Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 19 of Advocare 24 day challenge

Day 19... Man I know I would be able to tell the difference more if I just went to the gym. This move has really thrown me for a loop. BUT, I do not have Caleb all weekend so I plan on going and checking out the new gym by my new house and using it all weekend long!!!

In the mean time... Read another success story!!

Jason Butler: I have been on the Advocare products for about 3.5 months.  I always thought I was in pretty good shape before and was just a hefty/big build guy.  Boy was I wrong.  After my first 24-Day Challenge I dropped from 240lbs. to 215lbs (25lbs. lost), lost 4 inches in my waist, and went from 29% body fat to 20%.  Continuing on the products I am now down to 204lbs.(bringing the total to 36lbs lost) and will be below 200 before the New Year, I have lost another 2 inches in my waist (bringing the total to 6 in lost), and I am now down to 18% body fat (that is an 11% drop in body fat % in a little over 3 mths.) and still dropping.  Advocare and the products have changed mine and my family's lives.  Our kids love the products as well and we have transformed our home into a healthy living atmosphere!  Greatest decision I ever made in my life to try these, cause man they sure did work and make me wanna work!!  Attached are some pictures you can use of me and Brooke.  Her story is very similar to Brittney's.....very petite and small but she has lost a little over 7lbs, 3inches and her body fat % has dropped from 25% to 19%.  And she didn't think she had much to lose!  Hope this helps and I love being able to pour into people's lives and help them make a decision to make a change!

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