Monday, October 14, 2013

Oat Flour

I decided to make a batch of Jamie Eason’s Pumpkin Protein Bars (I will blog that another day) yesterday. It is fall and getting colder outside and that means I am craving pumpkin… funny how that works!

One of the 1st ingredients in the bars is Oat Flour. I am not much of a baker and so I have never seen Oat Flour before… probably because I have never really looked for it. However, when I did go grocery shopping I couldn’t find it. I was kind of bummed and figured I would use regular old “fat” flour (haha).

I decided to do some research on Oat Flour before I started baking and I am very glad I did… I learned something new!!! Wanna know what I learned? Well, you can make your own Oat Flour out of Oats!!!! Who would have thunk it?!

I measured out 4 cups and pulled out my blender. I did 1 cup at a time because I wasn’t sure if my cheap blender could handle more than that. Man I can’t wait til my wedding when my Aunt Dee will hand over my Kitchen Aid Mixer… I mean my lovely wedding present I am not supposed to know what it is! Anyways, I blended eat cup of oats for about a minute or so and then voilà… Oat Flour!!!

I am VERY proud of my Oat Flour, like VERY proud!!!

So remember, next time you need Oat Flour and you can’t find in at the store just blend up some Oats and you are good to go!


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