Monday, June 13, 2011

Ready, Set, Maintain

I hit my goal and decided that I wanted to take a break from what I have called my life for the past year. Some people didn’t understand and said that just because I hit my goal doesn’t mean it’s okay for me to quit… well I never once said I quit. I just needed a break. Think of it this way, you work every day Monday through Friday, 8 to 5… after doing that for so long, you are ready for a vacation. You work towards getting a project done, when completed you take a break instead of jumping into the next project. It is the same exact thing. I just needed a break.
Working out and being strict on what I ate, became my life for so long and I wanted/needed a vacation from it. But as of last night, the vacation is over. I am getting back into my old way of life, the gym and eating healthy. However, I am not going to be as strict as I once was. I am not going to continue to do 2 a days; I want to spend that time after work with my son. He is the reason I started losing in the 1st place. I wanted to be healthy to be able to play with him… well I am healthy now and ready to play! I am not going to be strict on my diet as some may want me too. I hated making 2 different meals, one for me and one for Caleb. I am ready to be able to cook with Caleb and then have dinner with him (while eating the same meal).
I have a plan in place, isn’t that all that really matters? Here goes nothing, time to maintain!!!

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