Monday, February 9, 2015

My "Baby Shower"

I have had a lot of people ask me when my baby shower is or where I am registered or what do I need for Dax...?! Well... We are not having a baby shower. We are not registered. I do not need anything for Dax. When I reply with this, I get these odd stares usually followed with "you have to HAVE a baby shower!!!"
Here is the deal, when I was pregnant with Caleb I was a single mom living with my sister and her family. I was scared about how I was going to make ends meet and how I was going to buy everything a brand new baby needed.
(One of my 1st times to hold Caleb while he was in the NICU)
Luckily, I was blessed with a work baby shower and a family and friends baby shower where I received almost everything!!!
(Work Baby Shower - Me & my Hostesses)
(Family and Friends Baby Shower - Me & my Hostesses)
When I got pregnant with Dax, I talked to my husband and told him that I really wanted to provide for this baby now that I am at a spot in my life that I am able to do that. He understood 110% and said lets do it. I printed off a registry list and we started finding great deals on Facebook resale pages and a 2nd hand stores. We also started buying a case of diapers each paycheck. And we accepted hand me downs from friends (such a blessing).
(Caleb's "nursery" aka a corner in my room at my sisters house)
We are now 21 weeks in to the pregnancy and the only thing we really need are more diapers, which we are going to continue to purchase each paycheck.
Now that we have almost everything, there is really no need to be showered with gifts. We decided instead, we will have a 'Sip & See' after Dax is born so everyone can come and meet him.
Instead of a shower, I came up with this idea of making Dax a blanket. I sent out the "invite" below to my friends and family asking them for fabric. Once I start receiving it, I am going to start working on making him a blanket that I will take to the hospital and then also use at his newborn photos!!
I cant wait to see all the fun fabrics start to arrive and then to see the finished blanket... eek! 19 weeks and counting until I can wrap my sweet boy up in the blanket and love on him!!!

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