Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mind Games

Here lately, I have been working with several different people on their weight loss journey. One lady, Jana, has her daughters wedding in exactly a year and wants to be at her goal weight by then. Very doable! If you think "Wow, I have to lose 50lbs" you may become overwhelemed and the task may seem to big of a task for you to complete. But stop and break it down, it helps. 1 year is 52 weeks... if you want to lose 50lbs in a year, that is a means 1 pound a week. That not only is very doable (when you put forth the effort) and healthy, but it also plays a game with your mind in return helping you reach your goal.

When I started my journey, I had to play games with myself because I sometimes get easily defeated. I would tell myself that my goal was to lose 10 pounds by a certain (doable) date. Then once that 10 pounds was long gone (never to return) I would set another doable date for the next 10 pounds. By the time the year was over I had lost 10 pounds a total of 80 different times, for a grand total of 80 pounds lost and never to return!!! I know it sounds silly, but guess what silly or not... IT WORKED!!!

Example: When I was 4 pounds away from hitting 100lbs lost, my goal was to lose 4lbs by the 4th (my weigh day)... Yes the bar was low for myself, but I knew it was doable!

The rest of my life I will be on this journey and the rest of my life I will set little bars for myself that I know I can reach and that I know I can surpass. Do what works best for you, if something seems to hard to do, dont give up just remember that you dont have to start off running a marathon, instead start off walking a 5k... one day you will get to your goal as long as you have the determination!!!

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