Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hi, I am Jordan and Ive lost over 100lbs... BIKINI PHOTOS!

I've thought about stepping on that scale and 165.8 or lower popping up SO many times... I've thought about how I would react; would I cry, laugh, or do both? I was (to say the least) like a kid on Christmas moring waiting to tear into their gifts to find out if what they asked for was inside. I tapped the scale, waited for the 0.0 to appear and I stepped on... took a deep breath and looked down to see 164.4! I had done it, I needed to lose 4.0 lbs and I lost 5.4lbs making my total 101.4 lbs lost. I cheered like I always do with a good weigh in and I was happy about it, but it wasnt how I thought I would react at all. That is until I got in the truck, put my seat belt on and stopped to take it in... thats when the water works started. I cant tell you how many times I have tried to lose weight and always ended up giving up for one reason or another. This time though, it was different, this time I made up my mind to achieve a goal and I accomplished it. I have never been more proud of myself... well except for when I gave birth to 9.4lb baby boy (who is the reason I have finally accomplished my goals)!

People give excuses all the time to why they can't lose weight, why they don't have time to work out, why they dont have time to cook healthy... well, its all bull crap to me! I am a full time single mother who works full time, takes care of a house (laundry, dishes, cooking, etc.), and spends time with friends and family. Yet, I make it to the gym daily and to cook healthy... You ask me when I have time? I wake up earlier, stay up later, use my lunch break, dont take a lunch and leave early, pay a sitter to help with Caleb... I do what it takes because I have a will to lose it and when there is a will, there is a way!

I am 5'10 and my ultimate goal weight is 145lbs, so I have 19 more pounds to go. I know this last 19lbs will be the hardest to lose, but I am in it to win it! I like to set goals for myself to help me stay on track (and because I love to plan) so, my 26th birthday is in 16 weeks and I am setting my goal at losing those 19lbs before I turn 26! Here goes nothing...

Here is my last set of pink striped bikini photos. Hope you enjoy!!!

Dear Fat Jordan,
I love you so very much and you will always be a part of me but I promise you this... YOU WILL NEVER COME OUT TO PLAY AGAIN!!!!
Love you,
Skinny Jordan


  1. Such an inspiration! Thx for sharing ur story! Any tips for staying focused & motivated?!

  2. I would say my son kept me going. Plus knowing that if I just kept pushing forward and never gave up, the weight would eventually come off. I've never been small before so that also drove me! I wanted to buy a normal size of jeans SO bad!!