Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 19 of Advocare 24 day challenge

Day 19... Man I know I would be able to tell the difference more if I just went to the gym. This move has really thrown me for a loop. BUT, I do not have Caleb all weekend so I plan on going and checking out the new gym by my new house and using it all weekend long!!!

In the mean time... Read another success story!!

Jason Butler: I have been on the Advocare products for about 3.5 months.  I always thought I was in pretty good shape before and was just a hefty/big build guy.  Boy was I wrong.  After my first 24-Day Challenge I dropped from 240lbs. to 215lbs (25lbs. lost), lost 4 inches in my waist, and went from 29% body fat to 20%.  Continuing on the products I am now down to 204lbs.(bringing the total to 36lbs lost) and will be below 200 before the New Year, I have lost another 2 inches in my waist (bringing the total to 6 in lost), and I am now down to 18% body fat (that is an 11% drop in body fat % in a little over 3 mths.) and still dropping.  Advocare and the products have changed mine and my family's lives.  Our kids love the products as well and we have transformed our home into a healthy living atmosphere!  Greatest decision I ever made in my life to try these, cause man they sure did work and make me wanna work!!  Attached are some pictures you can use of me and Brooke.  Her story is very similar to Brittney's.....very petite and small but she has lost a little over 7lbs, 3inches and her body fat % has dropped from 25% to 19%.  And she didn't think she had much to lose!  Hope this helps and I love being able to pour into people's lives and help them make a decision to make a change!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Days 17 &18 of Advocare 24 day challenge

Life - it is what gets in the way whenever you are trying to do something you really want to do. How do we deal with this? You just keep pushing on. I am not going to lie, this part 2 of this challenge has been hard for me. I am the worlds worst at remembering to take pills... Yesterday, I left my packet at home so I went without. Today I am restarting. I am really trying to stay on track but life always seems to throw me a curve ball, but in no way am I going to strike out. I am going to keep swinging until I cant swing anymore. (Like the baseball analogy, Haha)!

Brittney Coe - I work with Brittney and I remember the 1st day I started The Caffey Group, I sat in her office and we spoke about Advocare and weight loss. Back then I was nowhere near ready to lose weight. After I had Caleb, I decided I was ready but wanted to go at it alone. So I did, and I lost the 101 pounds. After losing the weight I started having a hard time with maintaining. Brittney and I spoke again and this time I was interested. Brittney shared stories with me about how it has changed her life and how she has never felt healthier. I decided to join her at a mixer and after that night I was sold. The story that sold me was not only hers but a couple who were over 50 years old stood up and spoke about how they did the challenge and worked together and lost almost 50lbs. They are grandparents and they stood up and changed their lives. Just very impressive! 

Brittney is a mom of a little boy, Brayden, who turned 1 this past summer. She is a very petite woman and when you see her you would NEVER think that she would be a person to have a story to tell... but she does. In college she had gained some weight and she wanted it gone. She started selling Advocare mainly for the discount for her own products. She recently got really dedicated and is selling the products as a business and making some good money. I am actually signed up to sell under Brittney. To read more about Brittney go to!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Days 13-16 of Advocare 24 day challenge

Guess who is back... me!!!

Man moving was a pain in my tush! Actually the moving process was fine, I am blessed with amazing friends who basically did everything for me. Word to the wise though, never move with a toddler present. He was so sad when we packed up his stuff. Poor kid thought we were getting rid of everything he owned. Another word to the wise, do NOT do this challenge while moving. I stayed on track with my pills but my food slipped really badly. I am human and I can admit when I have messed up... well, I messed up! But today is a new day and I am ready to take the bull by the horns. I still have 8 days left of this challenge and I going to finish it out strong.

One thing I can really say about it all is that I have so much more energy. I am hardly ever tired, I feel so relaxed, I just feel really good. I am addicted to the Spark energy drinks, they taste like kool-aid and I loved kool-aid growing up! I also love that I can fit into my jeans without being nervous. I love that I dont have to lay on my bed and suck in just to zip and button. 

Advocare is a great product, not just for losing weight but to feel like the best you that you can be. The vitamins I am taking daily are something I wouldn't normally just pick up from Walmart because I am not "smart" in that area of what to take and when. Great thing about Advocare is that they lay it all out for you and label the package! So easy! 

If you are ready to feel better and maybe even lose some weight, I am here to help... Advocare is here to help!!!

Tomorrow: Brittney Coe's story with pictures!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 12 of Advocare 24 day challenge

Not much to report today other than the fact that I like phase 2 WAY better than phase 1. Advocare has laid out the MNS packets in a way that its so easy to take them with you where ever you go. I feel great today and I am not bloated or anything. I really am falling in love with this 24 day challenge. 

I will not be blogging Day 13 or 14 due to me moving this weekend but I will be back Monday! My plan is to stay on track as great as I can this weekend and not have a screw up day like I did last weekend. I am however, going to have my cheat meal...! Hello Fat Girl Friday!!!

Oh and BTW just to keep you interested, I took pictures last night for myself and WOW I can tell a difference. I am so excited for the 21st to come around so I can share my pictures with all of you. - CHECK IT OUT!!!

Stories to come next week: Brittney Coe (yep, you are going to be a story Brittney!) and I am going to talk with Jason Butler (a guy I work with) who is currently on his way to getting below 200 pounds by January 1st!! 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 11 of Advocare 24 day challenge - Cleanse Results!!!

Okay people settle down, I am about to announce my results from phase 1.... 
The 10 Day Cleanse!!!

Weight: Day 1 - 185.4 & Day 11 - 176.4 = Total lost: 9 pounds
Waist: Stayed the same at 41 inches

HipsDay 1 - 44.5 inches & Day 11 - 42.0 inches = Total lost: 2.5 inches
ChestDay 1 - 40.5 inches & Day 11 - 39.0 inches = Total lost: 1.5 inches
Left thigh: Stayed the same at 23 inches
Left bicep: Stayed the same at 13 inches

So, I lost a total of 9 pounds and 4 inches!!! I think that was a pretty darn good 10 days for me, even with me slipping up twice! 

