Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 6 of Advocare 24 day challenge

1st and foremost, if you EVER decide to do this Advocare 24 Day Challenge make sure and drink your Spark energy drink in the afternoon. I got so busy yesterday that I forgot to drink mine. BIG MISTAKE! I went and worked out (might I say, I think I am getting back into the grove) and then by 8 P.M. I was ready for bed. I took a bath and was in bed by 9 P.M. Lesson learned, I wont forget my afternoon Spark again. 

Day 6 - Going into the weekend usually scares me. The weekend is when you back track and think "its okay if I eat bad, I'll just restart on Monday." I will NOT do that this weekend. I have already prepared myself mentally and I have all my meals planned out. I am use to having Fat Girl Friday (my 1 cheat meal a week) but while on this cleanse I am not even doing that. So this might get hard, but isn't "hard" the place where you really start to find out what you are made of?! 

Side note... so yesterday I was talking to Lo (as she was being mean to me and making me do these AWFUL declined sit ups) about how the choices in your life can touch so many other people. How my choice to become healthy, Facebook about it, blog about it, etc... has helped so many people start their own journey. I post my blog and hardly ever receive comments on the actual site, but I get Facebook messages telling me how I am inspiring. I get phone calls asking me for my "secrets". I receive text message telling me that because of my determination to change my life, they have decided to get off the couch and change their lives too. The list can go on and on. Just think, if you decide to change your life, how many lives will you be changing without even knowing it? When I set out on this journey I did it to change my life and to change the path for Caleb... helping all these other people along the way has been a huge plus!! God is so great in how he uses our lives to change other lives!

Okay I am done, I will step off my soap box (for today)... 

Y'all have a wonderful day, I know I will!!!

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