Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Week 1 – Results

It’s been 1 week since I decided to stop being in my surgery rut and start paying attention to what I eat so I can lose this surgery weight. This morning I weighed in and I was pretty dang proud of myself. I wasn’t surprised at all, because I have already learned that when you eat healthy and limit yourself, you will lose weight (or maintain). The scale not only gave me a loss, but it also put me back down in the 180’s! I lost a total of 3.6 pounds making my current weight 189.2.

After I weighed in, I pulled my jean shorts out of my dresser and tried them on… they buttoned again! They are still tighter than what I am comfortable with, but they buttoned. Last week I was so bloated that they wouldn’t even button. I told myself last summer that I will never buy a bigger size of jeans or shorts ever again… and so the work needs to be done. Going to be even more strict with my food intake this week, as I had 2 Fat Girl Friday meals (Friday night when Casey and I took Caleb to Hibachi and then again on Sunday for Mother’s Day dinner). As for the diet cokes, in the past week I have been very good… I haven’t been great though. I had one on Mother’s Day and then I had another one yesterday (I was having an AWFUL day and it was either the diet coke or a huge piece of cake).

Next weeks goal – 186.0 or lower!

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