Today I start phase 2, taking the supplements at breakfast and lunch. I still plan on eating semi clean but I am also going to reintroduce Fat Girl Friday. Everyone needs a cheat meal at least once a week or you will end up breaking down and giving up all together. Someone wise once told me to look at it this way, you have 6 meals a day, 7 day a week.... that comes out to be 42 meals a week. If you cheat on 1 or 2 of those meals, you are still eating 40 healthy meals! Seems okay to me!! Oh and this someone was Mr. Larry North himself. Don't know who he is? Go Google him!!

Advocare - I am going to be joining up with some of my fellow Advocare people and starting in a couple of days, I will be not only blogging about my journey but also about their journey on the 24 Day Challenge! I have quiet a few people I work with who have done this challenge and have succeed with flying color. I will be posting their pictures along with before and after numbers. So stay tuned!!

If you are interested in what Advocare has to offer you, please feel free to contact me! I would love to talk to you more! Or if you just want to go on and order go to 

New Years is right around the corner, are you ready to make a change for 2012?! My goal in 2011 was for it to be my last year being overweight...EVER! And now, I am going into 2012 in my healthy weight range for my height and I am not stopping there!! Make 2012 your year!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 10 of Advocare 24 day challenge

Today is the last day of the cleanse (just in case you haven't been keeping track)! Tomorrow I will start phase 2 of the 24 day challenge. I am really looking forward to that part because its not as strict and I do not have to drink that fiber drink again! Oh by the way if you have a strong stomach, make sure you read the last paragraph today because its a story about the fiber drink from my boss. I almost threw up a little when he told it to me, so of course that means I have to share it with you!!

I have a new rule at my house... NO CHOCOLATE EVER! Not for me, not for Caleb, not for ANYONE! I bought Caleb this bag of coal (chocolate) for his stocking. Well there I am last night watching a movie and what do I do?? I eat the entire bag of coal. Why, you might ask... BECAUSE IT WAS THERE! Not good Jordan... not good! So my workout (cardio) I did after work yesterday was just wasted on a bag of coal. But hey, at least I worked out! From here on out, chocolate will not be welcomed into my house. 

Tomorrow I will go over the process of the last 14 days of the challenge. How it will work, what I can eat, what supplements I will be taking and everything else. I will also be posting my measurements and weight (no pictures just yet) from the end of the cleanse. So don't forget to come back tomorrow.

Fiber story - Okay so I went upstairs to meet with my boss and while up there I told him I was doing the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. He did it awhile back and lost 35 lbs and he didn't stop there. Now when you see him, you hardly recognize that it is him. Anyways, while up there I told him I liked everything so far EXCEPT the fiber drink. He laughed and said "Do you want to know what NOT to do?" and I answered "sure" not knowing he was about to gross me out. Now you all think its about going #2, right? Well, you are wrong. He goes into the story saying that he was in a rush and so he mixed all his drinks (meal replacement shake, spark and fiber) the night before. He woke up, shook up his spark and drank it. 30 minutes later, he shook up his shake and drank it. Then he went to shake up his fiber drink... it had turned into gelatin! GROSS! I wish I could say the story ended there... he then proceeds to tell me that he ate the gelatin!!! WAM BAM NO THANK YOU MA'AM!!!! Can you imagine?! The drink is like clumpy vomit, and then gelatin form... barf-o-rama!! That is really only something a man would do, a dedicated one at that. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 9 of Advocare 24 day challenge

Today and tomorrow then I am officially DONE with the 1st phase of this challenge. I always knew I could do it but, it just feels great knowing I have accomplished something that a few years ago I would have thrown to the side after a day or 2. Actually I probably would've quit after drinking the 1st Fiber drink. I think you have to be really dedicated to being healthy to drink that stuff. But, tomorrow is my last day of it and all the angels in heaven are rejoicing right along with me.

Today is going great so far. Well, to be honest... I left my Spark at home and so I snooped around some Co-Workers desk and finally found some. Thanks Autumn! Pink Lemonade 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach isn't really how I would have liked to start my day, but better than nothing!!

Last night I realized that my AB video was already packed and at my new house (oh by the way, I am moving) and so I couldn't do my workout. Caleb was already in bed and so I opened up Pinterest (oh how I love Pinterest) and found a workout. It was 20 seconds of each: squats, mountain climbers, high knees and jumping jacks. I did this workout 4 times and then did my own ab's. It may not have been what I had planned but, its better than nothing!

That is my new thing for today... "Its better than nothing!" You may not get the HUGE results you want but any results are better than nothing. You may not get the presents you want from Christmas, but any presents are better than nothing. Next time you are disappointed in something stop and think about all the people in the world who go without daily. Be thankful for what you are blessed with and remember something is always better than nothing!

Monday, December 5, 2011

REPEAT - Day 8 of Advocare 24 day challenge

Yesterday was suppose to be Day 8 (start of part 3 of my 10 day cleanse). Well, it is know going to be known as “the day Jordan decided to act like didn’t exist”… Let me just run you through my weekend.

Saturday, I did great. I even went out to the bar and saw Wade Bowen play. I didn’t drink or eat anything bad. I was the DD and at about 2:30 in the morning Sunday, I made a pit stop at Whataburger (hahaha Jamie) for the drunks I had in the car with me. Well while making the order, I felt a hunger pain. I ordered me a chicken biscuit, why? I do not know but I did. Then I finally made it to bed about 5 am Sunday morning. Slept until about 11 and made it home after noon. I had a shake for “breakfast” and went on with my day. I had to go to work and turn in reports, I made it to the gym, and then decided to go grocery shopping (because I had NO food at my house). When I went to check out, I realized that my money, debit card and license are in my jeans from last night that I left at my friends house. So I had to leave there with no groceries and go home. I got my card back later that night BUT it was to late to take Caleb to the store. So I made due with a chocolate bar and a piece of chicken. Healthy right?!

So that is why I am repeating Day 8 today.

