Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Doctors are allowed to say NEVER

When I was 15, I injured my knee and never rehabbed it (trying to prove a point, yes I was a stupid teen). Then gained weight, lost it, and fell in LOVE with running... all this just was a recipe for another injury, the question just was when. Well, earlier this year it happened. The 3rd week of January I was walking and holding my son and out goes my knee, I dropped Caleb and his head almost hit the edge of trailer. Talk about guilt... he is my life, how could I ever live if I let something happen to him because of my stupidity (not taking care of my knee). Then it happened again the next week as I was going up a flight of stairs at work, out goes my knee and down goes Jordan! Finally I called the doctor; I was examined, sent for MRIs and my surgery scheduled for April 12th. I was told to not workout until after I rehabbed and that if I didn’t listen to my doctor this time, a knee replacement would be in my future before I was 40. Eek!

The surgery went as planned except for it was worse then they had thought and they ended up chiseling off part of my bone, scooting it over, and then screwing it down back in place! OUCH! I do not remember a lot of what happened at the hospital but I do remember the doctor coming in and telling me he had bad news and I wasn’t going to be happy with him... boy was he right! He proceeded to tell me how bad my knee was/is and that I am NEVER allowed to run again. People always told me "never say never"... so why does he get to say this to me?! This isn’t fair, but then again its life... He also told me that most people gain about 10-20 pounds with the whole process of healing. Way to put the icing on the cake there Doc!

Last week I decided that I was done being in my emotional/pathetic mood that I have been in, and that I am ready to get back to how life was before I reinjured my knee. I am now done with bed rest, back to work my 2nd week, started bending my knee, walking without crutches and driving. The doctor was right about gaining weight; I gained 8 pounds after the surgery and 12 pounds I gained before having surgery. So now I am 20 pounds heavier than I was before injuring my knee!

I am a member of Healthy Roads and my online trainer sent me over a month long food plan with a journal that I am going to live by religiously. I am following in Lo's footsteps and giving up diet coke (at least until I get back down to my desired weight). I am going to finally listen to one of my best friends in the world (Jamie) and drink all my water. I am going to stay on track with my food 110% since I am not allowed in the gym for awhile... Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym!

1st Goal: to lose the 20 pounds by June 20th. That is an average of 3.3 pounds a week, very doable!!!
2nd Goal: to lose the last 8 pounds (plus some) to get back down to my lowest weight (or lower) by my 27th Birthday, August 22nd

Start weight (with brace on): 192
1st Goal Weight: 172
2nd Goal (Birthday) Weight: 164 (or lower!)


  1. Jordan, I just love you! You have been such an encouragement to me in wanting to lose weight. I have seen you push through obstables of weight loss and being a single mother and I KNOW that you will push through this. You're right, you will have to go about this with a different approach than hitting the gym everyday, but without a doubt I know you will reach your goal!
    One of the biggest things for me with breaking my foot was that I was just frustrated that I wasn't healing quick enough. That 5 months later, I'm still not walking in a normal shoe. But God has kicked my butt about it and made me stop and realize that healing is a process, and I can learn so much through this process.
    I pray that for you. I pray that God gives you patience and endurance everyday to make it through this process. No matter how painful it may be, I know that at the end of this you will look back and say "that's one more thing I've conquered". I love you sister! :)

  2. Thanks B! It means a lot to me that you took the time to write that. You are right, it is frustrating that the injury doesnt heal quick enough... but it is a process! Just like losing weight is a process. It takes time and it doesnt come off overnight! If you ever need any help at all, you know where to find me!!

  3. I have been so worried about you! I am glad to hear you are starting to heal. Just fyi, post double knee surgery, got told the same thing after my second surgery on the same knee, everyone is different, but I run, I sprint, and right now I am doing HIIT on the treadmill, but it took 10 years to do it post surgery. Still hard time doing squats with weights, can do no weighted sumos and closed legs, but working up to weights. Thats my story, maybe it will give you hope. DONT GIVE UP you are one of the strongest people I have every known!

    God bless you sweetheart!