Monday, March 30, 2015

Hospital Door Hanger for Dax!

Down in the south (not sure if other parts of the states do this or not) we have fancy wreaths hanging on our doors at the hospital after we deliver. They usually are color coordinated to the gender you are having and usually say the child's name. Some even have a extra little place for the date, time, length and weight. It comes in handy when you are walking down the hall trying to find the new mom's room, you see her wreath (or door hanger) and it is a dead give away which room is hers. Also it is a great bragging tool... look at me I just had a baby boy (or girl)!!!
Here is the one that I had hanging on my door for Caleb... and yes, I still to this day have this wreath!!
For Dax, I asked my sister to be so kind to make me a wreath. I searched and searched Pinterest for one I loved but couldn't find anything that really stuck out at me. After the hospital, these are usually hung in the room or on the bedroom door, so I wanted something unique just like the nursery... Finally I came across this idea BUT it was more money then I wanted to pay. I showed Casey and he said we could make it for cheap!!
So that what we did Saturday and Sunday. We went to Hobby Lobby, picked up some paint (I had some colors at home but needed another bottle of white and gray) and some stickers to do the name and info on the hanging piece. Then we went to Home Depot and bought some wood. We ended up buying 2 of these boards just in case we messed up... these boards were $5 and some change!!
Me being the artist in the relationship, I free handed the elephant and the hanging square and then Casey used OUR new power tools and cut it out for me!
They turned out GREAT!!! I painted both of them white for the base color, had to do 2 coats. Waiting for things to dry is my biggest pet peeve ever. When I do a project, I want to sit down and do it all at once...
The inspiration piece had chevron BUT I am not a huge fan of chevron (I think it is overused but still very cute) and wanted something different and unique so I checkered the elephant!
I then added stickers to spell out the date, time, weight, length and then on the elephant I spelled out Dax Marshall Flowers! For the finishing touches I attached yellow ribbon to the elephants and the hanging piece, a yellow ribbon bow tail, and some burlap rope to hang it. I attached these with super glue and hot glue (you know to make sure they wouldn't come apart). The last thing I did was mod podge everything (a sealer to make it smoothly, glossy and so it wont get scratched up).
I am in LOVE with how this turned out... and for right around $10!!!
We have some extra wood leftover so I am in the process of making a couple more for some friends. I cant wait for Casey to cut them out today so I can get them painted this week... and each one is a different animal or item, so I am really excited to see how they turn out!!! Stay tuned!!!

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  1. This is so cute! I can't wait to see the others your doing too!