Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 10 of Advocare 24 day challenge

Today is the last day of the cleanse (just in case you haven't been keeping track)! Tomorrow I will start phase 2 of the 24 day challenge. I am really looking forward to that part because its not as strict and I do not have to drink that fiber drink again! Oh by the way if you have a strong stomach, make sure you read the last paragraph today because its a story about the fiber drink from my boss. I almost threw up a little when he told it to me, so of course that means I have to share it with you!!

I have a new rule at my house... NO CHOCOLATE EVER! Not for me, not for Caleb, not for ANYONE! I bought Caleb this bag of coal (chocolate) for his stocking. Well there I am last night watching a movie and what do I do?? I eat the entire bag of coal. Why, you might ask... BECAUSE IT WAS THERE! Not good Jordan... not good! So my workout (cardio) I did after work yesterday was just wasted on a bag of coal. But hey, at least I worked out! From here on out, chocolate will not be welcomed into my house. 

Tomorrow I will go over the process of the last 14 days of the challenge. How it will work, what I can eat, what supplements I will be taking and everything else. I will also be posting my measurements and weight (no pictures just yet) from the end of the cleanse. So don't forget to come back tomorrow.

Fiber story - Okay so I went upstairs to meet with my boss and while up there I told him I was doing the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. He did it awhile back and lost 35 lbs and he didn't stop there. Now when you see him, you hardly recognize that it is him. Anyways, while up there I told him I liked everything so far EXCEPT the fiber drink. He laughed and said "Do you want to know what NOT to do?" and I answered "sure" not knowing he was about to gross me out. Now you all think its about going #2, right? Well, you are wrong. He goes into the story saying that he was in a rush and so he mixed all his drinks (meal replacement shake, spark and fiber) the night before. He woke up, shook up his spark and drank it. 30 minutes later, he shook up his shake and drank it. Then he went to shake up his fiber drink... it had turned into gelatin! GROSS! I wish I could say the story ended there... he then proceeds to tell me that he ate the gelatin!!! WAM BAM NO THANK YOU MA'AM!!!! Can you imagine?! The drink is like clumpy vomit, and then gelatin form... barf-o-rama!! That is really only something a man would do, a dedicated one at that. 

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