Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Chef Caleb

In the past year, Casey has pointed out that I need to start letting Caleb do more things on his own. And now that we are weeks away from having another son, I am realizing he is right. I have always "babied" Caleb and have done EVERYTHING for him, even when he can do it himself. However, earlier this year I decided to start letting him have some independence so he can learn, grow and be of some help to us in the coming months.
We have a step stool in the kitchen that he uses to get cups down when he is thirsty for water. We now have a snack bowl on the counter that he can reach to get a snack after school, instead of me keeping them put away and having to get them for him. He is now in charge of washing his own body (we still double check), getting out of the bath and getting ready for bed. He also now knows how to control the TV, change the DVDs and PS4 games, turn on and off his radio, and work most of the electronics in the house. He lays out his school clothes and gets himself dressed each morning. And really the list goes on an on... oh and we started showing him how to do laundry!
He has REALLY taking a liking to being able to help in the kitchen. He loves to be in charge of pouring everything in a bowl and mixing it together. He isn't a huge fan of the clean up, but I am teaching him that if he wants to help cook he has to help clean up too or at least help pick up the trash we use while we are cooking.
Here are a couple photos of him helping me cook the other night... gotta love the one of him licking his thumb! Sometimes I think that is the only reason he wants to help me cook, he loves to eat!!!
Jr. Master Chef... here we come!!

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