Thursday, December 15, 2011

Days 17 &18 of Advocare 24 day challenge

Life - it is what gets in the way whenever you are trying to do something you really want to do. How do we deal with this? You just keep pushing on. I am not going to lie, this part 2 of this challenge has been hard for me. I am the worlds worst at remembering to take pills... Yesterday, I left my packet at home so I went without. Today I am restarting. I am really trying to stay on track but life always seems to throw me a curve ball, but in no way am I going to strike out. I am going to keep swinging until I cant swing anymore. (Like the baseball analogy, Haha)!

Brittney Coe - I work with Brittney and I remember the 1st day I started The Caffey Group, I sat in her office and we spoke about Advocare and weight loss. Back then I was nowhere near ready to lose weight. After I had Caleb, I decided I was ready but wanted to go at it alone. So I did, and I lost the 101 pounds. After losing the weight I started having a hard time with maintaining. Brittney and I spoke again and this time I was interested. Brittney shared stories with me about how it has changed her life and how she has never felt healthier. I decided to join her at a mixer and after that night I was sold. The story that sold me was not only hers but a couple who were over 50 years old stood up and spoke about how they did the challenge and worked together and lost almost 50lbs. They are grandparents and they stood up and changed their lives. Just very impressive! 

Brittney is a mom of a little boy, Brayden, who turned 1 this past summer. She is a very petite woman and when you see her you would NEVER think that she would be a person to have a story to tell... but she does. In college she had gained some weight and she wanted it gone. She started selling Advocare mainly for the discount for her own products. She recently got really dedicated and is selling the products as a business and making some good money. I am actually signed up to sell under Brittney. To read more about Brittney go to!

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