Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rough Week... for the gym!

This week has been a rough one for working out... And here are a list of all my excuses along with fun pictures!
Yes, excuses are for the weak... blah blah blah... I am carrying a baby, isn't that enough superpower for one lady?!
Monday and Tuesday it was FREAKING cold as H-E-double hockey sticks outside. There is one thing you have to know about me... I HATE the cold!!! So walking 5 blocks to the gym on my lunch break in 20 degree weather, umm no thank you!
Yes I know it is an excuse but I don't care, it is one I am okay with using... especially while I am pregnant! I am already uncomfortable in my own skin, I don't want to be COLD too. Sorry, not sorry!
Wednesday I threw a baby shower at work and since I would be missing an hour or 2 of work (more like 2), I decided to not take a lunch...
THEN Caleb was sick throwing up with a fever, so an after work workout was out of the cards too. Momma duties called!!! This is the necklace he made for me to wear... isn't he a sweetheart?!
Today I could have gone to the gym BUT instead I broke into my sister in laws house and decorated it for her birthday!!! I wont see her tonight (we have a 3D sonogram) and her husband has to work late tonight so I wanted to make the day fun for her when she got off work.
I took my sweet a$$ time and made sure to pose all around her house!!! I mean, she wasn't there so I had to have some fun with it... right?!

Then there is tomorrow... Yes, tomorrow I plan on going to the gym! It will be my only day there this week but I figure it is better than nothing. Right?!
Last week I gained around 3-4 pounds and this week I haven't gained anything (yet)... Trying to really stay on top of my food intake. Will find out next Wednesday how much I have gained over the last 4 weeks. The doctor told me she wanted me to gain between 4-6 pounds... I still think it is crazy that the doctor is wanting me to be okay with gaining weight, it has always been the other way around... even when I was pregnant with Caleb!

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