Thursday, April 21, 2011

4lbs by the 4th!

Last night was my weigh in, in case you somehow missed that on FB yesterday. Ha-Ha! I was aiming to hit my 100 pounds lost, which would mean that I would have to lose 7.6 pounds for the past 2 weeks. Very high goal for myself, but I am all about setting the bar high so I push myself as hard as I can. I won’t lie, Lo and I were very anxious about getting on the scale. Lo even told me “when you start freaking out, don’t do it in here… go out there and freak out so I have my space!” Gotta love Lo! I stepped on the scale and 169.8 popped up, I needed 165.8 to show up. I am proud of my 3.6 pounds lost and very proud that I am now in the 160’s!!! I have NEVER been in the 160’s as an adult. I love it.

My new Campaign“4lbs by the 4th!”
My next weigh in is May 4th and I need to lose 4 pounds by that time. It is very doable and well, I am going to do it. I told myself I will not stop my 2 a days until I hit my 100, so the 2 a days will continue. My New Year’s resolution was to hit 100 pounds lost by the day I go bikini shopping, which is May 7th… So, here goes nothing!!!

100 pounds, I am coming for you!!!

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