Wednesday, March 11, 2015

25 Weeks - Pregnancy Update

As you all know, my life has been changing with my pregnancy and with that, my blog has been changing. I felt guilty about not blogging about fitness stuff but right now in my life it is not
#1... and I don't want that to stop me from blogging. When I do have a fitness thought or meal idea to share, I promise I will share it. For now though, I will continue to hit the gym and do light weight and light cardio when I can and when the weather is good enough for me to walk, and I will continue to eat the foods Dax allows me too in small portions.
So... with that being said, I am sorry I am not sorry that my blog has shifted. This is my escape from reality and I hope you enjoy it each time I post but if no one reads it, it is okay too.
Now onto my 25 week pregnancy update!!!

How Far Along? 25 Weeks & 1 day!!!

(dress is from Target)
Size of Baby: Acorn Squash (which sounds so disgusting to me). My app says he is about 13 1/2 inches long and weighs about 1 1/2 pounds!
Weight Gain: Honestly, I don't really know. Last time I was at the doctors I think it was around 11 pounds. Trying to stay off the scale this time around and just eat in moderation. My doctor said "as long as you don't eat a carton of ice cream a night, I am fine with your weight gain"... man I love her!
Maternity Clothes: You bet your bottom! I actually just signed up for Stitch Fix, here is a link if you are interested. I am excited to see what they send me. I am so not coordinated when it comes to fashion, so it will be nice to see some fun new ideas...
Stretch marks: Not that I have noticed, but I did notice a varicose vain on my right calf. Ugh!
Symptoms: Acid reflux, swallowing problems, Braxton Hicks contractions have started (fun) and I am back to having NO energy and just wanting to nap every single day. Caleb does NOT like this, he hates when I nap so I made him a deal and I nap on the couch so I can "watch" him play... how can you say no to this cute face?!
(He said "Hey lets take a selfie")
Cravings: Sweet Tea and Halo Oranges! I go through a bag of Halo Oranges a week. They are so easy to peel and even easier to eat!!
Gender: Little Boy - Dax Marshall Flowers aka Marshmallow or D$
Nursery: It is done, except for some frames and canvases I want to get for newborn photos! I am keeping my eyes open for shelf d├ęcor, but we really do not need anything else.
Movement: He is very active... at night time! Yay me! This means I toss and turn all night long and hardly get any sleep. He is a night owl like his Daddy!! It was cute, the other day Caleb laid his head on my stomach and Dax started kicking. He took his head off, Dax stopped. He put his head back on, Dax started kicking again... oh gosh they are already fighting for my attention.
Sleep: I love naps! Sleeping at night time, not so much. I did buy a Snoogle yesterday, so hopefully that will help!
(Don't mind my messy bed, but I have a SNOOGLE!!!)
Workouts: To  be honest, I haven't gone in about 2-3 weeks because we have had some bad weather and I do not walk to the gym in the cold. Ready for Spring and Summer!!!
What I Miss: Sleeping!!!
Belly Button in or out? In
Mood: Ehh... it depends on the day! I have been VERY emotional lately and cry at the drop of the hat... at anything!
Wedding rings on or off? They are still on, getting tight... Casey is supposed to be buying me a size 6 1/2 to wear.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Raw chicken.. yuck!
Best Moment This Week: If I say it was taking a nap yesterday, is that bad?! But seriously, that nap was amazing and I want to take another one NOW!!!
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks have started... oh joy joy!
Looking Forward To: Glucose Test on the 25th and then our appointments start going every 2 weeks instead of 4. 2 more weeks and we start our 3rd trimester... doesn't it feel like forever and a day since I announced I was pregnant?! Also, before our next update (30 weeks) we will be having another 3D/4D sonogram (April 11th)... I am really looking forward to seeing Dax again!!! 

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