Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 12 of Advocare 24 day challenge

Not much to report today other than the fact that I like phase 2 WAY better than phase 1. Advocare has laid out the MNS packets in a way that its so easy to take them with you where ever you go. I feel great today and I am not bloated or anything. I really am falling in love with this 24 day challenge. 

I will not be blogging Day 13 or 14 due to me moving this weekend but I will be back Monday! My plan is to stay on track as great as I can this weekend and not have a screw up day like I did last weekend. I am however, going to have my cheat meal...! Hello Fat Girl Friday!!!

Oh and BTW just to keep you interested, I took pictures last night for myself and WOW I can tell a difference. I am so excited for the 21st to come around so I can share my pictures with all of you. - CHECK IT OUT!!!

Stories to come next week: Brittney Coe (yep, you are going to be a story Brittney!) and I am going to talk with Jason Butler (a guy I work with) who is currently on his way to getting below 200 pounds by January 1st!! 

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