Repeat Day 8 is going good so far, thank goodness to the stash of food I have in my desk. I have plans tonight to do my ab video and Caleb and I will be making a trip to the store. I am not going to let 1 bad day ruin this all for me… instead I am picking up from where I messed up and deciding to start over. Because isn’t that what life is all about? None of us are perfect, we mess up and stumble all the time. But when we do so, we pick ourselves up and try, try again. Why wouldn’t weight loss be the same?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 7 of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Today is the last day of part 2 of the 10 day cleanse. That means tomorrow I have to start drinking that awful fiber drink again for 3 more days! Gross...

I won't lie, yesterday was H-A-R-D for me. 1st I went and ate at a Mexican restaurant for lunch with my real Dad. I ordered a Rico Salad with no bacon bits and grilled chicken and the dressing on the side. Hard came into play when I saw what my Dad ordered... 3 of the best enchiladas they had. Then I get back to work and I hear the sweets in the break room calling my name. I didn't cave but it was hard to tune them out. Then last night I had no plans and so I moved stuff into my new house. Hard came to visit me again, when I was driving home and really wanting to stop at sonic for ice cream... But I didn't stop. Instead I went home and finished my Christmas cards and went to be at 9! The things you gotta do to keep your mind off food...

Today is a bit easier, but the again it's not even noon! I will be out and about today so I have packed my handy dandy lunch box. I have my snacks and water ready at my disposal. I have lunch plans with a friend and we are hitting up Jason's Deli. Dinner is still undecided but I promise you this, I won't cheat! 

3.5 days left of the 10 day cleanse and then I can start part 2 of this challenge. I am looking forward to December 20th! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 6 of Advocare 24 day challenge

1st and foremost, if you EVER decide to do this Advocare 24 Day Challenge make sure and drink your Spark energy drink in the afternoon. I got so busy yesterday that I forgot to drink mine. BIG MISTAKE! I went and worked out (might I say, I think I am getting back into the grove) and then by 8 P.M. I was ready for bed. I took a bath and was in bed by 9 P.M. Lesson learned, I wont forget my afternoon Spark again. 

Day 6 - Going into the weekend usually scares me. The weekend is when you back track and think "its okay if I eat bad, I'll just restart on Monday." I will NOT do that this weekend. I have already prepared myself mentally and I have all my meals planned out. I am use to having Fat Girl Friday (my 1 cheat meal a week) but while on this cleanse I am not even doing that. So this might get hard, but isn't "hard" the place where you really start to find out what you are made of?! 

Side note... so yesterday I was talking to Lo (as she was being mean to me and making me do these AWFUL declined sit ups) about how the choices in your life can touch so many other people. How my choice to become healthy, Facebook about it, blog about it, etc... has helped so many people start their own journey. I post my blog and hardly ever receive comments on the actual site, but I get Facebook messages telling me how I am inspiring. I get phone calls asking me for my "secrets". I receive text message telling me that because of my determination to change my life, they have decided to get off the couch and change their lives too. The list can go on and on. Just think, if you decide to change your life, how many lives will you be changing without even knowing it? When I set out on this journey I did it to change my life and to change the path for Caleb... helping all these other people along the way has been a huge plus!! God is so great in how he uses our lives to change other lives!

Okay I am done, I will step off my soap box (for today)... 

Y'all have a wonderful day, I know I will!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 5 of Advocare 24 day challenge

Last night I made double chocolate chip cookies stuffed with an Oreo. Talk about hard! Not the process of making the cookies but the strength it took to NOT eat one. But I overcame the smell, overcame how good I knew it would taste and completed the task without eating a single cookie. It might have helped that I put my scale on the floor next to me while I was baking them… I know I am crazy BUT it worked!

Today is Day 5! 19 more days… 19 more days! I woke up this morning and it was the 1st time in a really long time that I haven’t felt bloated. I put my jeans on (that have been tight) and they fit good. I am not surprised by any of this, I knew what I needed to do to lose the weight but I just haven’t been doing it. Something has been kicked started back deep inside me and I feel my dedication turning back on.  And, I love it.

This Advocare Challenge is great, however if you aren’t ready to put in the hard work, to give up the “good” foods, to really focus and lose weight… it won’t work for you. Everybody can sit there and say they want to lose weight but until the fire is turned on deep inside (a fire ONLY you can turn on), then nothing you try will work. That is why there are so many yo yo diets… there is NO quick fix to lose the weight. You didn’t put it on overnight and it’s not going to come off overnight.

I have a passion in my heart to help people succeed in their weight loss journey. I will dedicate my spare time to you, give you tools you need, encourage you, give you workout routines, etc…. if you are ready to dig down deep, find the fire within, turn it on and lose weight, let me know! I would love to help you out. If it’s working out, learning how to eat right, starting the Advocare 24 Day Challenge (which I sale!), I am here for you!!

If I can do this… so can you! You just have to have the WANT to do it.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 4 of Advocare 24 day challenge

Caution. Before you read any further beware it isn’t for someone who has a weak stomach! If you have a weak stomach, then go ahead and skip down to the last paragraph!

Yesterday was INSANE! I spent most of the morning in the bathroom… and no I wasn’t doing my hair or makeup. I knew drinking straight fiber for 3 days would soon catch up to me but I didn’t think it would happen all at once. I went to the bathroom a total of 6 times from the hours of 6 am to 11 am. It wasn’t diarrhea  by any means. I usually go once a day, which I thought was good enough. I guess I was W-R-O-N-G! I feel so much better now knowing that I am less full of crap then I was before. (Hahaha sorry, I had to!)

Today was my 1st day not drinking the Fiber. I have reached the glorious Day 4!! Now I have 4 days of no fiber drink and then back at it for 3. I can do this… I CAN DO THIS!! This morning when mixing my meal replacement shake, I was in a hurry and needed something I could take in the car with me and shake and drink on the way to the daycare. I couldn’t find anything (left my shaker at work)… so I grabbed a sippy cup! To be honest, it was perfect size! Screwed on the top, shook it up and then took the top off and drank it. No I didn’t drink it out of the sippy lid, sorry to disappoint. The only thing with drinking out of the sippy was having a 2 year old yell at me “No Momma that’s Bubba’s sip!” Oh well, like I have said before… a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

With the 24 Day Challenge it doesn’t talk about working out, but I am doing it because I know how much better I feel when I do. My method is to take every other day off. Yesterday was my “on” day. Lo pushed me so hard and I wanted to give up and say I was weak and leave but good thing about her, she won’t let me do that! I love having someone who believes in me the way she does. Thursday when I go back to see her, I will give it my all… or at least I will try! HAHA!

