Friday, February 7, 2014

Only 2/3rds of the way to go!!!

Casey and I have officially finished 1/3 of our Reboot so we wanted to update you on our weights!!!

You ready?!

Casey started this Reboot weighing 231 pounds! He now weighs 220 pounds... Yep, he has lost 11 pounds in the last 5 days!!! The smallest he has been since we have been together is 215 and he is on a mission to get back to that weight. A few reasons why... 1. He felt great being 215. 2. He was 215 when he was fitted for his suit he is wearing to the wedding. And 3. He wants to be in the best shape of his life the day he marries me! He is going to destroy 215 by the end of the next 10 days.

Okay, my turn!!!

We started the Reboot on a Sunday... the Saturday before I was 170.0 but then had pizza and ice cream and was about to start my period so on Sunday morning, I was 175.0! Yep, I retain water REALLY bad after eating a cheat meal and when I am about to start my period. Mix the 2 together and its even worse... So you use whatever weight you want as my start weight, I am using the 170.0. This morning I am 167.2!!! That is the smallest I have been since after my surgery (by a couple ounces) and the smallest I have ever been since Casey and I have started dating.

Before my surgery, the smallest I ever was, was 164.8 and my plan on this Reboot is to CRUSH that and to get into the 150's by the wedding!! I can and I will do it.

Now something off topic... tomorrow is my bachelorette party and I want to make some plans and have you guys help hold me accountable! I am going to enjoy myself and have fun (and eat and drink) but I am going to stay on my plan.
1. I will be juicing on the Reboot plan all day long up to dinner time.
2. I will workout Saturday
3. I will be having chicken fajitas with veggies and 1 piece of dessert.
4. I will drink diet coke and rum instead of pina coldas and dark beer.
5. Sunday I will get back on the Reboot 110% and workout

Well that is it!!! I hope you all have a happy and healthy Friday... I am going to check in with you guys again on Sunday to let you know how the party went and I cant wait to tell you all that I stuck to my plan!!!


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  1. Go girl!! You can crush these goals!! I am planning on losing 35 lbs by october :) hopefully.. I like your plans for the party tonight & I think you can do that!! Just stick to it but most of all ENJOY yourself, after all we only get married once (well at least thats the plan) - i know my wedding went by so fast & now I wish I did a bit more. Can't wait to see it all come together & see your end results for the wedding!