Monday, February 10, 2014

Time to spill the beans... BACHELORETTE STYLE!!!

Yall, I had the BEST time on Saturday night... celebrating my upcoming wedding with my girlfriends!!! Here is how the day went, it was a bit hectic!!!

I promised myself I was going to work out, that didnt happen (bummer man). We woke up and went to marriage counseling (learned about what the bible says about sex... eek). It was our last session before we say I DO!!! Actually Casey and I both decided that after the wedding we arent going to stop going. No, we dont have horrible issues but being able to have a healthy check in once a month with a counselor who loves us is VERY good for our relationship.

Then we had to drive all over Texas!!! Picked up my son, went to my Papa's birthday lunch (what a great lunch it was too, and neither of us were tempted to eat because we planned ahead and brought all our juices with us that day). Then dropped my son back off at his Dad's house and finally went home so I could get all dolled up!

I curled my hair, put on my makeupa, slipped into a size 8/10 dress and then put on my SASSY yellow heels! It was time to par-tay!!!! I already broke one of my promises to myself today (not working out) so I was on a mission to stay on track and I have to say, I did GREAT!!!

Here is what I ate and drank:
2 Nachos (big chips with cheese... and I only ate these because I was getting really tipsy and needed something in my system while we waited for the food... I blame Mary haha)
Serving of chicken with veggies and some guac (didnt touch the tortillas, cheese, sour cream or anything else)
A couple bites of cake (yum) and 1 giant marshmellow
I only drank rum & diet cokes and had a few shots of teliqua (I blame Mary... pictured below)

All in all, I am pretty darn proud of myself. I was so busy mingling and being the center of attention (LOVE) that I wasnt focused on food. I weighed this morning to see the damage and I am only up 1.8 pounds which will come off in no time I am sure.

My goals this week are to stay on track with the juicing 110% and to be down to my smallest weight ever as an adult... 164.8 (or lower)!!!

Here are some photos from my bachelorette party... enjoy!!!


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