20 days to go... 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 3 of Advocare 24 day challenge

Today is the last day of the 1st phase of the 10 day cleanse... did I lose ya?! 

The 10 day cleanse is broken down into 3 parts. Days 1-3, Days 4-7 and Days 8-10. I am really looking forward to Days 4-7 because (DRUM ROLL PLEASE)... I don't have to drink the Fiber Drink!!! It does come back for Days 8-10 but I get a small vacation. You might think I am being dramatic (because a lot of times I am) but really, try it and then lets talk. I did mix it in a shaker today and it made it less lumpy (thanks Brittney Coe) but it still was barf-o-rama in a cup. 

So if you know me at all, you know I love to weigh myself. When I was getting close to hitting 100 lbs lost, my wonderful trainer (Lo) even took my scale away from me because the number started messing with my head. Well, long story short... I weighed this morning. I am not going to reveal the number lost until the final weigh in on December 20th, but lets just say I was even shocked! 

Someone yesterday asked me if I was hungry at all on this cleanse, my answer was "only when I get bored." When you think of cleanse you think that you have to starve yourself and you aren't able to eat at all... That's why I put this cleanse off for so long. But that way of thinking is wrong with the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. I eat small (clean/healthy) meals every 3 hours. Shake, oatmeal with blueberries, protein filled salad, nuts, chicken with veggies, fruit.... I only got hungry yesterday when I was bored, which isn't that the case for everyone?!

I am ready to take on today!!! I am fully stocked at work and I have my gym bag packed in the car ready to go and see Lo after I get off.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 2 of Advocare 24 day challenge - PHOTOS!

So like I said yesterday, here are photos!!! And remember, in 24 days you WILL be able to tell a difference!!!



I know today just started BUT I have a good feeling about how it will go. I have packed a weeks worth of food and stocked up my desk. I am fully prepared for 2 snacks and lunch for Monday through Friday. I have been blessed with wonderful girlfriends at work who will not tempt me and try to make me stray. They know when I set my mind to something that I will not cave just for a piece of cake. 

Oh and btw, day 2 of drinking the fiber drink and umm it still taste like barf! But a girls gotta do... what a girls gotta do!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 1 - Advocare 24 Day challenge

So today was my 1st day of the challenge. I am very excited and I can start to feel that determination spark coming back! Like I told you before, here are my measurements and weight. I will have to post my photos tomorrow... Sorry! Mark my words, come December 20th you WILL be able to tell a difference.

Weight: 185.4
Waist: 41 inches
Hips: 44.5 inches
Chest: 40.5 inches
Left thigh: 23 inches
Left bicep: 13 inches

My thoughts: This morning was a great start. Spark on an empty stomach, 30 mins later fiber drink and my meal replacement shake. Umm to be honest, the fiber drink was the worst drink I've ever chugged in my life! But I figured I want to be back at my goal weight so why not! This afternoon has been a breeze. I've eaten clean and have had a burst of energy... And I even worked out this morning! Day 1 has been a success and I am ready for tomorrow. Snacks and lunch is packed and ready to go!!

23 days to go!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tomorrow is the BIG day

I am sitting here writing out a plan. I am a firm believer that putting your goals down in ink will help you achieve them! I have been back sliding badly and I am ready to get back on the right path. So, I am about to take my plan and head to the store.

Tomorrow I will wake up with the right state of mind and take this 24 day challenge seriously. Look forward to my measurements, weights and before pictures tomorrow! Thanks for going along this journey with me, nice to know I have support of people who love me!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Learning is a part of the journey!

(I was reading a friends blog and stole this idea from her. Hope you don’t mind Lauren Staats!)

Caleb will be 2 in exactly one week from today. I’ve looked back so many times this past month or so and remember all the fun little things he has learned to do and say. Never did I think it was possible for a child under 2 to have road rage, but Caleb does (don’t know WHERE he learned that!) He has been handed back and forth from house to house, from spending time with Mom to spending time with Dad and he never seems to let it bother him. He is such a laid back little man at times and it makes me realize that if he can understand that he doesn’t have the power to change things and that he just has to let things be, that there is still hope for me to learn it too. One of my favorite things about Caleb is that he has the ability to go from being laid back to being the center of attention and the life of the party in 0 to 60 seconds. He has a way of doing something that is bad (like unfolding all of the laundry) but making you smile instead of getting onto him. He truly is one of a kind.

Okay, so Lauren’s blog was her looking back at what she has learned as a woman, mother and wife the past 2 years… Well, I am only going to write about 2 of those things since I am not yet married (hahaha!).

When I was turning 25, Brittanie Bailey told me that 25 was the BEST YEAR of her life. I can honestly say to date, that 25 was the best year of my life. I feel like I have learned so much about who I am as a person, who I want to be, and what I want from life. I set my mind to losing my weight and I accomplished it. I had my struggles, but I never gave up. I love that through my weight loss, Caleb has learned to be a healthy eater. What kid turns down chocolate for strawberries and grapes? I know by me making the choice to lose the weight, I changed not only my future but his as well.  I fell in love with being able to be just me. I learned how to be at home and how to enjoy the quiet. I went out to eat by myself (which I never thought I could do). When I 1st had Caleb, I would get so depressed when his Dad would take him for the weekends. I can proudly say now that I look forward to those “me” weekends. Not that I don’t want to spend time with my son, but that I love being able to still have me time without it being interrupted by a dirty diaper. For the 1st time in my life, I can truly say I am content with being single. Do I want a boyfriend, fiancĂ©, husband… of course I do. But I know now that I do not NEED one. Needing and wanting something is different things, something else I learned. 25 was a great year, bring on 26!

