Sunday, February 9, 2014

Casey's journey

Let me just start by saying I had an AMAZING night at my bachelorette party last night... But I will blog about that and how I did with eating and drinking later this week. 

Right now I wanna take a minute and brag on this sexy man that I am crazy about... No it's not Ryan Gosling, think even hotter... My future husband (20 days and counting)!!!!

2 weeks ago Casey decided he was going to hang up a goal shirt in our kitchen (next to my goal jeans). He took pictures and started focusing on his eating habits. 

The 1st week he was clean eating. The 2nd week he has been juicing with me. He is a bicycle cop for our company so that is counted as his workout, other than that he will lift every so often. So, eating is what he concentrates on to help aid his weight loss. 80/20!! 

He says he is feeling great and is in love with juicing. He has had a couple stomach aches but we both think his body was trying to get sick and fight off a virus... He is going strong! He really is my rock through all this!

Well, here are his progress photos so far... I am very proud of him and can't wait to see that shirt on him while we are out in public! 

He just amazes me and he is living proof that if you just focus on your eating you can achieve your goals!!! Way to go Casey Joe, I love you!!! 

As always, have a happy and healthy Sunday! 


  1. Wow! That's so great! I wish my future hubby would do the same! If he could cut out diet coke and little debbies, he'd be set!

    1. I drink a diet coke a day... I am addicted! Have you tried replacing his little debbies with maybe a protein bar or homemade protein cookies? Check on Pinterest too, they have a LOT of healthy desserts on there!