Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good and Bad News

Bad News:

Good News:
Went to PT yesterday and I so rocked it (as much as you can rock PT)! I went from bending my knee 39% to being able to bend it 80%. Allie, the therapist, told me she could tell I had been working on my homework (umm duh, I am an overachiever)! The 1st day of PT she called me stubborn and hardheaded (like I haven't heard that before) for not being on crutches and not wearing my brace anymore. What she didn't know then (but she does now) is that I can channel that stubbornness and hardheaded attitude into something great... like losing the 100 pounds, never going back over 200, and now getting my knee rehabed has fast as possible. I was able to do the bike for a bit and even knocked out over 80 leg lifts! I am on a mission to get back to life before my knee surgery, every day gets easier. I even contacted my oh so awesome trainer, Lo, and we have set up times for me to go train... as soon as I get released!
Woke up this morning thinking it was Tuesday so I didn't weigh in or anything! Got to work, realized it is Wednesday... Epic Fail! Guess I will do my weigh in and results for yall tomorrow!

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