I always knew I wanted to be a Momma one day. But if you knew me when I found out I was pregnant, I was scared to death. I was 23 (had him after I turned 24) and thought my whole life was over. What could I offer this baby? God answered that 9/21/09 at 5:50 P.M. when I heard Caleb cry for the 1st time. The fear that was in my heart was replaced with love. I struggled painfully with the fact that he had to live in NICU for a week, but I now realize what a blessing it was. I was able to go home and rest and prepare even more for him to come home. Looking back now, I am PROUD of the Mom I am today. Caleb will never go one day in his life without knowing that I love him more than I have ever thought about loving myself. That he is my entire world and I would lay my life down on the line for him. I know I am doing a good job when I see Caleb smiling at the door of the daycare excited that I just pulled up. I know that he understand the love I have for him, when he sits in my lap when I am being quiet and he just wants to join in. I know that he thinks the world of me as a Mother, when he runs into my arms after not being with me for a period of time. I do not need to prove how good of a Mom I am to anyone, because Caleb’s actions will never let me forget it. Being a single mom is a hard task that I would never wish on my worst enemy, but it is also one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.

I have grown up so much over the past 2 years and even more so this past year. There were bumps and bruises, tears were shed, fits were thrown, and naps were defiantly missed… and I am not even talking about Caleb! Haha!

Terrible Two’s, lets see what ya got!!! We are ready for ya!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Working Out = Being Happy

Have you ever had a CRAPPY day and when you get off work all you want to do is go home, lay on the couch and fall asleep early? I did yesterday. On the way home I thought of every excuse in the book to tell Lo about why I couldn’t make our training session. Something made me go though and let me tell you what, I am glad I did. The workout was a bit rocky (read my last blog if you didn’t already) but I made it through and I am still alive. I got home and took a shower and I felt recharged, full of energy, and the crappy mood I was in just vanished.
There is a study that shows when you work out your body releases endorphins that make you happier then you were before you started the workout. I know this is true because every time after a workout, I am left in a better mood knowing that I can achieve my goal. So the next time you are having a bad day and want to skip your workout just remember laying on the couch will not do you any good, instead pick yourself off, repeat to yourself it isn’t the end of the world and go complete your workout.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

1st workout in over a month

Lets take a trip down memory lane, shall we... May 4, 2011 I stepped on the scale and hit my 101.5 pound loss. I told myself when I hit my huge goal I would have Frito Pie and take a break for a week. Beat your bottom, I had my yummy Frito Pie and I kicked back and relaxed for a week. I wish I could say it ended there but nope, it was like a horrible car crash that you just couldnt prevent. 1 week off turned into being over a month off. Guilt came over me about needing to spend more time with Caleb and about letting him eat the "normal" foods kids are suppose to eat. Of course since he got to eat them, I got to too!

Half way through June I realized the weight I tried so hard to get off was slowly but surley creeping back on. Then one day it gave up coming back on slowly and went balls to the walls and just flew back on like it had a dead line to meet. My size 10's I swore I would always fit in, didnt fit me anymore. My mediums that started getting loose on me, were starting to get tight again! This was NO good. It happened so quickly and over night. I worked so hard to get to where I was, how could it be slipping out of my hands!!!! I decided the 1st week of July (Caleb would be gone so guilt will too) I was going to recommit. I gave it a week and lost 6.2 pounds then feel back on my face when the weekend came. I tried again and the same thing kept happening. It was so easy to fall off the wagon and now I am re-learning just how hard it is to get back on!!! I decided I needed to go back to train with Lo.

Today was my 1st training back and I wont lie, I was nervous and scared. What if I fail, what if I cant do what I use to do, what if... what if... WHAT IF....!!! I was a wreck. I walked in there with my head held low, when just 3 months ago I would walk in there full of pride. I went upstairs and started my workout. The workout was suppose to be an hour and instead it was about 40 minutes. I was so out of breathe doing some of the easiest things. After working out, I got really dizzy and queasy... Yes I threw up! Lo has now made me bleed, sweat, cry and THROW UP! I was so pale! I had to sit down by the fan with wet rag and catch my breath. We weighed and measured and I have gained a total of 15 pounds and 4 inches on my waist... How embrassing, right? Wrong. How EYE OPENING!!!

I am back. I am not going to let anything throw me off the wagon again. I like the wagon. I will get back down to my goal weight and I will get back into my 10's! I am rededicating myself.... this is my promise to myself!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Being a Mom comes with a lot of guilt, being a single Mom means you get an extra helping of that guilt. Whoo-Hoo!! Caleb is 22 months old this Thursday and for 15 months of his life, I was hardcore into losing weight. I had guilt working for me and against me the whole way through. Guilt became a best friend for me while it pushed me to work out harder and longer because I didn’t want to die to young due to health issues, I didn’t want Caleb to know me as being overweight, and I wanted him to grow up knowing how to eat healthy. Guilt also served as an enemy; I would pick Caleb up from daycare and then take him to the gym daycare for an hour or two every day. He would cry and scream and all I could see in his eyes was a little boy begging to spend time with his Mom, I felt horrible leaving him in there. Guilt would play the evil card when I would wake my baby out of a deep sleep so that I could take him to daycare an hour early to get in a morning workout before work. No matter what I did, guilt was right there with me.
I knew that in July, Caleb would go and spend the month with his Dad and I knew that since I have already hit one of my huge goals it was time to take a break from it all and let the guilt have a vacation. I took off from the gym for 2 weeks, which lead to a month, which is going in to 2 months now. I felt like I had gone hardcore for so long, “neglected” my son for so long, that a few weeks off wouldn’t do anyone any harm. I spent all of June going home after getting Caleb from daycare and just playing, going to see family and friends instead of the dreaded treadmill, we had snuggle time in the morning instead of rushing out the door before the sun even woke up; it was amazing! While the time off was much needed, it is now much needed that I get back on track and start maintaining what I worked so hard for.
I have been very hesitant to recommit myself because I know once I do; guilt will be knocking at the door wanting to come play. I know this time around, I won’t be working out as hard and as long because I am maintaining and not trying to lose huge number; but that doesn’t mean the guilt will leave me be.  I am sure all you Mother’s can relate to this guilt I am talking about, how do you shut it up? Cookies don’t help, trust me I have tried!!! Haha!!!
Maintaining is something I have been struggling with too, but I will write about that another day!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ready Set Maintain

