Monday, October 21, 2013

I need your opinion...

Last week was a REALLY rough week for me, eating wise, working out wise, staying motivated, etc. Now I am sitting here thinking if I should repeat week 2 of Phase 2 over again since it ended up so badly… what do you think?

Last week started off great, like the past 5 weeks have been going. Then Monday afternoon my schedule got messed up a little with my parents coming in town and staying at my house. I did workout but didn’t do as much cardio as I should have done.

Tuesday I took off work so that I could attend my great grandmother’s funeral. Before the funeral I made it to the gym and completed my entire workout, I loved the empty gym! Then we went to the funeral and it just happened to be at the same cemetery my Gaga was buried and it brought up some emotions that I hate dealing with… so instead of dealing with them, I turned to food. I mean like right after we went to a local Mexican joint and I ate more carbs then you can imagine!

Wednesday I did my work out over lunch and skipped about half the cardio because I was in a hurry so that I could leave work a few minutes early. That night my family came over (brothers, sisters, spouses, kids, the whole nine yards) and had dinner at my casa… a dinner my Momma made (she was happy to cook for so many people again and went overboard, like always). And… I ate it, plus some!

Thursday I trained with Lo, which was a killer workout but it also meant I skipped my cardio because later that night was my dear friend’s wedding! I had 2 huge sugar cookies for my appetizer along with some vodka sweet tea (oh my gosh yummy) and then we went to Fuzzy’s and ate some more… bad!

Friday was HORRIBLE and where it all went down hill… yes, it was going downhill since Monday afternoon so I guess this is where it crashed and burned!!! I woke up 2 hours late (hello vodka sweet tea), had to skip lunch (and my work out with Lo) to make up time, enjoyed Happy Hour with my girlfriends after work (instead of going to the gym like I should have). On the way home, I stopped at Sonic (duh) and bought not only a diet coke but also a Sonic Blast (mini but still). Then I went home and ate dinner… I felt so miserable but couldn’t seem to pull myself out of it.

Saturday was the pity party (sorry you missed it, it was GREAT fun… not)! Seriously, it was COLD (I get cold with any temp below 70) and all I wanted to do (after watching my nieces volleyball game) was lay on the couch and watch tv (and eat) all day long. I did NOTHING all day! NOTHING! That night Casey made me get up and go with him to buy him a new belt and he made me try on some Miss Me Jeans, which fit but instead of using that as a pick me up, I went back home (with Whataburger) and ate and sat on the couch!!!

Sunday was a wake up moment and I started to dig myself out of the rut… we all went as a family to the last day of the State Fair of Texas to cheer on my nieces cheerleading team (they won 1st place baby)! I ended up walking a lot but I also ate the fried food so I am going to say I broke even (probably not but oh well a girl can dream). Then Sunday night instead of ordering food from a drive through or delivery, I went home and cooked… It wasn’t 100% clean eating but it was a heck of a lot cleaner then eating out.

Now here we are… its Monday again and I am really trying to push past this crap! I have been drinking my water (almost ¾ of the way done) and have stayed on track with my eating. I just left the gym and while I was there I really felt like I should re-do week 2 of Phase 2 since I slacked so badly. I want this 12 week trainer program to be the best ever and so that is why I think I should repeat… but wanted your thoughts before making that decision!

So… what do you think? Should I repeat week 2 of Phase 2, Yes or No?


  1. I think you should repeat it, just because you aren't happy with what you did.

    1. I have decided to just keep going forward with the program. I was on the fence about it but last night my fiance said "Its a part of your journey, you are human and NOT perfect. You dont get re-starts in life so dont re-start week 6 just because you had a tough week. Pick up where you left off and keep going"...

      So, hello week 7!

  2. I have weeks like that too. I'm just starting the Jamie Eason program, and I'm wondering... do you follow the recommended diet for the program? Or do you normally just eat healthy?

    1. Hey Steph! I try and follow her eating plan as much as I can, however I do stray from it from time to time. Even before finding this program, I was very hardcore on my eating and only eat clean (nothing processed)... nothing has really changed since starting. I guess just using her recipes a lot more now. Oh and I dont like eggs as much as the program wants me to so I only eat them for breakfast and add protein from meats or supplements instead.

    2. That's good to know! Her program seems so intense with all the protein and small meals throughout the day. With my job, it would be hard to do multiple small meals , so we'll see how it goes!