Monday, April 11, 2011

½ Marathon

For the past 12 weeks my trainer, Lo, has been training to run her 1st ever ½ marathon. This past Sunday, she finally accomplished that goal as she crossed the finish line in Dallas at Fair Park! She completed this race with her sister, Amy, and friends Karla and Norris. I just wanted to tell each of you girls that I am very proud of you and that you have inspired me!
Amy – Your dedication to follow through and finish the half just amazes me. As I was standing on the side lines and witnessed Keith holding you up, walking you across the finish line, it brought tears to my eyes for many reasons. So many people would have given up when they got knocked down, but no not you. With little to no energy left, you held on tight to your husband and put one foot in front of another and pressed on. Watching Keith holding you up and walking you to the end as he kept looking at you and then at the finish line and back at you, it was a story of love. In everything you do in life, you need to have  that one person that picks you up when you get knocked down, helps dust you off, and if need be carries you to the finish! Keith knew how important it was for you to finish and was prepared to do what it took to make that goal a reality. You are a very lucky woman Amy!!! I am VERY proud of you and I am happy to hear that you are doing better!!!
Lo (sorry if this is sappy) – I have heard all your stories of every time you have trained in the past 12 weeks. You have pressed on in the ice and snow, you have gotten lost in Fort Worth, and you have run countless miles on that stupid dreadmill… You set out a goal and you were determined to not let anything get in your way of achieving that goal. I know I have told you a million and one times, but you make me so proud. You inspire me. You motivate me. You are just pure amazing! Standing there close to the finish, I kept getting excited as I saw a neon green top come around the corner just knowing that it was you. Each person that pasted left me more and more excited just knowing that you would soon be running right past me. I felt as if I was on a blind date, I was shaking with excitement (could’ve been the hangover, LOL) and my stomach was full of butterflies. As you turned the corner and you made your way to me, a sense of pride came over me. I was so proud to cheer you on and to make sure that everyone in that crowd knew that you were MY TRAINER!!! I felt like a parent cheering for my child who just won a game. That moment takes a place in my Top 10 Proudest Moments! You did it Lo, YOU DID IT!!!
With all of that being said, I want to make an announcement:
Coming this Fall – Jordan WILL run a ½ marathon!!!!!

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