I hit my goal and decided that I wanted to take a break from what I have called my life for the past year. Some people didn’t understand and said that just because I hit my goal doesn’t mean it’s okay for me to quit… well I never once said I quit. I just needed a break. Think of it this way, you work every day Monday through Friday, 8 to 5… after doing that for so long, you are ready for a vacation. You work towards getting a project done, when completed you take a break instead of jumping into the next project. It is the same exact thing. I just needed a break.
Working out and being strict on what I ate, became my life for so long and I wanted/needed a vacation from it. But as of last night, the vacation is over. I am getting back into my old way of life, the gym and eating healthy. However, I am not going to be as strict as I once was. I am not going to continue to do 2 a days; I want to spend that time after work with my son. He is the reason I started losing in the 1st place. I wanted to be healthy to be able to play with him… well I am healthy now and ready to play! I am not going to be strict on my diet as some may want me too. I hated making 2 different meals, one for me and one for Caleb. I am ready to be able to cook with Caleb and then have dinner with him (while eating the same meal).
I have a plan in place, isn’t that all that really matters? Here goes nothing, time to maintain!!!

Ready, Set, Maintain

I hit my goal and decided that I wanted to take a break from what I have called my life for the past year. Some people didn’t understand and said that just because I hit my goal doesn’t mean it’s okay for me to quit… well I never once said I quit. I just needed a break. Think of it this way, you work every day Monday through Friday, 8 to 5… after doing that for so long, you are ready for a vacation. You work towards getting a project done, when completed you take a break instead of jumping into the next project. It is the same exact thing. I just needed a break.
Working out and being strict on what I ate, became my life for so long and I wanted/needed a vacation from it. But as of last night, the vacation is over. I am getting back into my old way of life, the gym and eating healthy. However, I am not going to be as strict as I once was. I am not going to continue to do 2 a days; I want to spend that time after work with my son. He is the reason I started losing in the 1st place. I wanted to be healthy to be able to play with him… well I am healthy now and ready to play! I am not going to be strict on my diet as some may want me too. I hated making 2 different meals, one for me and one for Caleb. I am ready to be able to cook with Caleb and then have dinner with him (while eating the same meal).
I have a plan in place, isn’t that all that really matters? Here goes nothing, time to maintain!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mind Games

Here lately, I have been working with several different people on their weight loss journey. One lady, Jana, has her daughters wedding in exactly a year and wants to be at her goal weight by then. Very doable! If you think "Wow, I have to lose 50lbs" you may become overwhelemed and the task may seem to big of a task for you to complete. But stop and break it down, it helps. 1 year is 52 weeks... if you want to lose 50lbs in a year, that is a means 1 pound a week. That not only is very doable (when you put forth the effort) and healthy, but it also plays a game with your mind in return helping you reach your goal.

When I started my journey, I had to play games with myself because I sometimes get easily defeated. I would tell myself that my goal was to lose 10 pounds by a certain (doable) date. Then once that 10 pounds was long gone (never to return) I would set another doable date for the next 10 pounds. By the time the year was over I had lost 10 pounds a total of 80 different times, for a grand total of 80 pounds lost and never to return!!! I know it sounds silly, but guess what silly or not... IT WORKED!!!

Example: When I was 4 pounds away from hitting 100lbs lost, my goal was to lose 4lbs by the 4th (my weigh day)... Yes the bar was low for myself, but I knew it was doable!

The rest of my life I will be on this journey and the rest of my life I will set little bars for myself that I know I can reach and that I know I can surpass. Do what works best for you, if something seems to hard to do, dont give up just remember that you dont have to start off running a marathon, instead start off walking a 5k... one day you will get to your goal as long as you have the determination!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Kicking that funk!

Steps to kicking that funk:

Step 1:
Friday afternoon - I broke down! I cried twice... I get so frustrated when I cant do something and I was at my breaking point when Melissa said this to me, "I believe that you can get to where you want to be because of the type of person you are, but I also believe that you aren't where you want to be yet. Just know I believe in you." It was like she reached into the funk I have been having and flipped on a light switch... to hear that someone I look up to, believes in me and was honest with me in saying she believes I am not where I want to be yet... it shook me up (in a good way)! I printed out what she said and stuck it in places I look daily to remind myself that the funk is not a good place for me to be.

Step 2:
Friday night - I was getting dressed to go out and do some retail theraphy when I realized my jean shorts (you know the ones that have been loose on me) were suddenly tight!!!! Talk about a rude awakening!!!

Step 3:
 Saturday Morning - Sam (my accountablity partner at the gym) came over and I broke down and admitted to her that I have been struggling and that I am disappointed in myself (that is hard for me to do)! She held my hand, picked me up, dusted me off and made me go to the gym 3 times this weekend.

Step 4:
Monday morning - I went to bed last night with a positive attitude and woke up chipper and excited. I have all my meals planned out and ready to go. I have made up my mind to not let this funk win, I will not give up!!!

Every morning I get an inspirational quote sent to my Blackberry and this morning it couldnt have been a more perfect quote....

"Trying times are not the times to stop trying" - Ray Owen

Friday, May 20, 2011


Warning: I am about to ramble and there are tears flowing from my eyes as I write this, I just need to vent!!!

All my life all I ever really wanted was to wear a normal size in clothes. I wanted to be skinny, I wanted to buy clothes from the normal section, I wanted to borrow clothes, I just wanted to be NORMAL. Here I am now a size 10 (from a size 24) wearing smalls and medium tops and dresses... and I still look at myself in the mirror and see the same overweight fat girl I use to be. I am in such a funk right now and I cant shake it, I hate feeling defeated and I hate feeling like I cant do something. How can it be that I am in a small dress, (that a athelticly toned fit woman gave me) and I feel fatter then I have ever felt before? How is it that I put on my size 10 capri's and I am disgusted by what I see in the mirror? How is it that people tell me I look great, tell me I am skinny, tell me I dont need to lose more weight but all I can think of is how they are really sitting there making fun of me and being sarcastic? 

