Monday, March 16, 2015

Just Venting...

This blog entry is a total vent post... if you do not like whiny, stop reading here.

Seriously, I warned you...

I am DONE being pregnant. Like D-O-N-E! Yes, I am thankful I am pregnant and thankful Dax is thriving and growing... but that doesn't make me love being pregnant anymore than I do (which isn't a lot). I am sorry there are women out there who cant get pregnant and would trade me spots in a heartbeat... trust me if I could snap my fingers and make you pregnant, I would... but that doesn't makes me love being pregnant anymore than I do (did I mention it isn't a lot?).

With Caleb, I hated it because I was sick 24/7. Seriously, I threw up every day all day long and still managed to gain 65-70 pounds! OUCH! Then the little guy decided to come at 6 months and we stopped my labor and I went on bed rest. Then at 36 weeks when the medication stopped, he didn't come until 40 weeks 1 day. I was huge, sick, and it was summer in Texas. I basically was a beached whale in my mom's pool 24/7. I hated being pregnant.

I really thought this time was going to be different. You know, I wasn't single (actually quiet the opposite, I have this amazing  man who loves me and will do anything for me), I am in way better shape, I have a more stable job, my doctor is better and my morning sickness went away (thank God) after my 1st trimester. Boy was I wrong. Replace throwing up with hormones and not being able to sleep... you have a FUN Jordan on your hands then. It is so bad that I get on my own dang nerves! That is pretty darn bad if you ask me.

If you have been in my line of fire this pregnancy... SORRY! This is your warning to stay out of my line of fire. I promise I will be nice again in about 13-14 weeks.

Seriously... I am extra bitchy this time around (more so the past couple of weeks) I feel like I snap at anyone and everyone who gets on my nerves. You don't get a warning, nope I just fire and pray you get the hint to stop getting on my nerves. Oh and I am very emotional. Everything makes me cry... and when I start crying, I want to cry because I am crying. WHAT?! If after I fire, you don't stop getting on my nerves, might as well hand me a box of Kleenex because I will start crying. Maybe I am crying because you didn't get the hint, maybe I am crying because I was mean to you without warning, or maybe I am crying because I haven't had any sleep and I am so tired that all I want to do is sleep instead of sit here trying to figure out why I am crying!!!

Sleep sucks. I hardly get any of it... between this kid kicking and my husband snoring, I am sleep deprived. The only way I can sleep is with the house set on 65 and my husband not in the room. Once he comes to bed, tossing and turning starts. He says I yell and argue in my sleep... sounds like pregnant Jordan, so I believe him! I did figure out that I can get a couple hours of sleep if I lay on my back, but then I lay there thinking of articles I read that show sleeping on your back during pregnancy is bad. Then I start begging Dax to kick... and when he starts, I suddenly regret it because I just want to sleep!

Another reason I am over being pregnant is because I am done buying maternity clothes!! They are so expensive!!! I am so tall (5'10) and I am carrying Dax low... In order to find tops to cover my bump, I have to buy XL but the problem with that is I do not have the boob-age to fill them out and need a Large... but the large doesn't cover my bump properly. Oh it is a losing game! Don't even get me started on bottoms (stupid long jeans not being long). I am a secret belly fit kind of girl, I do not like the belly band thing that goes under my bump... no thank you! I need/want full coverage. Why make them dark colors because light color tops cant be worn without a tank and what pregnant girl wants to wear 2 shirts?! And where are the sleep shorts with the full coverage band?!

Can we also talk about diet coke please?! I miss it horribly!!! Dax hates them, just like his Dad (man he is like Casey already in so many ways) and when I drink it (which I do sometimes) it is total torture... I just want to drink a diet coke and smile like I use to. I am so ready for June!

Did I mention that my acid reflux has caused me to have swallowing problems?! Because, yeah, it totally did!!! When I eat, no matter how small, how slow or anything, I suddenly feel like something is stuck in my throat. I end up coughing, feeling like I need to cough it up and then I get in a coughing fit that will only stop with mints or cough drops (which I run out of often). It is HORRIBLE!!! Did I mention that the coughing is so bad that it makes me pee in my pants. Oh yea, I have peed in my pants plenty this pregnancy. It freaking sucks!!!

Oh a up side... my hair is thriving more than it ever has. I have nails like a regular girl now. And.... well that is about it.







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