they receive it, it will be a surprise.

I am SO excited to be hosting this and hope that a lot of Mommas join in on the fun!!! Make sure to get me your email address no later than April 10th if you want to participate!!!

Dates to Remember:

April 1st – April 10th Send me Emails if you want to participate
April 13th – I will send you an email with a questionnaire to be filled out and returned
April 17th – Deadline to return your questionnaire
April 20th – I will email you and your buddy each other’s questionnaires
May 1st – Deadline to send out your Mother’s Day Swap Box to your buddy, the earlier the better!
May 10th – MOTHERS DAY!!!


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