Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 3 - Recap & Thoughts

Today is day 3 of this reboot so I wanted to give you a little recap of everything going on.

Day 1 – Easy and I felt great
Day 2 – I worked out and felt great then it hit me and I starting to feel like S**t and didn’t want to do a damn thing but eat! I went to bed right when I got home and slept for 3 hours, woke up fed my son dinner (he played and watched a movie while I slept) and then went back to bed after having my dinner and slept 12 more hours.
Day 3 – Woke up 3 hours late for work (ugh) but I felt better than day 2 when I did wake up. I am feeling a bit stronger today and have plans to do my yoga tonight at home (missed it over lunch due to my over sleeping).
Day 4 – tomorrow I have boot camp in the morning so I pray I have my energy back for that

Like I said last night in my video, I am still hanging on by a thread but I am still here! I am going to continue to pray about this reboot and see how I feel but right now my plan is to finish out the 5 days (it ends on Thursday) and then go back to my clean eating. Casey has made it clear he wants to finish out all 15 days and I will support him through it but I am just not sure it is for me. Like I said, I will make up my mind 110% on Thursday. Looking at the picture above makes me want to push through it and finish it strong, I mean its only 15 days which is hardly anything. But then there is a part of me that knows I can do it with clean eating and that part says to just quit. Its about pushing out of my comfort zone... but its so comfortable there (hence the name)!!! 

TMI – Aunt Flow did come and visit me yesterday, so that is probably not helping my hunger, bitchiness and sleeping problems… She always has a GREAT time of showing up, doesn’t she?!

Well, I hope you all have a happy and healthy week and when you can, please say a prayer for me… or for it to be Friday already!!! Haha!


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