Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Question of the day

Most of you may know that I am going to start studying to become a certified personal trainer after I lose 100 pounds (which might just happen today, eek!)... Well, I have asked a couple of my friends to let me help them on their journey and I will give them tips, encouragment, and support along the way. I wanted to do this to help me learn how to fufill the needs and wants of different people, as a trainer would have to do.

One lady I have been working with is Jana, she is on a mission to lose 7.8 more lbs by June 1st. Every week we email back and forth and I tell her little tips here and there, foods she can try, different workouts she can do, etc. She emails me back and tells me her weight every Tuesday and we talk about how she thinks she did the past week and go over and questions she might have for me. This week she kind of stumped me... She asked me "I do have a question about exercising! What will make me wanna do it?"

I literally had to sit there for a few minutes and think about this one! Here is my answer I gave her back..."Nothing will make you WANT to do it. I wish I had some answer for that. I have been doing it for a year and I still dread it. Most days I go out of habit because I feel like my day isn’t complete if I don’t go. After about the 1st month, it becomes routine and you will just do it, that is if you are going daily for that 1st month. I guess losing weight helps me "want" to go workout. I see changes and I know what is causing them so I go...? Just got to find something you love doing and just give it your whole heart, I use to HATE running and now I have a passion for it. When I run I escape from it all and just go... its therapy for me!"

I wanna hear how you would answer this question for Jana... 1. To help Jana and 2. To help me when I am faced with that question in the future.

Have a great day and check back tomorrow because I will be blogging about my weigh in... 100 pounds, I am coming for ya!

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