Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Week 2

This week I only lost 0.4 pounds, but a loss is a loss… right?! I really fell off the wagon thanks to my wonderful Aunt Flow. When she comes to town once a month, she always makes me eat badly and not want to do anything. She is by far the WORST Aunt I have ever had! Haha. Since I didn’t make my goal this week, I am going to shoot for the186 next week.

Ok, I am done being negative! On a positive note, I was able to wear my shorts again! They are still a bit tighter then I like, but I wore them out anyways and felt okay about it. I have to really stop and remember that I may be bigger now then I was last summer due to my knee injury and surgery… BUT… I am still WAY smaller then I was before I ever started this journey. I found a picture of me before (not sure if I have shared it before or not) and I took a picture of me in my shorts. Those pictures side by side really made me feel a bit better about where I am at my weight loss journey.


This past Monday I started my Physical Therapy for my knee… that night I put in a call to my oh so wonderful trainer Lo and cried to her for a good 20 minutes. Going from being a runner, being so strong, have defined leg muscles, etc. and now not even being able to do a leg lift because your quad is so broken down… it really can take a toll on you! But she said it best, just like me losing my weight there is no magic pill to make my quad stronger… it takes a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears! Oh and trust me there were tears at my 1st therapy session, talk about pain!!! I have been doing my homework the therapist gave me and hopefully by Friday I can do at least 1 leg lift.

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