I know weight loss is more than just a physical change, its mental too. I know that the physical part is the"easy" part to change and that the mental part takes a lot longer and more work to change. But the problem is, I know how to change the physical part. I have become a pro at changing the phyiscal part... HOW DO I CHANGE THE MENTAL? Is there some sort of doctor that I need to go see? Do I need to ge hypontize? What do I do? 

I am not ready to give up, but I am getting so frustrated with it that giving up is where I am headed. I have jumped off the bandwagon some many times here since I have hit my goal and I am struggling to get back on. I feel like I am at a fork in the road and I know the direction to go but that my thoughts are trying to play games on me and make me go the other way... How do you change your thoughts? How do I get my eyes to see the new me in the mirror? I have tried so hard to be strong and be confidnet, I take pride in myself, I give myself compliments but all that ended up giving me is people calling me stuck up, concided, a one upper... And hearing those things just knocks me down again... I am not trying to be better than anyone else except for the person I still see in the mirror.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Lunch with Larry North

Last week on Wednesday, my office had the privilege to have lunch with Larry North himself! Through work, we have memberships with Larry North Gym downtown Fort Worth; we have also been blessed with a trainer, Melissa Lukon, who was the person to set this lunch up. Being addicted to losing weight and getting fit, this new opportunity that was opened up to us has been an amazing one to say the least.
Over lunch, we (me and 5 girls I work with) went around the table and told Larry, Melissa and Randall (Melissa’s boyfriend and a trainer at Larry North Gym) about our journey and what we wanted to still achieve. I spoke of my 101lb weight loss and said that I wanted to tone up and tighten. As we went around the table, each girl had a different story… if it was they couldn’t gain weight, they couldn’t stop losing it, or they had issues with feeling guilty for eating the wrong type of foods… each one of us were still wanting the same outcome, to be healthy and to do it the correct way. Even though we are all on different roads of our journey, Larry had the same basic information for us. We needed to eat and we needed to eat the correct things in order to fuel our muscles which will in return help us have more energy and help us lose weight (or gain it).
I have been pumped since this luncheon and I start my new food plan and workout schedule today. No more 2 a days, eating 6 meals a day (not 3 meals and 3 snacks but actual small meals). Yes, I am nervous about doing something that I am not use to. Yes I am nervous that the scale will most likely be going up at 1st, instead of down like I want it. Yes I am nervous that I am not going to be doing as much cardio as I believe I am suppose to be doing… However, I know that if you want new results do something new and different. If you want to gain muscle, you will gain weight at the start because muscle weighs more than fat. And I know that while I needed cardio to lose the weight, I am down enough now to focus on gaining muscle and toning up and need to focus more on lifting than on running.  
I will keep you posted and let you know how my body transforms over the next month… Here goes nothing!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The story of the bikini

The plan was to meet Brittanie Bailey at the Southlake town center at 12 and we will have lunch and then shop til we drop, or at least until I found the dream bikini I have been dying to buy. I get in the truck and proceed to Southlake only to realize that traffic SUCKS and I am going to be about 20 minutes late. I am not only frustrated that I am hitting every light but on top of that, I just finished a Route 44 diet coke from Sonic and my bladder is about to explode! The frustration of traffic and the bladder problem have now taken my excitement of bikini shopping and smashed it to pieces and threw it out the window!!! I finally get to where Brittanie was, run in to use the little ladies room and then the excitement starts to return.

We ate lunch, chit chat, pay and then start to walk to Everything But Water. I had researched the exact bikini I wanted to try on, I knew what I was going for when I got in those doors, I knew this was the place I would find my dream bikini... I walked in, was overwhelmed and almost had a melt down. The lady there was not helpful at all (she didn't even blink twice when BB told her about me losing over 100lbs and was buying my 1st bikini ever), they didn't have the bikini I wanted, everything was separated by color... I went into a panic mode. I broke down and tears started flowing in the dressing room. Not enough for anyone (not even BB) to actually witness, but they were there. This was NOTHING like I had dreamed of. This was not the experience I thought I would have. I was done.

I had previously told BB that Victoria Secrets had bikini (thanks Ash!) and so we headed over there. On the walk, BB tried to cheer me up but we both knew the only thing that would work was to find that dang bikini that was in my head. We walked into VS and looked around, not really knowing what was a bikini and what was bra's and undies. A sweet lady asked us if we needed help, we told her and she pointed us in the right direction. I choose a couple of different tops and bottoms and headed to dreaded dressing room. This time was SO different. I put the bottom on and jumped for joy. I was in love with the fit (and the price). I put the top on and that was a different story, so BB went out to grab a couple more tops. A sweet girl named Julie asked BB if she could help us too and so she did. Julie was the answer to my prayers. She came in the room, I told her my story of losing over 100lbs and how this was my 1st ever bikini to buy, and that minute she became so excited and wanted to help me more than because it was her job. She went out and came back 5 different times and was set on finding me a top that I loved. And, she did!!! After deciding on the bikini I wanted, I gave Julie a big hug, checked out and left with the BIGGEST smile on my face!!!

It started off rocky, but in the end it was perfect! Just like my weight loss journey has been, there are going to be bumps in any road you take but if you just stick to whatever you are trying to accomplish, you will soon get on the smooth road and you will reach your goal... And you will literally JUMP FOR JOY!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hi, I am Jordan and Ive lost over 100lbs... BIKINI PHOTOS!

