Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 8 countdown to bikinis

I didn't write a blog for #9 countdown day because I was at a funeral. So 9 reasons I think you shouldn't put off your goals in life is because you never know when your last day will be... repeat that 9 times!

On to #8 countdown day: in your life God gives you people who help encourage you, that help keep your head on straight, that kick your butt when you really need it, and who love you no matter what. Here is a list of 8 people (who aren't my trainers) who have been there for me this past year and next to their name is one thing that sticks out of why I have added them to this list!!! Thank you to each of your people on this list, you all amaze me and make my life so much better!!

8 People who have impacted my weight loss journey:

1. Valerie Proulx - Doesn't put up with my excuses of why I cant

2. Michelle Howard - Keeps me motivated always

3. Aunt Dee - Tells me how proud she is of me

4. Brittanie Bailey - Encourages me through everything

5. Samantha Jackson - My workout buddy

6. Patricia Farrell - My Accountability Partner

7. Julie Fisher - Nutritionist

8. Caleb Lassiter - The reason for everything I do in life!

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