Monday, May 23, 2011

Kicking that funk!

Steps to kicking that funk:

Step 1:
Friday afternoon - I broke down! I cried twice... I get so frustrated when I cant do something and I was at my breaking point when Melissa said this to me, "I believe that you can get to where you want to be because of the type of person you are, but I also believe that you aren't where you want to be yet. Just know I believe in you." It was like she reached into the funk I have been having and flipped on a light switch... to hear that someone I look up to, believes in me and was honest with me in saying she believes I am not where I want to be yet... it shook me up (in a good way)! I printed out what she said and stuck it in places I look daily to remind myself that the funk is not a good place for me to be.

Step 2:
Friday night - I was getting dressed to go out and do some retail theraphy when I realized my jean shorts (you know the ones that have been loose on me) were suddenly tight!!!! Talk about a rude awakening!!!

Step 3:
 Saturday Morning - Sam (my accountablity partner at the gym) came over and I broke down and admitted to her that I have been struggling and that I am disappointed in myself (that is hard for me to do)! She held my hand, picked me up, dusted me off and made me go to the gym 3 times this weekend.

Step 4:
Monday morning - I went to bed last night with a positive attitude and woke up chipper and excited. I have all my meals planned out and ready to go. I have made up my mind to not let this funk win, I will not give up!!!

Every morning I get an inspirational quote sent to my Blackberry and this morning it couldnt have been a more perfect quote....

"Trying times are not the times to stop trying" - Ray Owen

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