I've thought about stepping on that scale and 165.8 or lower popping up SO many times... I've thought about how I would react; would I cry, laugh, or do both? I was (to say the least) like a kid on Christmas moring waiting to tear into their gifts to find out if what they asked for was inside. I tapped the scale, waited for the 0.0 to appear and I stepped on... took a deep breath and looked down to see 164.4! I had done it, I needed to lose 4.0 lbs and I lost 5.4lbs making my total 101.4 lbs lost. I cheered like I always do with a good weigh in and I was happy about it, but it wasnt how I thought I would react at all. That is until I got in the truck, put my seat belt on and stopped to take it in... thats when the water works started. I cant tell you how many times I have tried to lose weight and always ended up giving up for one reason or another. This time though, it was different, this time I made up my mind to achieve a goal and I accomplished it. I have never been more proud of myself... well except for when I gave birth to 9.4lb baby boy (who is the reason I have finally accomplished my goals)!

People give excuses all the time to why they can't lose weight, why they don't have time to work out, why they dont have time to cook healthy... well, its all bull crap to me! I am a full time single mother who works full time, takes care of a house (laundry, dishes, cooking, etc.), and spends time with friends and family. Yet, I make it to the gym daily and to cook healthy... You ask me when I have time? I wake up earlier, stay up later, use my lunch break, dont take a lunch and leave early, pay a sitter to help with Caleb... I do what it takes because I have a will to lose it and when there is a will, there is a way!

I am 5'10 and my ultimate goal weight is 145lbs, so I have 19 more pounds to go. I know this last 19lbs will be the hardest to lose, but I am in it to win it! I like to set goals for myself to help me stay on track (and because I love to plan) so, my 26th birthday is in 16 weeks and I am setting my goal at losing those 19lbs before I turn 26! Here goes nothing...

Here is my last set of pink striped bikini photos. Hope you enjoy!!!

Dear Fat Jordan,
I love you so very much and you will always be a part of me but I promise you this... YOU WILL NEVER COME OUT TO PLAY AGAIN!!!!
Love you,
Skinny Jordan

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Question of the day

Most of you may know that I am going to start studying to become a certified personal trainer after I lose 100 pounds (which might just happen today, eek!)... Well, I have asked a couple of my friends to let me help them on their journey and I will give them tips, encouragment, and support along the way. I wanted to do this to help me learn how to fufill the needs and wants of different people, as a trainer would have to do.

One lady I have been working with is Jana, she is on a mission to lose 7.8 more lbs by June 1st. Every week we email back and forth and I tell her little tips here and there, foods she can try, different workouts she can do, etc. She emails me back and tells me her weight every Tuesday and we talk about how she thinks she did the past week and go over and questions she might have for me. This week she kind of stumped me... She asked me "I do have a question about exercising! What will make me wanna do it?"

I literally had to sit there for a few minutes and think about this one! Here is my answer I gave her back..."Nothing will make you WANT to do it. I wish I had some answer for that. I have been doing it for a year and I still dread it. Most days I go out of habit because I feel like my day isn’t complete if I don’t go. After about the 1st month, it becomes routine and you will just do it, that is if you are going daily for that 1st month. I guess losing weight helps me "want" to go workout. I see changes and I know what is causing them so I go...? Just got to find something you love doing and just give it your whole heart, I use to HATE running and now I have a passion for it. When I run I escape from it all and just go... its therapy for me!"

I wanna hear how you would answer this question for Jana... 1. To help Jana and 2. To help me when I am faced with that question in the future.

Have a great day and check back tomorrow because I will be blogging about my weigh in... 100 pounds, I am coming for ya!

Monday, May 2, 2011


This week holds so many EXCITING things for me. This is the week that I was dreaming of when I sat down January 1st and wrote down my New Years Resolutions. This is the week that gets me through ever pot hole, bump, detour, and any other obstacle that has been in my way along my weight loss journey.This is the week that I have been dreaming of since I started my weight loss journey over a year ago. THIS IS MY WEEK!!!!

My New Years Resolution was to hit 100lbs lost by the time I go shopping for Bikini's (May 7th). I weigh in with Lo on Wednesday and I have exactly 4 pounds to lose to make that dream a reality. I know that I have put my heart and sole into everything I have done this past 2 weeks and whatever the scale says, I will be happy with it. I am just really hoping and praying that the scale goes with me (instead of against me lol) and says 165.8 OR lower. 

After weighing in with Lo, I am so very excited to take my very last monthly bikini photos in that pink and white stripped bikini. They will be posted on Thursday!!!

Saturday morning I am participating in the Buffalo Boogie 5k with a few amazing women in my life (Patricia and my Aunt Dee). This will be Patricia's 1st ever 5k and I am so excited that I get to match her step for step along the way. 

Then the biggest and most greatest of them all... Saturday afternoon I will meet up with Miss Brittanie Bailey and head out to Southlake to go BIKINI SHOPPING! My 1st ever bikini as an adult, wow! I am so very excited about this shopping experience and for me to be excited about shopping, you have to know that is a BIG deal. I am planning on getting my hands on a video camera (if you have one I can borrow, let me know!) and I am going to have BB video tape me picking out bikini's I like and then I will try them on (that wont be video taped, lol) and I will model each of them for the video! I want to post this on my blog next week so that I can share this part of my journey with you all...!!!

Well, I am very excited about my upcoming week! I will keep you posted on my weigh in, my last bikini photos, the 5k and the shopping experience...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 8 countdown to bikinis

I didn't write a blog for #9 countdown day because I was at a funeral. So 9 reasons I think you shouldn't put off your goals in life is because you never know when your last day will be... repeat that 9 times!

On to #8 countdown day: in your life God gives you people who help encourage you, that help keep your head on straight, that kick your butt when you really need it, and who love you no matter what. Here is a list of 8 people (who aren't my trainers) who have been there for me this past year and next to their name is one thing that sticks out of why I have added them to this list!!! Thank you to each of your people on this list, you all amaze me and make my life so much better!!

8 People who have impacted my weight loss journey:

1. Valerie Proulx - Doesn't put up with my excuses of why I cant

2. Michelle Howard - Keeps me motivated always

3. Aunt Dee - Tells me how proud she is of me

4. Brittanie Bailey - Encourages me through everything

5. Samantha Jackson - My workout buddy

6. Patricia Farrell - My Accountability Partner

7. Julie Fisher - Nutritionist

8. Caleb Lassiter - The reason for everything I do in life!