Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tips From My Coach

Today was my phone meeting with my coach from Healthy Roads and I am pumped, like I am every time I hang up with him. I think one of the reasons I love talking to him is because he has never met me and he can call me out and not be afraid of it hurting my feelings. Having accountability partners are a must when on a journey to lose weight and become healthy…but just make sure they are helpful and telling you to the truth even if you don’t want to hear it! If they are just sugar coating stuff, that isn’t going to help you any!!! Hello, sugar is why you had to start the journey in the 1st place… Haha!

Here are a few reminders he talked about:
1.       Self-Care Break – take a 5 minute break a day and just breathe and think of ways you can make yourself a better you. If it is becoming less stress by turning on some relaxation music and taking a few deep breaths or if it is getting up and walking around the block so you can clear you head. Take 5 minutes, you deserve it.
·         This reminded me of a quote I have hanging on my computer that I always forget to read… “Sometimes you have to do what’s best for you and your life, not what’s best for everybody else.” THAT IS SO TRUE!!! How can you take care of everyone around you if you aren’t taking care of yourself?

2.       When you are doing something positive (eating clean and working out) why talk negative about it? When it is not a negative task, don’t talk negative about it because you will make it a negative task. Example is if you are eating clean and you say “Oh this is such a chore, I can never eat out and I miss going out with my friends”… instead of making it a chore and missing out, find ways you can fit your clean eating in with your life. Take your meals to the restaurant with you, ask your friends to come to your house for dinner, have a picnic, make it easy on yourself!!!

3.       PLAN!!! Have a plan for every event you have to attend and plan an accountability partner that will be there with you. This was brought up when we were talking about my bachelorette party (this weekend, woot woot). I am going to enjoy myself and have dinner and drinks with my girlfriends but I am not going to overdo it. I am going to make sure to stay on track all day long and get my workout in that morning. While at dinner I am going to make sure I have water near me 24/7. I am planning ahead of time what I am going  to eat and I am going to stick to a cleaner liquor and not have as much dark beer and sugary drinks (pina coldas). I am going to continue to remind myself that my bachelorette party is to celebrate the fact that I am getting married not a reason to have a drunk fest and get hammered!

Welp, that is all I got today! I hope yall benefit from these tips as much as I have. Have a happy and healthy Wednesday!!!!


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