Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Michelle!


Tomorrow is my Best Friends birthday! Michelle will be 26 years young or like I like to tell her... she is on the downward slope of her 20's... she is half way to 52! Yes, I know I am such a nice friend!!!
As you all know, Michelle is one of the major reasons I am on my weight loss journey and why I have made it this far. We have literally been by each others sides through thick and thin (lol). Michelle and I love to people watch where ever we go, and love to point out the older ladies that are doing the same exact thing we are... hanging out with their Best Friend. We have said so many times before that one day when we are old and gray, we will sit next to each other on the porch of a nursing home in our rocking chairs just talking about how crazy we once were. Well, as Michelle's birthday is apporaching I have been thinking alot about that "dream" of ours. It will happen one day, I am sure of it. But since we have lost weight, it probably wont happen as soon as it would have before. Michelle has lost 75lbs, I can only imagine how many years that has added on to her life. How many more birthdays she is going to be able to have because she is healthy; all because she made a decision to lose weight!

So for your birthday this year Michelle (Elizabeth) Ann Howard, I want to say I am proud of you! I am proud of you for adding years onto your life. I am proud of you for keeping the weight off. I am proud of you for always pushing forward even when you get knocked down. I am proud of you for inspiring people around you. One day when we are sitting there on the porch, old and gray, I will look back at this time in our lives and remind you that I am so very proud of you for what you accomplished.

Happy 26th Birthday to my Best Friend, my sister, my inspiration, my motivation, and my son's God Mother/Aunt... I Love You Michelle!!!


  1. You are the best!! Made my day and birthday!! I am so blessed :) I'd write more, but my kids are coming in now... eeek!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  2. See, now dont you feel bad for yelling at me to not get you any more birthday presents?! This is all from the heart and to me those are better than anything present money can buy!! Happy Birthday Skinny!