Monday, May 9, 2011

The story of the bikini

The plan was to meet Brittanie Bailey at the Southlake town center at 12 and we will have lunch and then shop til we drop, or at least until I found the dream bikini I have been dying to buy. I get in the truck and proceed to Southlake only to realize that traffic SUCKS and I am going to be about 20 minutes late. I am not only frustrated that I am hitting every light but on top of that, I just finished a Route 44 diet coke from Sonic and my bladder is about to explode! The frustration of traffic and the bladder problem have now taken my excitement of bikini shopping and smashed it to pieces and threw it out the window!!! I finally get to where Brittanie was, run in to use the little ladies room and then the excitement starts to return.

We ate lunch, chit chat, pay and then start to walk to Everything But Water. I had researched the exact bikini I wanted to try on, I knew what I was going for when I got in those doors, I knew this was the place I would find my dream bikini... I walked in, was overwhelmed and almost had a melt down. The lady there was not helpful at all (she didn't even blink twice when BB told her about me losing over 100lbs and was buying my 1st bikini ever), they didn't have the bikini I wanted, everything was separated by color... I went into a panic mode. I broke down and tears started flowing in the dressing room. Not enough for anyone (not even BB) to actually witness, but they were there. This was NOTHING like I had dreamed of. This was not the experience I thought I would have. I was done.

I had previously told BB that Victoria Secrets had bikini (thanks Ash!) and so we headed over there. On the walk, BB tried to cheer me up but we both knew the only thing that would work was to find that dang bikini that was in my head. We walked into VS and looked around, not really knowing what was a bikini and what was bra's and undies. A sweet lady asked us if we needed help, we told her and she pointed us in the right direction. I choose a couple of different tops and bottoms and headed to dreaded dressing room. This time was SO different. I put the bottom on and jumped for joy. I was in love with the fit (and the price). I put the top on and that was a different story, so BB went out to grab a couple more tops. A sweet girl named Julie asked BB if she could help us too and so she did. Julie was the answer to my prayers. She came in the room, I told her my story of losing over 100lbs and how this was my 1st ever bikini to buy, and that minute she became so excited and wanted to help me more than because it was her job. She went out and came back 5 different times and was set on finding me a top that I loved. And, she did!!! After deciding on the bikini I wanted, I gave Julie a big hug, checked out and left with the BIGGEST smile on my face!!!

It started off rocky, but in the end it was perfect! Just like my weight loss journey has been, there are going to be bumps in any road you take but if you just stick to whatever you are trying to accomplish, you will soon get on the smooth road and you will reach your goal... And you will literally JUMP FOR JOY!!!!

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