Monday, May 2, 2011


This week holds so many EXCITING things for me. This is the week that I was dreaming of when I sat down January 1st and wrote down my New Years Resolutions. This is the week that gets me through ever pot hole, bump, detour, and any other obstacle that has been in my way along my weight loss journey.This is the week that I have been dreaming of since I started my weight loss journey over a year ago. THIS IS MY WEEK!!!!

My New Years Resolution was to hit 100lbs lost by the time I go shopping for Bikini's (May 7th). I weigh in with Lo on Wednesday and I have exactly 4 pounds to lose to make that dream a reality. I know that I have put my heart and sole into everything I have done this past 2 weeks and whatever the scale says, I will be happy with it. I am just really hoping and praying that the scale goes with me (instead of against me lol) and says 165.8 OR lower. 

After weighing in with Lo, I am so very excited to take my very last monthly bikini photos in that pink and white stripped bikini. They will be posted on Thursday!!!

Saturday morning I am participating in the Buffalo Boogie 5k with a few amazing women in my life (Patricia and my Aunt Dee). This will be Patricia's 1st ever 5k and I am so excited that I get to match her step for step along the way. 

Then the biggest and most greatest of them all... Saturday afternoon I will meet up with Miss Brittanie Bailey and head out to Southlake to go BIKINI SHOPPING! My 1st ever bikini as an adult, wow! I am so very excited about this shopping experience and for me to be excited about shopping, you have to know that is a BIG deal. I am planning on getting my hands on a video camera (if you have one I can borrow, let me know!) and I am going to have BB video tape me picking out bikini's I like and then I will try them on (that wont be video taped, lol) and I will model each of them for the video! I want to post this on my blog next week so that I can share this part of my journey with you all...!!!

Well, I am very excited about my upcoming week! I will keep you posted on my weigh in, my last bikini photos, the 5k and the shopping experience...

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